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Spanish speakers in Paris?

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LOs Angeles
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Spanish speakers in Paris?

I apologize if this question has been brought up before. I had a difficult time finding it through the search function.

I speak passable Spanish (and fluent American Sign Language, not that that will probably help).

I am having trouble learning even basic French.

I'm just curious. Will anyone there speak Spanish if not English?

Thank you for your time.

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1. Re: Spanish speakers in Paris?

Spanish and English are probably the most spoken foreign laguages in France but I reckon you'll find much more people speaking English than Spanish in Paris.

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2. Re: Spanish speakers in Paris?

I praise you for attempting a 'search', and for knowing more than one language...

A search is probably more useful for very common questions, about hotels, transportation, sights, so if you need that kind of info, try it again!

Most Parisians can/will assist in English, especially if you can learn to ask them in French

('bonjour, madame (monsieur), parlez-vous anglais?')

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3. Re: Spanish speakers in Paris?

I do speak Spanish and i know there are many of my friends who speak Spanish too, but i doubt you will find "the man of the street" speaks any spanish. But you can try, a friend of mine doesn't speak much English but is very fluent in Spanish. At least Spanish is a bit similar t French for certain words so someone who doesn't speak might still understand (same for Italian and French).

You will find a south american community has settled down when you go to salsa places...

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4. Re: Spanish speakers in Paris?

If you speak "passable" Spanish, then it shouldn't be difficult for you to speak equally "passable" French as, as you know, the two languages are related. Come on, give it another try...

Paris (20th)
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5. Re: Spanish speakers in Paris?

There is quite a large Latin American contingent in Paris so you may get lucky in some places but it's no guaranteed.

I suggest asking first if the person speaks Spanish 'Parlez-vous espagnol?" before asking if they speak English at least that way you'll A) find out if they do speak Spanish and B) show that you are not monolingual ;-)

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6. Re: Spanish speakers in Paris?

I'm Cuban so there for Spanish is my first language. I always tried to be understood by my poor French,and in my first trips, if this didn't worked I would switch to Spanish. Sincerely this only worked in SE France near the Spanish border, in Paris I always ended speaking English.

Coeur D'alene, Idaho
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7. Re: Spanish speakers in Paris?

Since my wife is of Domican heritage, we speak fairly coherent Spanish. The one time we really got lost on our last trip, we tried our best speaking our fairly limited French to no avail. We got lucky and found a Spaniard who helped us. Quite a few people assumed we were Spanish, not American since my kids also look fairly hispanic, so we did come across some Spanish speaking individuals. That being said, if you do your best with French I don't think you'll need to use Spanish.

LOs Angeles
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8. Re: Spanish speakers in Paris?

Thanks everyone!

And I'm not giving up. I do start to automatically start speaking Spanish when I don't know the French, since they are so similar.

The sad thing is, my mother's first language is French (from Canada), but she said it was too difficult to teach us French living in a place where neither my father, nor anyone around spoke it. Every once in awhile, when she got really mad, she would lapse into it. So I learned:

Shut up!

Go to bed!

and a few other words I will not repeat for fear of being kicked off the forum.

Virginia Beach
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9. Re: Spanish speakers in Paris?

My first language is Spanish and a close second is English. I used to befluent in French but lack of practice and it's not so great anymore. Honestly there is nothing more painful than someone trying to speak in language that they are not fluent in. I think your best bet is to attemt to speak a little french, this is greatly appreciated. I remember my first time in France when I didn't speak the language I would ask Bonjour, Vous parlais anglais ou espagnol?, the response most of them times was anglais. and let me tell you if someone doesn't understand english it is probably better to ask someone who does. I myself hate it when people try their bad spanish on me. My french friends prefer to speak in english with me too and I totally understand.

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10. Re: Spanish speakers in Paris?

i just had to post that when i first read the title of this thread I thought it was "spanish sneakers in paris" and thought it was another "fashion" question...and I wondered.."what are spanish sneakers like?" :-) sorry just trying to avoid doing work.