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Money Belt? Or No Money belt?

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Money Belt? Or No Money belt?

I am wondering if a money belt is wise? My husband just wants to put his money in his front pocket that has a little button closure. Is a money belt better? Or one of those Neck holders? Don't know what to do? Should I bring a purse?


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1. Re: Money Belt? Or No Money belt?

Go for the money belt, I had a pick pocket try for my front pockets, he tried the right and I brushed against the wall to discouage him but he actually went for the left, so I reached down and grabbed his hand, turned to face him and in French informed him he was a "Dead Man". He quickly claimed he was too small and ran away.

Don't take chances, Get the Money Belt and have fun.

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2. Re: Money Belt? Or No Money belt?

My husband now prefers a 'leg safe' - a flat pouch that goes around the calf with velcro, doesn't show under slacks/jeans but is easy to retrieve from. I use a money-belt under my clothes w/ pouch in the small of my back.

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3. Re: Money Belt? Or No Money belt?

I have never used a money belt, though I thought a great deal about it before my first trip.

The deciding factor for me was when I asked myself, "How many of the locals go about their daily activities wearing a money belt?" I like to blend in as much as possible when I travel. Wearing a money belt makes one stick out like a tourist, same as the white sneakers. But by all means do whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

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4. Re: Money Belt? Or No Money belt?

I tend to lean toward '..old woman-ish..' when I travel abroad for some reason (and I was born, raised, lived and worked in NYC for many years). I wear a lightweight, undergarment money belt. I find that once in place I scarcely know it's there. I carry the equivalent of one day's or evening's cash requirements in a front pants pocket in a slim-fold card case with ATM card, one credit card and my US driver's license. In the same spirit of 'old woman-ness' I also wrap the case with a thick rubber band. (belt & suspenders?). My wife carries a small shoulder bag (for personal items and all the 'stuff' I keep asking her to '..hold onto for a minute..') with some basic cash, ATM card and a second, different credit card (in the event she goes one way and I another, she can shop on her own). Cash and cards are in an inner, zippered pocket, inside her zippered bag. She uses a common safety pin to secure the zipper-pull to the lining. These simple precautions provide some basic security with minimal inconvenience---but mostly they just make us feel better. We also carry photocopies of the information page of our passports...but otherwise all other documentation (passports, airline tickets, vouchers, emergency TCs, photocopies of BOTH sides of ATM and credit cards, overseas contact telephone numbers, and any other ID cards etc from our wallets that we might need when traveling but don't need out on the streets of Paris). back in the hotel safe.

Your BEST protection against petty crimes-of-opportunity is

'..situational awareness..'---not presenting the 'opportunity'. This simply means taking reasonable physical precautions and paying attention to where you are, what you're doing and what's happening around you. More times than not, the patty thief's best '..accomplice..' is their soon-to-be victim's inattention, carelessness or...boneheaded STUPIDITY.

Take reasonable precautions, pay attention and....enjoy yourself. You'll be okay.

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5. Re: Money Belt? Or No Money belt?

I wear a lightweight, undergarment money belt that I scarcely notice. Besides keeping money and credit cards safe I get comfort in securing my passsport in the moneybelt.

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6. Re: Money Belt? Or No Money belt?

Why wear a moneybelt in Europe when you don't wear one at home, and when Europeans don't wear them?

1. it is more difficult to replace what you've lost when you are in a foreign country

2. I -have- been pickpocketed in Europe but never at home

3. Hubby lost passport that he had in his pocket which should not have happened if it had been in a moneybelt or leg-safe (which he NOW wears). One day of travel lost getting it replaced, thank goodness it was on a weekday (Consulate is closed on weekends in Amsterdam).

4. why risk unnecessary loss of extra cash, passport, extra credit cards, train tickets ? you are more distracted when traveling than you are at home, and there are more people looking for 'targets' in touristed areas than where you go in your normal routine at home. These same people can pick a tourist out of a crowd and know to leave "their" locals alone.

But, hey, it's your money...

paris, france
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7. Re: Money Belt? Or No Money belt?

i'm completely ok with you travelnutty. it's not that i dont care being stolen in paris, but i mean if my passport is lost or stolen, it's not really a pb (unless i leave 2 days after lol), the same for the credit card, just one call and go to the police and it's ok. someone stole my bag in a mcdonalds in new york, and i can tell you i was very very unhappy. hopfully there was just my id and not my passport in my bag, but there was 100 dollars and my credit card (which does not need a code when in foreign country...). it took me more time to cancel my card etc than i would have in paris, and i could not shop during 2 days. i had a friend he could only give me 20 dollars, and i had to wait for 2 days for my card, and more than 1 day for cash. when you're in your country you have your parents of friends or bank with your id to get money, not in another country. so now when i go in cities i have my 'banana' how we call it here lol (waist-bag), and i feel more secure (even if i watch every 2 sec if it's still there under my coat lol, but i think when you've been pickpocketed once, you never feel safe again).

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8. Re: Money Belt? Or No Money belt?

Well, consider this... my husband discovered his passport was missing on a Friday. The Consulate was closed on Saturday and Sunday, and our flight home was SUNDAY. So... I can never understand why it is such a difficult conclusion to reach. Secure the important items, never give them another thought, and spend absolutely ZERO amount of your precious vacation time fixing things. Or - (read with dripping sarcasm) put them in a purse or pocket, be sure to reach in a check for them every so often (showing anyone watching where you keep it), don't let anyone too close to you, check again if someone bumps you on the metro or the street..what a pain.

By the way, room safes are not safe either. It is very easy to locate comments from travelers who have had their safe 'opened' while out of their room. That leaves the hotel safe behind the desk, but they offer this only w/no liability on their part so... oh, and don't oversleep and take off for the train, only to realize in the next country that you forgot to get your passport out of the safe.(more sarcasm).

Anyway, it's a no-brainer for me... everyone else can make up his own mind.

paris, france
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9. Re: Money Belt? Or No Money belt?

uh?? room safe are not safe? i didn't know, not that i have 100% confidence in room safe but i mean there is a code, and unless someone experienced comes in the room, i dont think the cleaning women (sorry dont remember the word) have the experience to open it. how did your friends have their room safe opened?

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10. Re: Money Belt? Or No Money belt?

I split my money, passports, and credit cards between a pouch around the neck and a flat, zippered pouch which has a loop on my belt and fits down the inside of my trousers. These are not visible and quite inaccessable to any pick pocket. (I do the same when I go to New York). Some money belts can be cumbersome. The back pocket of trousers is a no-no. I know someone who went to Spain--used his back pocket and lost everything within hours of entering the country. The front pocket of trousers is also not very safe--I saw a man in Paris get his wallet picked from there w/o even realizing it. A friend of mine also almost lost his wallet that way--he only saved it because he was stronger than the pickpocket and just about broke the pickpocket's fingers.