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Would U let a stranger take your picture

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Lorton, VA
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Would U let a stranger take your picture

Here in the States it is very common for strangers to stop and volunteer to take your pictures and for tourist to even ask total strangers to take thier pictures. You see this all the time overhere and it's not that big of a deal people trusting other people with their camera. A lot of the things I read, this doesn't seem to be a good idea in Paris. Is this true or am I being to naive. Thanks

Brooklyn, NY
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1. Re: Would U let a stranger take your picture

My husband and I did it the last time we were in Paris 2-1/2 years ago and had no problem. In fact, two of our favorite photos from that trip (now framed on our bookshelf) are of us in the Tuilleries Gardens and on the Pont Neuf taken by strangers.

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2. Re: Would U let a stranger take your picture

This may not be a good idea ANYWHERE---someone is just as likely to run off with your camera in Richmond VA or a scenic overview stop in the Great Smokey Mountains as they are in Paris. Use the SAME personal judegement in Paris that you would anywhere else. It's only naive to think that petty-thieves-of-opportunity are any different anywhere in the world. A thief is a thief...no matter what their native language.

Having said this, mercifully there are more nice people about than thieves and some simply want to provide you with a nice photo for your family album. But it's never a bad idea to look the person over andtry to judge whether they will be faster, stronger and likely to leave you in the dust in a foot race.

Little, hunched, old ladies with walking frames are usually a good choice (but don't bet money on it) but they may also have lousy vision and take a picture of the lamppost mailbox and litter basket next to you, thinking they make a '..lovely looking family with great posture..'.

Ohio, USA
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3. Re: Would U let a stranger take your picture

Too paranoid rather than too naive, perhaps?

It's not a problem in Paris any more than it is in the US. I don't know why you think it would be.

Just don't hand your camera to anyone you feel uncomfortable about. Would you not take the same precautions here?

Atlanta, GA
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4. Re: Would U let a stranger take your picture

since im going alone - and want to be in some of the pics - i have to ask strangers...

i am always willing to take a pic of someone and hope they are willing to do the same.

i have worried all my life about what COULD happen, now i am trying to think about that when it DOES happen, because odds are it WONT happen.

if you live your life (like i did) worrying about what COULD happen... you miss out on a lot. I know i did.

London UK
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5. Re: Would U let a stranger take your picture

Reminds me of the scene in National Lampoon's European Vacation when Chevy Chase asks a French guy in Paris to take a video shot of him and Mrs Griswald - the guy runs off and of course the tape in the camera was the one they'd recorded on in the bedroom back home.

Later on in the movie they're in Rome and they past a poster of Mrs Griswald wearing not very much advertising a movie who's title translates as "The Wife In The Shower" LOL

Seriously I think it's one of these things where you're 99.9% to be okay - of course there are people who would want to rip you off, as long as you keep your wits about you (as any good tourist should) and don't ask obvious ne;er do wells.

Hove, United Kingdom
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6. Re: Would U let a stranger take your picture

If you're really worried, take most of the pictures yourself with your good camera, and keep a disposable for when you need to ask a stranger, I know the pics may not be as good (although I have some really good shots taken with a throwaway) but at least they won't bother running off with the camera.

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7. Re: Would U let a stranger take your picture

I think the odds of success are better when you pick someone to ask vs. accepting someone who approaches you with an offer. If you ask someone randomly, they wouldn't have a chance to pre-mediate theft. Also, I always look for someone with an SLR. One, they tend to take much better pictures and two, why would they want my camera.

Denver, CO
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8. Re: Would U let a stranger take your picture

We have done this many times without hesitation or concern, and I love my digital camera!

I always look for the obvious tourists and offer to take their picture if they will take one of my wife and I. I am usually greeted with enthusiasm, as they are in the same situation as I am.

Of course I look like most people's grandfather. lol It could be different if I was a scruffy adolescent.

Always remember to say "Push the BIG button" haha.

Newport, RI
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9. Re: Would U let a stranger take your picture

right oon Helkin

when my husband and I were in Itay last year and we had 3 cameras

My 35mm for shots of the area

my husbands digital for short movies

and a disposable that we used for all of our together shots

we have two great shots one of us on the spanish steps and another on the Riviol bridge

my favorite shots

and i just don't care if the person runs off with the camera i still have the other two with photos

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10. Re: Would U let a stranger take your picture

I always carry one of those disposable cameras so I can ask people to take pictures of 'us'. Otherwise, I'll use the timer feature on my camera, and just make sure no one is near enough to run up and grab the 'good' camera.