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Shipping wine from Burgundy to US

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Shipping wine from Burgundy to US

Anybody have any experience with this? I'll be there for a week next month and would like to ship at least 3 cases back to the US.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Dijon, France
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1. Re: Shipping wine from Burgundy to US

If you have no reply here try this:


have a great stay! and don't drive and drink!

Ohio, USA
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2. Re: Shipping wine from Burgundy to US

Here is a detailed and authoritative explanation of the problems involved from a recent thread on the Bordeaux forum:


Leaving aside the legal complications, the cost would be very high. You can pretty much get away with bringing back as much as you can carry, even though the official limit is so low. But do declare everything you bring back, or you run the risk of having it confiscated. Even if - and this is unlikely - they do decide to levy the taxes and duty they won't amount to much. It's really not worth their while to do the paperwork, which is probably why they don't bother.

Newport Beach, CA
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3. Re: Shipping wine from Burgundy to US

Shipping wine to yourself is illegal, and since the new bio-terrorism laws came into force a couple of years ago, is VERY risky. I've run wine tours to France for the past 13 years, and am also an importer; I can tell you too many stories of wine that either got stopped in customs or simply disappeared.

You'll find some retailers in France who will claim to be able to ship to you; some do have "arrangements" with importers, but be very wary - get all the details of who they ship through, and make sure they guarantee safe delivery.

The only safe and legal way to bring wine home is either with you or shipped to a licenced importer. If you bring it with you, check with your local customs at your port of entry (airport) to find out what they consider "personal use". For example, in CA they'll accept up to about 5 cases this way. ALWAYS declare it; duties are relatively little if they decide to charge you, and they probably won't bother. If you don't declare it you run the risk of confiscation and fines/prison.

If you don't want to carry it with you, do some homework before you go, to find a friendly retailer who will help you bring it in. The route has to be importer to retailer, then to you (one reason prices get so high by the time it gets here). Also, take a price list from your local retailer to make sure you really are getting a deal that's worth the hassle!

If you can't find a local retailer/importer let me know and we can import it for you, but it's much easier if you can do it locally.

Let me know if you need any more help!


Avalon Wine Tours/Avalon Wine Imports

Kamloops, BC...
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4. Re: Shipping wine from Burgundy to US

sooner --

If you have a friend in the restaurant business in your town he/she might be willing to import the wine for you, if restaurants are permitted direct importation in Oklahoma. It's always worthwhile to ask - after all, the worst they can do is say "No".

Good luck.

Orange, CA
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5. Re: Shipping wine from Burgundy to US

We were in the Burgundy region last summer and we did have a case of wine shipped home. We went into a wine co-op and the shipper or importer that they used was Burgundyonline.com. Very reliable. We have since ordered more 2 cases shipped to us. No problems!

Northern California
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6. Re: Shipping wine from Burgundy to US

From what I read on the web site, the company ships wines from its stock to you, correct?

What I'd love to find is someone who will take the wines we've carefully and lovingly selected along the way and ship them to us. ,

Newport Beach, CA
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7. Re: Shipping wine from Burgundy to US

Hi Underhill,

See my previous post on the legalities of shipping to yourself. It is possible for retailers to set up an arrangement that will allow them to export through an importer in the USA, but as you say, this is only for wines that they sell. You would have to have them buy the wines from the producer and then sell them to you.

To ship wines that you have already bought is basically not legally possible. If you have not already bought the wine, then an importer can buy the wine, import it and then sell it to you. However, this depends on whether the producer will give the FDA numbers to the importer (if they already have an exlusive importer they generally won't do this).

Hope this helps. If you need more detail feel free to email me directly at peter@avalon-wine.com

Northern California
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8. Re: Shipping wine from Burgundy to US

That's what I was afraid of. My husband's dream is to hook up with someone who would accept, store, and ship the interesting wines he finds as we go along so we don't have to schlep them back home, given the increasingly severe weight limitations on luggage. Oh well.

Newport Beach, CA
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9. Re: Shipping wine from Burgundy to US


Email me direct if you like, and tell me where you are going and which wineries you might want to ship home, and I might be able to advise you.



Northern California
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10. Re: Shipping wine from Burgundy to US

Thanks, Peter. We usually just find wines at stores, occasionally something so good we'd like to bring a bottle home. It sounds a though we'll just have to limit ourselves to what we can carry on. Thanks very much for your help.

Do you by any chance have access to a (red) Irancy?

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