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When do I buy airline tickets?

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When do I buy airline tickets?

Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on when to purchase airline tickets for June 2009? There are just now being listed on the websites and roundtrip, from Utah, they are like $1500 per ticket? That seems really high.. Anyone have any thoughts?

I can go roundtrip Dublin, or into Dublin and out of Shannon..

Waterford, Ireland
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1. Re: When do I buy airline tickets?

Its a bit like predicting Irish weather,its a gamble. If you know whether the value of the $ will change or the price of aviation fuel will go up or down you can make an educated guess. Otherwise its just a guess. Good luck!

Whitney, Texas
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2. Re: When do I buy airline tickets?

savannah, it is hard to say when is the best time to buy tickets...this past year i was online every single day trying to get a good price on a ticket to ireland and they never went down but to about $875.00 and i thought that was still too much as i had never paid that before....(wish i had bought it) and i ended up paying over $1100.00 from dallas...so just shop everyday since you have plenty of time and maybe you will get a better deal...

as for flying in/out....it depends on what you would like to see, how long you have, etc....

i usually fly into dublin and out shannon that way i don't every have to backtrack...and dublin is ok to come into but the very dickens to fly out of...have to be there 3 hours before departure and sometimes it takes every bit of that......

hope this answers your question.....

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3. Re: When do I buy airline tickets?

Yeah, I would jump on the $875 if I could find it but every time I look, its around $1500. Does anyone know of any special websites that just specialize in Ireland flights? While not booking as a package?

Saginaw, Michigan
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4. Re: When do I buy airline tickets?

Hello Sdd,

Have you tried www.kayak.com

When exactly will you be traveling? From what airport in Utah?

I did a dummy check now, having you leave Salt Lake City (SLC) Airport and flying into Dublin (DUB). Date of departure Tuesday 9th June, 2009. Returning Tuesday 23rd June, 2009.

Lowest price was $1177 including all taxes but with multiple airlines.

When I stretched the return date to 30th June, 2009, the cost increased to $1795 and was with Continental all the way.

Try it out yourself, filling in likely dates and times. I let the time default to 'anytime'.

Saginaw, Michigan
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for Western Ireland
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5. Re: When do I buy airline tickets?

When I noticed Continental flies directly out of Salt Lake City, I checked their web site now for the same dates as on kayak.com


Out of SLC Tuesday 9th June, 2009 and return from Dublin 23rd June 2009 - the cost was $1,091 lowest price; limited tickets. BUT, price does NOT include taxes, fees or any potential baggage charges.

Extending return date to 30th June, 2009: Basic cost $1622. Again, no taxes, fees etc included.

IMHO, using same airline all the way through, if at all possible is the way to go, should anything go wrong. Also, leave plenty of wiggle room between connecting flights. More rather than less for your peace of mind and comfort.

Saginaw, Michigan
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6. Re: When do I buy airline tickets?

Also, look at farecast.com

At the moment, it won't let me look at anything after May 2009.

Check out this article from The Washington Post called:

'Finding a Flight at a Price that's Right' from February 2008:


Think I'll also post it separately for those who don't check this particular topic.

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for Saint Joseph
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7. Re: When do I buy airline tickets?

Good tip on kayak.com Uasal, I use them all the time too whenever I am dreaming about a new place to go. I check dates and places of every senario I can think of. They also have a place on that site that gives you an idea of prices over several months. That way you get an idea of what is a good deal if and when you can find it. Just guessing good deals will be harder to find these days.

Washington DC...
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8. Re: When do I buy airline tickets?

My mother and I will be visiting Ireland next July, and I've decided I'm buying the tickets the day they go on sale. I highly doubt they'd get any cheaper as the year goes on, and it's quite likely they'll get more expensive. I do, however, have the luxury of flying direct from Boston, so that definitely cuts down on the cost...

Dublin, Ireland
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9. Re: When do I buy airline tickets?

When should you buy airline tickets? When you can afford to pay the fare quoted!

Just to clarify: Continental flies out of SLC but all flights to Ireland go via Newark (EWR). So you'll change planes in Newark but your bags are checked all the way through so it's no big deal.

I just went on Continental's site and did a similar search as Uasal did and came up with $1151 for SLC-DUB with an awkward return led via Houston (yuck).

That converts into €741 airfare for peak-season from a non-hub airport. In my book that is a "good deal" and I would buy it instantly. I don't know what you consider a "low" airfare, but they are not going to get any cheaper than that in the next year given current economic conditions.

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10. Re: When do I buy airline tickets?

Thanks everyone for your help.. I'm finding that the best deal from Salt Lake City to Dublin, and then returning from Shannon in June (June 12- June 21) is about $1350 with tax on Continental with one stop each way. Is that an okay deal? Not good not bad? Should I buy or wait? I was really hoping for around $1000 per ticket but I don't want them to go up.. Kayak.com and the like doesn't seem to be able to do multiple airports like what I'm looking for...