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Bad experience with Edinburgh Motorhome Hire

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Prague, Czech...
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Bad experience with Edinburgh Motorhome Hire

We loved our 2 weeks in Scotland by a motorhome, but could NOT recommend Edinburgh Motorhome Hire (www.edinburghmotorhome.co.uk) to anybody. We ended short of GBP 200 and feeling we were treated unfairly and improperly.

I booked with them despite reading one similar report. This is a small firm run by 2 men, William and Sam, out of a flat in outer Edinburgh. Communication was not professional - slow, lacking information and answers to questions asked. We had to prepay 100% of the hire 3 weeks in advance. On the first night, we had to pay a GBP 500 deposit (which we were not told in advance).

We got a motorhome with many flaws - a few were mentioned by William, most we found in the next day or two. The driver's central rear mirror was gone, two lights in the "room" had broken bulbs, water tank was leaking, so was waste effluent (so we left spills everywhere), sink waste was blocked, fridge did not work well when running on electricity. One thing that turned against us in the end - the "room" door had been damaged previously and was not working properly - difficult to close, not fitting properly in the frame, insulation coming off on every opening, difficult to lock (William pointed out at the start we needed to fix the insulation back when we open the door, and showed previous damage on the side which had been fixed). Text messages and voice messages during our first 2 days about the sink waste and fridge remained unanswered. At least he arranged a shop where they fitted back the rear mirror (nice way to spend your Sunday morning on a family holiday).

The door was hard to lock from the inside from the first night (I often had to go out, close, lock and open from the outside, then try again from the inside, or come back through the driver's cabin). But we managed ok for some ten days. The door once slammed open while we were driving. We were scared, and angry, but closed the door and went on - ok for several more days. One day before return, the lock stopped working completely - from either side.

On the return, I reported all the flaws and requested a discount as we should not be paying 100% of hire for a vehicle not 100% functional. However, once he heard about the lock, William claimed that is our fault, ignored my argumentation that the door was damaged at the start and the lock "stopped working" rather than being damaged by me by negligence or violence. He said the lock "worked when you started" - the fact is locking the door from the inside was not demonstrated. He rejected my argument things do stop working on an aged vehicle, especially if already partly damaged or behaving strangely - and it is not the user's fault (he actually said openly this vehicle would be put off in a few months' time!).

He then retained GBP 200 out of our deposit to buy a new lock. I have felt helpless and ripped off - he decided out of his own will to retain my money without any title and despite my disapproval. He ignored all other problems ("these vehicles always have flaws"). There is no paper about the GBP 200 being withheld (tax reasons, provability ?)...

If anybody has advice on where else to turn to make my case, let me know. My advice is to use a different company for your motorhome hire and try to avoid aged vehicles with flaws that may develop into damage or defects, or avoid the risk of being held responsible for them, if possible.

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Edinburgh, United...
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11. Re: Bad experience with Edinburgh Motorhome Hire

I would just like to take this opportunity to reply on behalf of myself, William and Sam of Edinburgh Motorhome Hire. As a reply to first point, not sure what he means by ‘unprofessional communication’, we take almost an hour to explain a hire to every customer to people all over the world and our phone number is there so we can be contacted 24 hours a to keep in contact with our customers.

Second point, the £500 deposit is on the website under the terms and condition and FAQ section. All rental companies require a deposit of some kind while hiring any vehicle.

Third, we are sorry to hear you found some flaws, we try to do our best in the 4 hours we have to get the vehicle ready to find and repair every minor detail, and we do rely on previous customers to make us aware of such problems. As for the middle rear mirror, As soon as I was contacted, by Filip. I booked him into a local garage, 10 minutes from where he was staying; the job to fix the mirror was done in 15 minutes. So where Filip lost a whole morning, I am very confused. The water tank does not leak, this has an overflow system and well filled up it will distribute some water until it comes to the level of the tank. As for the drainage system, all plumbing in motorhomes are smaller than that of a household therefore the drains take longer to disperse the water. As for the fridge, we really do not understand, what does he mean by not working well, it either works or it does not. As of the habitation door, all doors and locks are demonstrated before the release of the motorhome, Filip would have been shown how to close and lock the door before moving off, as of the insulation around the door surround, this is a minor problem in all this makes of motorhome. As for the habitation door flying open while the vehicle was in motion has got nothing to do with Edinburgh Motorhome Hire this is to do with the hirer himself, it is his responsibility to make sure (as demonstrated) that the doors are secured and locked before departing. Filip did damage the door handle and door catch so £200 was deducted from his deposit to repair the handle and catch. This is unfortunate but we cannot be held responsible for damage to vehicles while not in our possession. All of our customers are made aware their responsibilities while in control of the motorhome.

The vehicle was 3 years old and would not be classed as an aged vehicle, as for the argument about the damage. Filip was taken through a damage checklist before and after and was quite happy to take the vehicle. On return of the motorhome, the door damage was new. Therefore was in Filip’s control.

As for the £500 deposit, there is a 4% (not 5%) on all credit cards. This charge is applied by Streamline. They can be contacted and can confirm this charge if you so desire.

TO Trip advisor, before posting any review good or bad, the company should be informed so that we can have the opportunity to reply straight away, not by the odd coincidence us coming across your website.

Many Thanks

W Peat

Edinburgh, United...
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12. Re: Bad experience with Edinburgh Motorhome Hire

By dredging this post up from the annals of TripAdvisor, you are unfortunately highlighting the consumer complaints with your company further.

This was not a review posted by TripAdvisor. It is a public forum.

Reading both sides of this story, which have been well-written and explained, my vote is for Filip.

I hope now you have come out into the open, you will give Filip his refund.

Abs :)

Madrid, Spain
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13. Re: Bad experience with Edinburgh Motorhome Hire

I hired a motorhome from Edinburgh Motorhome Hire last summer and I confirm all the complaints from Filip.

BEWARE of this company!!

We were threaten by Sam and William to cancel the contract when I complaint about the 5% extra charge that was not written anywhere.

Condition of the motorhome was miserable, with all (and more) the flaws that have already been reported.

That lock was already damaged when I rented the motorhome in june (I assume the MH is the same by all the flaws you detail), and I reported that to Sam. Your money should be refund.


Prague, Czech...
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14. Re: Bad experience with Edinburgh Motorhome Hire

So they were just waiting for someone who is "lucky" enough to see the lock break completely during the rental period, and who is then made responsible. Sounds like an unfair strategy to keep motorhomes running without having to invest into service and repairs. Appreciate people's comments on this page...


Edinburgh, United...
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15. Re: Bad experience with Edinburgh Motorhome Hire

Filip & Co

Thanks for taking the time to post your feedback. I was about to hire a motorhome, but the comments I've seen are enough to have me shopping elsewhere for a different hire company. I've hired motorhomes before and suffered the experience of spending several hours cleaning the van before departure or finding a serious of problems over the duration of my trip.

If a 4 hour turnaround isn't enough to maintain a quality product, then any business needs to rethink its processes. Relying on customers to be your quality assurance process is simply non-sense and produces the expected results, as seen on this forum.

Belfast, United...
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16. Re: Bad experience with Edinburgh Motorhome Hire

Unlike Australia the choice is limited in the the UK and Scotland so best to view all options by lookin gat sites that specilise in campervan hire eg http://www.rvrentacampervan.com/ and www.budgetcampervans.com they give age of vehicles etc and please price is normally reflected in condition of the vehicle

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17. Re: Bad experience with Edinburgh Motorhome Hire

Please note this post relates to www.edinburghmotorhomehire.co.uk and not any other rental company.

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18. Re: Bad experience with Edinburgh Motorhome Hire

The person who left this post has entered the wrong website address for the company being reviewed.

Edinburgh, United...
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19. Re: Bad experience with Edinburgh Motorhome Hire

Thanks for your review,saved myself a lot of unnecessary hassle booking through these cowboys,will try somewhere else.hopefully everyone else will too.

Stirling, United...
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20. Re: Bad experience with Edinburgh Motorhome Hire

These are very helpful posts. I almost emailed Edinburgh Motorhome Hire regarding a possibly hire, this morning, but will not be doing so now. Can anyone suggest a good motorhome rental company in the Edinburgh vicinity instead please?

Many thanks

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