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BA to enforce check-in deadlines

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BA to enforce check-in deadlines

In a bid to boost punctuality, BA is cracking down on latecomers and will now turn away passengers arriving late for check-in, no matter the reason.

BA is worried because its punctuality now trails that of the budget airlines. The latest Civil Aviation figures for flights at major UK airports in 2005 indicate that 67% of BA flights departed punctually (classified as within 15 mins of schedule) whereas the comparable figures for its low-cost rivals were 72% for Easyjet, 73% Flybe, 76% Monarch and 81% Ryanair.

In the UK, no passenger will now be accepted later than 30 mins before a domestic or short-haul flight and no later than 45 mins for a long-haul service.

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11. Re: BA to enforce check-in deadlines

Someone has got to be last on the plane that's for sure.

If you know that your route to the airport can be troublesome----leave earlier and allow time for such incidents.

It has always been a 30 min or 45 minute deadline so I fail to see the problem.

As for Mr Smarty who thinks because his luggage is on he is on-----wrong!!!!

Now with the modern tagging system, a bag can be offloaded in no time at all so here's hoping one day it's his and he'll start to consider others who have paid the same and perhaps more to fly and depart on time.

Perhaps chartering or buying a light aircraft for personal use would be more his line.

I don't like long waits at the airport nobody does but a deadline has to be drawn somewhere.

I also think that the lowcost airlines use this punctuality thing for publicity. We must stop and consider that the majority of their flights are from smaller airports and with easier access to the planes so they can load and of load quicker. This gives them a better rating on the punctuality scale but not always a true picture.

How often do you also hear for example Ryanair congratulate themselves over the pa system when you arrive at your destination "10 minutes ahead of schedule" it's planned and again a ploy to win passangers.

Oh we are all so easily led when we want to be.

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12. Re: BA to enforce check-in deadlines

A lateral comment to handfordr's original post, is the big red banner notice across the top of the page at www.ba.co.uk.

The news is that laptops must be removed from computer bags at the security check, so BA are asking longhaul pax to be at the airport three hours before the flight's scheduled departure time, to ensure that there's enough time to get through the queues, security, a bit of duty-free shopping, and to get to the gate.

I'm with Africandaisy, I'm at the airport at least three hours ahead of departure anyway. Online check-in and the Fast Bag Drop has made it a lot quicker to get through that process, but security at LHR can be a bottleneck, even if you've got a fast track sticker on your BP.

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13. Re: BA to enforce check-in deadlines

Ever travel out of Terminal 2 at Heathrow ? One of the dankest, bleakest airport terminals in London. Not by any stretch of the imagination could you imagine arriving there three hours ahead of the scheduled departure time. Unless you derived a perverse pleasure in torturing yourself.

On a more serious note, provided BA makes intending passengers aware of its check-in times, I see little difficulty with the strict enforcement of such times. But there should be a clear cut warning on the website which alerts would be travellers to their responsibilities in this regard.

Gloucester, United...
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14. Re: BA to enforce check-in deadlines

I have some sympathy with those who have allowed plenty of time to get to the airport, but are delayed through no fault of their own. At the same time I don't want to be kept waiting for late arrivals.

What really does get me mad is the passenger who has checked in and then ambles up to the gate only after half a dozen calls.

I was at Edinburgh airport a couple of years ago when I worked for a major bank whose head quarters are there. I was waiting for my flight and saw one of the very senior managers walk past into the bar. Shortly afterwards I heard him called by name for his flight. He looked up, looked at his watch and settled back down to his drink. He was called on at least 2 more occasions before deigning to finish his drink and then amble in the direction of the gate.

Chester, United...
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15. Re: BA to enforce check-in deadlines

I don't mind being at the airport early to check-in. Once I've checked in I'll happily mooch around the duty free, do some people watching, read a book, even go the the lounge and do some work when I'm travelling at the posh end of the plane.

But what really winds me up is when I arrive at the airport 3 hours ahead of time and the airline doesn't open the check-in for another hour. Grrrrrr!!!! T5 at Chicago O'Hare really is the pits. Is anyone at BMI in Chicago listening :-(

Calgary, Canada
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16. Re: BA to enforce check-in deadlines

AfricanDaisy, it was me that mentioned Deerfoot. I had a friend scheduled to be on an 11am flight out one day. It should have only been about a 20 minute drive for him, but there was a problem on Deerfoot and he completely missed his flight. I think he was actually still sitting in traffic when his plane flew over. This kind of thing happens about 6 times per year. Not often enough to leave 5 hours before your flight, but often enough to cause the occasional late check-in.

And there was one time I was travelling for business. I worked 18 hour days for a week, and when it came time to get up for my flight home on Saturday morning, I slept right through the alarm clock. Fortunately, I had planned to be at the airport 2.5 hours early, so when I woke up almost 2 hours late, I was able to skip my shower, return the rental car without gas and still made it about 45 minutes before the plane left. And I apologize to the people sitting next to me for the smell.

I'm just saying sometimes people are late because of circumstances beyond their control, not because they are jerks.