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How soon before your trip do you start to pack?

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How soon before your trip do you start to pack?

There have been a few threads about the rituals we go thru when getting ready for trips. I have found these posts to be very interesting. I would like to hear more about what people do to plan and organize. I leave two weeks from today. Most of all the tickets I could prepay have been ordered. I am still re-writing my daily schedule and expect that I will do that up until the very last day. Two weeks ago I threw a few things in my empty suitcase and put in the closet. Tonight I took it out and did not want to bring anything I had already packed...took it all out and put new stuff in. I have searched all the threads about the weather in September, and I will check online a few days before we go...but I am still crazed about the weather. Is it going to be be fall, summer...or what! Open toe shoes, umbrella a light jacket, short sleeve shirts...ahhhh My passport arrived TODAY. Thank goodness, I was about ready to have a mental break down. I got gel insoles today at the pharmacy and also moleskin and bandaids for my feet. I am starting to think about the actual plane ride and think I might go out and buy some stuff tomorrow that will keep me occupied. I read the Da Vinci code this weekend and I am so mad at myself. It would have been the perfect book for the flight as I sat and read it cover to cover yesterday, took me 6 hours but I was so involved. Love that book. Does anyone have a good recommendation of a book to buy that might be interesting and relate to my trip?

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41. Re: How soon before your trip do you start to pack?

Unbelieveable, you're going to LONDON, England, not a remote jungle in Borneo!

Pepsi, Coca-Cola and almost any other consumer goods you can imagine are available in mass quantities throughout the country.

Get rid of your lists, buy a decent guide book, Fodors, Frommers, Rick Steves to name a few, buy a best seller paperback in a genre that interests you and try not to worry about the weather. You're going to have to take what you get and live with it.

And above all, try and have fun!!!

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42. Re: How soon before your trip do you start to pack?

It takes all types to make a forum. There are some us - last-minuters - who find the idea of planning the packing for a trip weeks in advance just too excruciating to contemplate. There are others who get a kick out of both the planning of the trip and incorporate the packing into their plans well in advance of departure. I am in the former category (not unliked the Oscar type character in the Odd Couple). Others, in the latter category. might resemble the Felix character in the Odd Couple. But, as the French say, Vive la difference !

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43. Re: How soon before your trip do you start to pack?

Can you be a partial Felix? I love making the lists and plans, but I don't pack until the night before and generally when we arrive we just play it buy ear. We don't buy tickets for any of the venues ahead of time, because we might change our minds and find something different to do.

I travel with my best friend from high school (some twenty years ago) and she is content to play Oscar to my Felix.. I will admit, we will never be on an episode of AIRLINE - I like to get to the airport early and have all my duckies in a row. She just says "tell me when to be there and where to go!) - and I actually almost did once a couple years ago after a hellish trip home from London! 10 hour trip ended taking almost 24!

Reigate, England
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44. Re: How soon before your trip do you start to pack?

Paris - we'll be in Boston from 8th to 11th October and then again overnight on 14th. (We'll be in Vermont in between) We haven't planned what to do when we're there - don't know about Red Sox, we'll have to see what we feel like when we're there.

Have a great time in Paris and enjoy the Pepsi!

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45. Re: How soon before your trip do you start to pack?

Angie...have a great time when you come to Beantown. Vermont is beautiful and you will have a wonderful trip. I have 10 days left before we leave, my husband FINALLY started to get excited last night. He is one of those types that doesn't really start to get too excited until just befor we leave. Hope all of us have a great trip when we go and I will be looking for new information to bring back for the forum.

Manchester, CT
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46. Re: How soon before your trip do you start to pack?

All I know is I'm NOT doing what I did on my first trip this past May....started packing a month in advance. Then repacked about 6 times. Still ended up taking way too many clothes ~ some of which never got worn. Bought more clothes in London and Paris, to the point where I had to get another suitcase to get everything home (bet my husband regretted throwing that snide remark out!). This time I'll try to restrain myself from packing til about 2 weeks before ~ then take half the stuff out! Eight months to go, which seems like forever at the moment, but planning is half the fun.