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Losing out to the Dome

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Dunfermline, Fife
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Losing out to the Dome

Well it appears that "Two Jags" is going to win, judging by reports on today's BBC News site.

The report puts Blackpool in 3rd place in the latest running for the super-casino.

Can anybody really be surprised, that despite Blackpool having the best bid by far - and more reasons than any other place to be home to a casino, that once again the Government have failed to acknowledge that there is a world outside the perimiter of the M25 ?

That odious little "man" Prescott needs to be hung out to dry if, indeed, the Dome does win the licence.

If Blackpool fails, can anybody see anything other than the continuation of it's decline ?

Blackpool, United...
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1. Re: Losing out to the Dome

Hiya Doctor!

Many businesses and residents have been relying on the building of the casino to make "ReBlackpool" complete.

Hounds Hill Shopping Centre is currently being extended, and there are plans to improve the area between the town centre and North Pier - visit www.reblackpool.co.uk for further info. You can also view the supercasino bid here too!

The plans do seem grand and maybe a bit far fetched, we'll just have to see how it goes!

As far as the Dome goes I can see why they would like to have the casino there. With a casino, you can't really go wrong. Unlike the dome itself!

Is there really life outside the M25? Define "life" and I'll get back to you!! Now then, off for a spot of golf at a country retreat, but shhhh don't tell anyone! ;-)

Cardiff, Wales
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2. Re: Losing out to the Dome

To keep this travel related, in a few years time visitors to the UK will be able to visit a 'Super Casino' (with unlimited jackpot prizes) somewhere in the UK. The final selection of one super casino is being made from a shortlist of 8 venues which have all submitted bids.

The Dome is currently the front runner according to the initial judgement of the selection panel. The judging panel is independent but in the last few weeks it emerged that the Deputy Prime Minister has been holidaying at the Texan ranch of the Dome's owner - a visit that was not declared in the register of official business/conflicts of interest..

here's the BBC story with the ranking:


You just can't help wonder whether Blair is desperate to salvage something from the earlier disaster of the Dome before he quits as PM - hence Deputy PM John Prescott suddenly turns up holidaying at the ranch - and woo hoo surprise surprise the bid from the Dome is the one which ticks more of the right boxes than any other bid - the panel may be independent but what 'friendly' guidance has the applicant been receiving?(ok there may be a little bit of sour grapes here because Cardiff's bid trailed badly in 7th place alongside Manchester but I believe in a fair fight and may the best bid win - unfortunately the 'two jags John' story has given the impression, whether it turns out to be true or not, there is something underhanded going on here).

We are told that this initial round of judgements will not affect the final outcome (due to be announced in December) .

Dunfermline, Fife
posts: 580
reviews: 10
3. Re: Losing out to the Dome

I guess that Blackpool should not be too disheartened. After all London was at some stage trailing badly in the race for the Olympics.

However, I just can't help but feel that (with all the other mud that is sticking to Mr Blair and his cronies), that something "dodgy" is going on here.

At one stage Blackpool was considered a racing cert and some bookies were almost at the stage of stopping taking bets. Next thing Two Guns Prescott is doing his best Bonanza impression and before you know it the Dome pops up as the new front runner.

Having been to Cardiff myself a number of times with work, I would have said it would make a great destination too. The area around St Davids Hotel is absolutely superb.

Im just very biased towards Blackpool. Despite the bad press it (sometimes deservedly) frequently gets, I still feel a special kind of magic about the place. The sights the sounds and (some of) the smells.

Would be shame if it's recent decline was to really become terminal.

London won't suffer if the Dome doesn't get the casino. 6 other places might. Blackpool definitely will.

Upminster, United...
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4. Re: Losing out to the Dome

What happened to Southend. I thought they lost out because they were too close to The Dome and it had to be one or the other.

Is the Brent on going to be near Wembley Stadium ?

Cardiff, Wales
posts: 3,535
reviews: 35
5. Re: Losing out to the Dome

I expect the Brent one IS Wembley stadium (or at least on its doorstep) - well they're going to have to pay for it somehow!

posts: 22
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6. Re: Losing out to the Dome

I will be disgusted if Blackpool loses out on this. Who needs it more? a place whose entire economy has always been based glitzy showy tourism or an over priced hell hole (London) that already has more money than it know what to do with.


posts: 351
7. Re: Losing out to the Dome

Theres currently a buzz about a development called Storm City 0- the company want to build something akin to Disneyland on the site of Rigby Rd - Ive seena presentation, it looks OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Personally i would rather have that than a casino and having quizzed my guests, so would they. The development will house a concert arena, shopping areas, funfair, entertainments etc...at the time I saw the presentation, the developer siad that Blackpool Council would not listen to any bids for the land until they know if they had the casino licence. But recently, the council have said 'right, lets have a rethnk , pput forward your plans! I, and many other hoteliers, would much rather have this than a casino.

Any hoteliers reading this, if you want any info, I suggest asking anyone who is a coliseum trade member, theres an item in this months newsletter. But, we need to show our support and the council need to know that we want this! So get onto 'em!!

posts: 338
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8. Re: Losing out to the Dome

It's typical. Although I love London, it has enough attractions aleady for its economy and it's the other areas that need to be visited by tourists. Until more money is spread across the provinces, everyyone will continue to think they have visited England when all they have done is visit Londonopolis. It is very disheartening. And him coming from the Preston area too (????) Or have I got that wrong?