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lapland uk in kent

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lapland uk in kent

I am looking at taking my boys to lapland uk , Bewl Water Estate in Kent. I am concerned that this is the one with all the horror stories in the paper? Anyone been?

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East Grinstead...
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21. Re: lapland uk in kent

Sorry this post is a bit late. My family and I went on 16th Dec 2012. 5 Children (8,7,6,4 and 3 (just)) and 3 adults my wife my mum and me. It cost over £500.00 so not a cheap day but days rarely are with our family.

We had a FANTASTIC time. We were first in which may have helped as some reviews complain of long waits, but all the staff the buildings and the artificial snow was as good as it could be. We had a sunny day also. All of our children had a great time. Our 8 year olds faith was flagging but now he is a true believer again. Well done Lapland UK

Don’t let the bad reviews put you off. It is a bit expensive but you get what you pay for. If you visit a good Santa it will cost you £10.00 and the gift is £15.00 plus a gingerbread and other activities its actually good value. If we went and had to pay for all the activities we would not participate to keep costs down. But we would have missed out. So glad it is all included.

Food is a little expensive and we did get overcharged but this was sorted out straight away. The food is good and circa £35.00 to feed us all is good value. I am on a diet at the moment and the children were too excited about the day to eat so again this may have helped.

There are one or two things that could be improved which have been touched on here but only as a cynical adult. The day does end abruptly and the toilet by the exit is dire. We could have done with a bit more time in the main area as we simply ran out of time to do everything but if you only had one or 2 children you would be fine. The children noticed nothing but magic. But remember you as parents have to get into the swing of things.

I have read some reviews that say their children were board. If you as parents expect to have all the work done for you the day will not be what it could be. Also its good to be a child again once in a while. We now have memories that will last a lifetime.

It’s a pity that there are negative reviews as this caused some anxiety for the weeks before we were due to go. I have started to put comments next to bad reviews but this would take too long so hopefully this review will put your mind at rest. Some of the negative comments such as’ fake ice’, ‘white AstroTurf for snow ‘and even ‘artificial snow’ are a nonsense as all these effects work. I would advise boots and warm clothes in case you get some bad weather.

One more thing, when we went we purchased a bauble. Hand painted and made from glass (I think £8.00) so much cheaper and better quality than the one we got from Euro Disney! Anyway whilst packing Christmas away it fell to the floor and broke. I contacted Lapland UK yesterday to see if there was any way to get a replacement who replied today offering to send a replacement free of charge! This, I feel is a good representation of how the day went.

We now have the problem of what to do next year as all our children know that all other Santa’s are fake! Oh and be careful of the elf wave outside of Lapland!

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22. Re: lapland uk in kent

Thank you for all your contributions to TripAdvisor over the years.

Oh, just the one then ....

East Grinstead...
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23. Re: lapland uk in kent

You are welcome I trust the review helped.

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24. Re: lapland uk in kent


<<I have started to put comments next to bad reviews but this would take too long>>

Not on TA I hope, gav, as only management are allowed to post management responses on TA, so if you did this, must say it would be highly suspicious.....

East Grinstead...
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25. Re: lapland uk in kent

No not on TA but other sites, the only reason I have mentioned this is that we booked the visit and then came across bad reviews.

Therefore I spent 4-5 weeks worrying if we had wasted our money. I know everyone has their own opinion but its like going to a pantomime and then writing a review to say the acting was over the top.

Suspicious in what way? To be honest there are not many reviews on the internet (including TA) and when I checked they were almost fully booked on every day. So I don’t think that reviews would stop someone attending if its what they want to do. So Lapland uk is not suffering.

I just wanted to try to ensure no one else worried as I did.

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26. Re: lapland uk in kent

There are many first timers on TA who turn out to be shills for various companies

Especially those who write gushing reviews and posts about things that others have found bad....

I am not accusing anyone of this, but you did ask what is 'suspicious' and it did sound as though you were taking on the role of writing 'management responses'... which somehow does suggest you have a link to the 'outfit' rather than just being a pleased customer.....

East Grinstead...
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27. Re: lapland uk in kent

Oh, no I am not affiliated with them in any way. Wish I was and then maybe I could get a discount as it was a once in a lifetime with the amount of children we have until we save up and go to the real one!

As per my last post, I think that anything written on TA or any other site only gives an emotional response not a green or a red light to go somewhere. That decision has already been made. If people based a decision to not go somewhere purely on a bad review then they should re-evaluate their decision making process. Again this is my opinion and not fact. Others I am sure will disagree.

I just felt compelled to write to alleviate any anxiety anyone may feel, especially as they offered to replace our broken Christmas decoration gratis. You can pick holes in anything, and I can see why it gets negative comments but experiences like they offer here do not just happen you have to help the day along.

Have you been?

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28. Re: lapland uk in kent

Thanks for clarifying, and glad you all enjoyed yorselves, truly!

I have not been, I went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park once, that was enough of 'that kind of thing' for me!!

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