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Is eating allowed on buses?

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Is eating allowed on buses?

Good day to all.

Our upcoming trip will be using much longer bus rides than we are used to taking. We normally prefer trains where possible and know there is usually no problem with a bit of picnicking during a journey. Is it similar with buses in Cornwall, though? I'm not thinking of pulling out a whole picnic basket and uncorking a bottle of wine, but is it allowed to eat a well-contained snack or sandwich discreetly? Or is that just not done? (Please forgive me if this information is somewhere on the bus operator websites. If it is, I'd appreciate a bit of direction to find it, as I did go looking but didn't find an answer.) We'd like to avoid rule-breaking or offending, but it's something I need to consider and plan for, partially due to medical reasons.

Thank you.

Loughton, Essex...
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1. Re: Is eating allowed on buses?

Yes, but avoid curries and fish and chips for the sake of your fellow passengers!

A discreet sandwich will not be objected to.

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2. Re: Is eating allowed on buses?

Absolutely no problem at all. Doesn't even need to be discreet.

London, United...
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3. Re: Is eating allowed on buses?

There is no prohibition. The fact that you have been so polite as to ask this question, indicates that you are the sort of person who takes others into consideration, and will have no problem eating on public transport in the UK.

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4. Re: Is eating allowed on buses?

Sorry to be contradictory but it is not unusual to see signs on buses prohibiting eating and drinking. How often the driver will seek to enforce those, I cannot say. But she or he might.

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5. Re: Is eating allowed on buses?

Only on really long journeys does cannibalism set in

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6. Re: Is eating allowed on buses?

We'll look out for signs then and hope for the best (especially on those really long journeys!) If questioned, I can (politely) point out a legitimate medical need. I would hope the driver would choose letting me eat neatly over a potential medical issue that could disrupt service or cause a public scene. (The worst it would be is an egg and cress sandwich, an apple and a bottle of water. Practicalities aside, I don't appreciate it when others eat overly fragrant or messy food in contained spaces, so I make an effort not to do it myself. And we consider our rubbish our responsibility.)

Thank you for all the replies. Most helpful.

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7. Re: Is eating allowed on buses?

I've seen "no eating and drinking" signs myself - and have complained about them! I can see some justification for a "no eating" sign (though, as the OP states, there are those who need to eat at regular intervals for medical reasons), but I don't think it's reasonable to stop passengers from drinking water (and I would refuse to obey any "no drinking" signs)

Newbury, United...
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8. Re: Is eating allowed on buses?

If you have ever had to 'muck out' after at the end of the day you might understand why there are no eating or drinking signs.

Forty five minutes and five sacks of rubbish after one private hire trip, including mopping through to clear up the spilt sticky drinks, chewing gum, and sweets stuck to the floor.

Sandwiches, and drinks from bottles are no problem, just please remember to take the empties away with you, and not thrown on the floor, or stuffed down the side of the seats.

That's a generalisation, most people are very good, and no doubt you will be as well. I am just amazed sometimes at the lack of thought by some people when they get on public transport.

Bodmin, United...
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9. Re: Is eating allowed on buses?

I regularly eat my lunch on the bus from Wadebridge to Bude, the sandwich and flask usually come out round about Tintagel, and nobody bats an eyelid. The driver will usually pour himself a coffee from his flask at some point too. Nothing too smelly, I agree, although I do always have an orange.

There are usually rubbish bags at the front of the bus, so please do use it if you don't want to take your rubbish home.

Liverpool, United...
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for Liverpool
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10. Re: Is eating allowed on buses?

Most people, school kids anyway, just chuck their empty food and drink wrappers out of the bus windows don't they? :-/