fairmont resort lounge chairs

my wife and I are going to Fairmont on the 28 of July and I was wondering if the new policy in the pool area of first come first serve on the lounge chairs is in effect this year. In past years, we paid $8.00 per day for the use of a lounger and I very much preferred that to the chaos the free system has created. Last year i watched as two women dragged 8 loungers together at 8:00 AM, placed towels on them and left. Several others did exactly the same thing. People were laying on the grass around these 8 chairs 'till two young ladies noticed that they had not been used for a very long time and lay on two. At noon; four hours after the women had "reserved" the loungers, they returned and one man in the group was an aggressive you know what and demanded that the young ladies vacate "his" chairs. This type of behaviour was all too common. Every time someone even looked like they were about to leave, people would pounce hoping to get your lounge chair. Angry words were often exchanged by people claiming to have "seen it first" Yeeeesh! If this stupid policy is still in effect, I'll take my own lounge chair.