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Rent a bike in Trois Rivieres

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Brno, Czech Republic
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Rent a bike in Trois Rivieres

Hello all,

I want to rent a bike for several days in Trois Rivieres in august 2011.

Is it possible? Where can I rent a bike? Should I make a reservation? And what about inline skates.

And is it posible to rent a car in Trois Rivieres and return in Montreal? Thank you.


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Ottawa, Canada
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1. Re: Rent a bike in Trois Rivieres

Hi Kaja-Marik,


And I also see that you are a brand NEW Member of TripAdvisor… so a BIG Welcome Aboard as well !!


There is an Enterprise Car Rental in Trois Rivieres… (2950 Saint Jean Blvd… which is close to where Autoroutes 55 and 40 intersect).

But renting a car in one city and dropping it off in another such as Montreal… can be a very expensive proposition with Drop Fees… as somehow the vehicle must make it back to the point of origin even if that means being towed (comes down to being a HUGE Country with a SCANT population).

As this is your first post in the CANADA FORUMS, I have to wonder about your Travel Plans… where is it you wish to visit with this car?

Not a ton to see here in the St Lawrence Lowlands Plain… (a prehistoric seabed)… the land is very flat and used primarily for farming… the one exception would be closer to the US Border where the Eastern Townships are located.

And I suppose a car would be a good thing if you plan to stay north of the St Lawrence River either by travelling Northwest to The Laurentians or Northeast towards Quebec City and farther down the St Lawrence River to Charlevoix – Taddoussac or the Saguenay Fjord.

BUT a car is certainly NOT NEEDED and really NOT ADVISED for either Montreal or Quebec City. As larger cities they both have excellent in the city transportation and their touristy areas are quite walkable. A car would just be an added expense (especially with parking) and a major inconvenience !!

Good transportation from Trois Rivieres is available to both Montreal and Quebec City (both being only about 1-1/2 Hours away from 3 Rivers)… Orleans Express runs Motorcoach Service between the two regularly all day long.


For more info on Trois Rivieres in general you might want to consult their Official Tourism Website…

Trois-Rivieres Tourism = www.tourismetroisrivieres.com/en/index.aspx

And if you click on “Attractions & Activities”… and then on “Leisure & Outdoors”… there is a whole section on Biking… and also features a Bike Trail Map

I couldn’t find anything about Bike Rentals myself… so I suggest that you use the “Contact Us” feature on the Website’s Home page to chat with the good folks in Trois-Rivieres about your needs… they have both an email address

info@tourismetroisrivieres.com and some telephone numbers (819) 735-1122 or TOLL FREE 1-800-313-1123

They should also be able to answer your Questions about in-line skates as well.

Hope this is helpful,



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Quebec City, Canada
Destination Expert
for Quebec City, Quebec, Montreal, The Netherlands
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2. Re: Rent a bike in Trois Rivieres

If your budget does not allow you a telephone call from Europe (the free 800 number will not work from abroad, I am afraid) you can chat for free with an employee from Bonjour-Québec at : http://tinyurl.com/4hhoulb . Please mind the time difference (GMT-4). You may find a truck load of infos in several languages (even German and Chinese!) about all things touristic in the province here: http://www.bonjourquebec.com/ For example, through that site you may access any of the 17 tourist regions (Trois-Rivières is part of # 11, Mauricie) from here www.bonjourquebec.com/uk-en/regions0.html , and find all kinds of useful infos, like this http://tinyurl.com/4ovvzsk , leading to this tourismetroisrivieres.com/en/…index.aspx

Brno, Czech Republic
posts: 9
3. Re: Rent a bike in Trois Rivieres

Many thanks to your answers. We check the links you provided.

About our plans. We will with two friends visit a conferrence at University in Trois Rivieres at the end of July and then we have about seven days to look around Canada. We would like to see something interesting (Montmorency falls, seals, whales)

We would also like to do some activities.

Our original plan was to go from Trois Rivieres to Taddousac, then Saguenay Fjord and Gaspe to see betuful canadian nature, then return to Niagara falls and finally visit Montreal city and leave Canada from Montreal airport. But we think that this plan forces us to spend too much of our time in a car. And such a big trip could be also expensive for us. So we would like to create another plan. One of the possible activities is to spend more days in Montreal, look around the city, rent a bike in Montreal and make some bike trips there. As we understand from the web, Montreal is friendly to bikers.

Do you have some suggestion, what to see in seven days in a neighborhood of Montreal and Trois Rivieres?

And also, as we understand from the web and printed guides, it is alway better and cheaper to reserve everything (car rental, accomodation) before the trip, from our country. And the price for bed and brekfast for three people is about 110 CAD/night. Hotels are slightly more expensive and sometimes we have to add taxes. Are this informations actual?

Thank you very much

Kaja Marik

West Grey, Ontario
Destination Expert
for Toronto, TripAdvisor Support
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4. Re: Rent a bike in Trois Rivieres

"...and sometimes we have to add taxes."

Hi Kaja;

With the exception of gasoline (petrol) unless stated otherwise, all prices you see online will be plus taxes.

Best Regards

Ottawa, Canada
posts: 13,859
reviews: 50
5. Re: Rent a bike in Trois Rivieres

Hi Kaja-Marik,


With just 7 Days you’ll be hard pressed to use your time efficiently…

The places that you mention in your post (Reply # 3 above) span from Tadoussac on the Saguenay Fjord thru to Niagara Falls… a distance of aprox 1,140 Kms (about 14 Hours or Driving Time*) or equivalent to your driving from your own Brno Czech Republic to aprox Paris France.

*NOTE - Driving time is just that time spent driving... it doesn't for Stops, Breaks or Sightseeing.. nor for Delays caused by Traffic Congestion, Road Construction, or Weather Conditions. Estimates are as per GOOGLE MAPS and for the shortest most direct route... driving under ideal conditions at the posted speed limit.

Canada is a VAST Country… something that doesn’t always translate well on a printed map. Canada being equivalent in size to aprox ALL of Europe (which has over 40 Countries… while us a mere 10 Provinces & 3 Territories).

You might want to consult an on-line mapping program (I like GOOGLE MAPS) so as to become more familiar with the lay-of-the-land as well as times and distances for how far apart things truly are. And having a map open in another window when working with TripAdvisor is handy, in that you can figure out where things are that are being suggested etc.

With a week here, you’ll find that there is only so much that you’ll be able to see or do (which is why we recommend here on the FORUMS to those who are in the early stages of Trip Planning… haven’t made their flight reservation… that one consider a 2 to 3 week timeframe to discover & explore EACH of our various Geographic Regions… which are quite distinct from one-another).

Flight arrangements made, and just one week… you truly should concentrate on the Province of Quebec.

Our cities are certainly nice, and worthy of a visit… but to be truthful it is the scenery that lies between our cities for which we are most known… so that the true “Destination” in Canada, isn’t really the city you head to... but the Journey enroute.

As you are pressed for time… I’ll give you some standard MINIMUMS that might help with your planning options…

Montreal is quite do-able at just aprox 1-1/2 Hours from Trois Rivieres. As a MINIMUM you’ll want to plan on spending 2 or 3 DAYS.

Quebec City is also quite do-able… again at just aprox 1-1/2 Hours from Trois Rivieres. As a MINIMUM you’ll want to plan on spending 3 DAYS in the Quebec City Region (including perhaps a drive out to the Lower St Lawrence to see Ile d’Orleans – Montmorency Falls – St Anne de Beaupre)

With your interests and the time you have available (7 Days)… I’d be more keen to suggest that you look at both Quebec City and a visit to the Charlevoix & Tadoussac Regions… which lie farther downstream from Old Quebec.

In my mind this would be better use of your time… and give you a better overall view of Canada’s amazing scenery.

You can expect to spend a MINIMUM of 1 OVERNIGHT in the Tadoussac area… and the add on ANOTHER OVERNIGHT either alongside the Fjord, or in Charlevoix ~ La Malbaie on your way returning to Quebec City.

Any remaining time, could be spent in Montreal.

Alternatively you could perhaps look at a visit to Ottawa ~ Canada’s Capital City Region which is aprox 2 Hours from Montreal… and although it could be a great Destination as well (with a bit of scenery thrown into the mix) it won’t be nearly as stunning at the Lower St Lawrence River Regions that I have described above… BUT it will give you an amazing overview of Canada as a whole (c/o our National Institutions… such as the Parliament Buildings, National Historic Sites, Landmarks, Monuments & Museums… could be helpful in learning more about this great country, and perhaps where you’d like to visit at another time)

You will find more info about all these suggested Destinations here on the TA their respective TA TRAVEL PAGES and TRAVEL FORUMS… QUEBEC CITY – LA MALBAIE (Charlevoix Region) – TADOUSSAC (Saguenay Fjord) – MONTREAL - OTTAWA


Canada is more expensive than travel in the USA... part of this comes down to our cost of living... and the rest to the fact that we are a VAST Country, with a SCANT Population with a relatively short Tourism Season (prime season being May thru October)... so YES things here do reflect that in pricing overall.

Hotels in our Cities and Touristy places tend to START at $ 120 to $ 150 PLUS Fees, Taxes and usually Parking.

Fees (Destination Marketing Fees / Hotel Tax) differs by location... usually runs from 0 to 5%... Taxes vary by Province... Quebec being slightly more expensive than Ontario. Parking varies place to place... tends to run from $ 0 to $ 30+ Taxes Extra per night.

B&Bs can be a bit cheaper (although not always... as they will include often a Full Cooked Breakfast generally). B&Bs also are not a form of accommodation that is all that popular in Canada vs Europe... so you won't find a large selection in all locations. North Americans in general being a lot more judicious about their private spaces... so many would never dream of staying in a room in someone's home... Motels, Hotels, and Country Inns are far more popular alternatives.

Hope this is helpful,



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Brno, Czech Republic
posts: 9
6. Re: Rent a bike in Trois Rivieres

Bonjour Wine-4-2

Thank you for your very comprehensive and detailed answer. I regularly advice on Czech mathematical forum, so I know that such a work is very time consuming. I really appreciate your kind help.

We contacted bonjourquebec.com and tried to contact the Czech community in Montreal. We hope, we get some more information.

We also found that it is possible to spend a night in a lighthouse! Amazing for us, since we do not have access to any see or ocean in our country.

So when we finally (in a week or three) prepare the time table for our trip, we post it to tripadvisor for some comments from more experienced travellers and people who are familiar with Montreal and Quebec.

I can see that you are experinced user at tripadvisor. Should we continue in this thread, or start another one? What is the habit here? One thread for one question? Or one thread for several questions related to the same trip? (This thread has been started as "Rent a bike in Trois Rivieres" and turned into something different.)

Big thank you and if you will have problems with your math, let us know :)


Ottawa, Canada
posts: 13,859
reviews: 50
7. Re: Rent a bike in Trois Rivieres

Hi Kaja-Marik,

Thank you for your kind words.

You are very welcome... glad to help.

Bonjour Quebec and the Montreal Czeck Community will also most likely be able to help you as well.

Know that Bonjour Quebec is a wealth of info… they have the Province divided up by Regions, and there are distinct Tourism Groups for each Region (ie Trois Rivieres is in the Mauricie Region = www.mauricietourism.com )

Based on your interests… I honestly think your best bet will be to head EAST from Trois Rivieres towards Quebec City – Charlevoix Region – Tadoussac & Saguenay Fjord… and if you have any time to spare then cross the St Lawrence… and perhaps head onto the Gaspe Peninsula.

As one who is predominently land-locked (here in Ottawa) I totally understand the attraction of the Ocean... it certainly calls to me often enough (we try to get somewhere by the Ocean AT LEAST once a year). A very nice way to spend a vacation !!

As for lighthouses… there are many along the coast of the St Lawrence River and the Gaspe (close to 50)… and a good number are accessible to the public… and as you’ve noted some even offer accommodations.


* Pot a l’Eau-de-Vie Lighthouse = http://www.duvetnor.com/welcome.htm (located on a small island off of Riviere-du-Loup)

* Ile Verte Lighthouse = http://www.ileverte.net/ (located on an island off of Riviere-du-Loup)

* Pointe des Monts Lighthouse = http://www.pointe-des-monts.com/ (located on a Point EAST of Godbout on the Northshore)

--- --- ---

Lol, indeed this topic and the original Question on Biking & Trois Rivieres has run its course… posting a NEW Topic would indeed mean that you'll get a wider set of replies... (we don't so much go by one Question per topic... so much as we do ONE Topic per User, and also trying to make sure that Questions get posted in the right Destination Forum... just so that it makes it easier for other Users to be able to manage the FORUMS SEARCH Feature more effectively).

Suggest that if next post is about a Quebec Road Trip (visiting many different spots enroute) that you post it at the Provincial Level on the QUEBEC (La-Belle-Province) TRAVEL FORUM = tripadvisor.ca/ShowForum-g155025-i50-Quebec.… (vs at just a city level).

However, if you have specific Questions about any Destinations... then you should post them in their respective FORUMS as well (ie MONTREAL – QUEBEC CITY – etc)

Doing so always means that you tend to get more replies... and your Question is front and centre so all the respective Local Advisors & DEs see it.... and as a BONUS you can also create a TRAVEL FILE for all your specific inquiries. A handy TA feature when Trip Planning... makes keeping organized easy.

I am looking forward to hearing more about your plans...



Problems with math… lol, finding a way to get the “numbers” on my Budget to go farther on my vacations… would be my primary mathematical problem these days.

:-) *smile*

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Brno, Czech Republic
posts: 9
8. Re: Rent a bike in Trois Rivieres

Many thanks for all the tips and answers. The thread continues at tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g155025-i50-k43703…


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