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Honeymoon New York-Niagra - Canada Snow

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Sunderland, United...
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Honeymoon New York-Niagra - Canada Snow

Hi Everyone,

Looking at honeymoon ideas travelling either September or Feb (can be either) from the UK to New York. We've always wanted to go to New York so this was our definite first port of call! We have been told it's possible to drive (4hours-ish?) onto Niagara Falls (Canada side) and stay over there. Can anyone confirm if this is the case and if it's an easy drive as neither of us have driven in the US before?! I've also seen a Niagara Safari but cant find many details on it has anyone been on this or can recommend? Finally we would love to do something like a husky ride or a log cabin or just something along the animal lines in Canada alternatively a few days in a ranch on a cattle ride? Can anyone tell me if this is possible and advice on travelling between areas as its pretty much a shot in the dark so any advice would be helpful.... Thanks!

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1. Re: Honeymoon New York-Niagra - Canada Snow

Google Maps can easily answer your first question -- it's at least a 6.5 hour drive (not including traffic delays or stops) from NYC to Niagara Falls, Ontario: http://goo.gl/maps/q8DY8

Snow-related activities like dog sledding would only happen if the trip was February as opposed to September. There is no snow in September anywhere in Ontario or New York State.

There are certainly log cabin rentals available in Ontario, typically a few hours drive north of Niagara. Could be something like that available in upstate New York as well.

Dude ranches and cattle drives are a western thing, one wouldn't find that sort of thing in Ontario or New York State. Though there could be some opportunities for horseback riding here and there.

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SE Ontario
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2. Re: Honeymoon New York-Niagra - Canada Snow

New York City to Niagara Falls Canada is a 6 - 8 hour drive. If you have never driven in winter conditions, driving in February is not suggested.


Niagara Falls Canada is located in the southern Ontario region - one of the most highly populated areas of Canada .... there are no ranches and cattle "rides" (think you mean drives) in this part of the country.

You need to a bit of research on Canada ... I think you're very confused about what is available in different parts of the country.

edit - posted at same time as TWS.

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Sunderland, United...
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3. Re: Honeymoon New York-Niagra - Canada Snow

Ok thanks for info. As i said it was a stab in the dark as such and I know we would have needed to travel to different parts of Canada that's why i mentioned travelling between and ideas. I shall go research thoroughly thanks again for your responses.

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4. Re: Honeymoon New York-Niagra - Canada Snow

Maybe 125 years ago there was log cabins and cattle rides but those are long gone just about. You might still see log cabins but those are in historic sites.

I would plan on 8 hours to drive from NYC to Niagara Canada and it must be a mess leaving NCY, I would not do it.

You could fly into Buffalo NY and from the airport is 45 min drive. You can rent/hire a car from th airport, just a thought. Niagara Falls is worth seeing and Niagara on the Lake is more county-old fashion but nobody has log cabins anymore. You go camping during the summer, thats our idea of going back into time.

SE Ontario
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5. Re: Honeymoon New York-Niagra - Canada Snow

Concerning ideas and suggestions - you must provide info about how long you have for this trip, what your budget is, whether you want to stay in the eastern part of the country or are willing to travel across the country, etc.Realize also that although rental cars cross the international border every day, one way rentals can be difficult to find and usually involve high one way drop fees, as the vehicles must be returned to their point of origin. And again - February is not a desirable time of year to travel due to extreme weather conditions.

Despite what post #4 says, log cabins can be found for renting in various parts of the country - but not in urban areas.

Sunderland, United...
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6. Re: Honeymoon New York-Niagra - Canada Snow

Hi, ok let me start again.. We will have up to 14 days for the trip and will now go September seeing the best option. We aren't looking for cattle drives (not rides as i've been pulled on that already!) I have had horses all my life here in the UK so the idea of a ranch aspect and getting involved in some sort of riding activity is of great interest to me... I don't expect cabins or this at Niagara we just want to visit New York then onto Niagara then on again to somewhere else! I think i may have written my first post hastily as it seems to have come across i think there's a ranch in Niagara!!

I know we can do this in the Rocky Mountains and Cariboo, amongst other places I am just struggling to choose from the many areas and working out the best and easiest places to travel between and get to. Some say they are 4 hours drive from Vancouver or a pit stop between two places so I was just hoping for some advice from someone who had done something similar and tips on where to go and how to go about finding the perfect trip.

Sunderland, United...
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7. Re: Honeymoon New York-Niagra - Canada Snow

Also if flying is our best option between New York and Niagara then I am fine with that driving is definitely not a must, we just thought if it was a decent drive we could take in some sights rather than flying over it all. Thanks for the replies everyone.

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8. Re: Honeymoon New York-Niagra - Canada Snow

What I meant by a western thing is, in western North America (e.g. Alberta), there's a strong tradition of horseback riding and cattle ranching and riding is a popular way to experience scenic areas. In eastern North America there's no ranching, and although there are opportunities for trail riding it's much less common. Places like Vancouver, Calgary and the Rockies are several 4-5 hours by air west of Ontario.

Toronto, Canada
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9. Re: Honeymoon New York-Niagra - Canada Snow

It's probably best to fly out of NYC. Your options are to fly into Buffalo, New York or Toronto, Canada, or one of the smaller airports nearby. BUF will be the cheapest option, you would need to cross the border by vehicle which can be longer, but BUF is closer to the falls.

For the second part of the trip, there are plenty of log cabins in Ontario in lovely wilderness settings. September is leaf season and is a popular time for tourists. My favourite area is Algonquin Provincial Park. New York State, Vermont and New Hampshire would also be good places to visit at that time of year and have similar areas.

Sunderland, United...
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10. Re: Honeymoon New York-Niagra - Canada Snow

TWS thanks for your input too, I have looked at flights if we were to go from NYC to Buffalo then was looking at going onto Banff...Would you recommend this? We have seen the Three Bars Ranch in Banff which we loved and if we fly into Calgary they recommend a hire car for the 1.5hr drive but also found the Banff Airporter which costs $56.00 each way so wondering if we should drive and enjoy the scenery or take the transfer?

Any help appreciated!

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