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Zoom Rent-A-Car Mississauga

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Zoom Rent-A-Car Mississauga

DO NOT rent from these people! This company is terrible, the cars are old dumps, dirty, scratched, falling apart!

With all their hidden charges, they are more expensive than the airport rentals!

You don't find that out until you are at their location, miles from the airport and can't do anything about it!

You have to bring a COPY OF YOUR INSURANCE CARD! Who carries that around with them when travelling???

So, even more additional charges - and the staff is rude and antagonistic!

Rent at the airport!!!

London, Ontario
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1. Re: Zoom Rent-A-Car Mississauga

Excellent advice although the same major car rental companies are located around Toronto as well. One thing that we have in Ontario is what WE call "Rent-a-wrecks". These are 'fly-by-night' rental companies with well used rental cars purchased from the major rental companies when they are done with them. They are good for only one thing..local residents needing a cheap rental car for local travel. They are no good for visitors wishing reliable transportation for a holiday. Basically because if something goes wrong, they have no local dealers who can correct the situation. Also, they rely on the person's own car insurance for the insurance of the car. This is the law in Ontario, that is, when you rent a car, your own car insurance covers the rental car, thus the request for your insurance card. However, visitors from outside Ontario usually can't have their own car insurance cover rentals, especially if they are from Europe or the UK. USA maybe. Thus increased hidden charges. Stick with the majors is my advice. The cheap price isn't worth the hassle.

West Grey, Ontario
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for Toronto, TripAdvisor Support
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2. Re: Zoom Rent-A-Car Mississauga


The law in Ontario is that insurance is mandatory, and it is the responsibility of the OWNER of the vehicle to obtain insurance. The insurance is NOT transferable from your personal car to a rental car.

You are NOT required to provide insurance for someone else’s car…it not possible to do. You can ADD additional coverage to your own car insurance to cover the cost of the deductible of the rental car if you have an accident.

Trptld, you will recall that when you renew your license plates, you are required to provide proof of insurance for each vehicle (pink insurance card), sign a declaration that the insurance is in effect, and write the insurance company’s name and policy number on the declaration / renewal form.

Best Regards

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3. Re: Zoom Rent-A-Car Mississauga

sfitzp, I see this is your first posting, so you may not be a regular visitor. If you're reading this, please consider reporting this company to the provincial government. Auto insurance is highly regulated, and if the company is breaking the law or providing misleading information, the authorities should hear about it:

Consumer Protection Branch

5775 Yonge St. Suite 1500

Toronto, ON M7A 2E5

Toll-free: 1-800-889-9768

Call in Toronto: 416-326-8800

TTY: 416-325-3408 or 1-800-268-7095

Fax: 416-326-8665

E-mail: info.mgcs@ontario.ca

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4. Re: Zoom Rent-A-Car Mississauga

Do Not Rent from ZOOM!

Though the pickup procedure was quite straightforward, the company gave my a car with an expired lease by mistake. Instead of acknowledging that this was a mistake on their part and compensating us for the inconvenience of returning the car, the company threatened that I could continue to drive the vehicle but risk getting pulled over by the police, as the vehicle will be reported as stolen by the dealer.

After I conveyed my shock that they could even suggest such an outcome and threaten their client, the company representative eventually decided that they would rather pay a fine to the dealer to extend the lease on the car than acknowledge any mistake and provide their own client with some form of compensation for the inconvenience.

Furthermore, the vehicle had a stale smoke smell that was overpowering. However, again, this was not the vehicle I was supposed to have rented as they gave it to me by mistake.

I will not be renting from Zoom any time in the future and would not recommend this company to anyone else.

West Grey, Ontario
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for Toronto, TripAdvisor Support
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5. Re: Zoom Rent-A-Car Mississauga


As estragon suggested above, contact the Consumer Protection Office and lodge a complaint.

Best Regards

Toronto ON
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6. Re: Zoom Rent-A-Car Mississauga

Actually, you personal insurance policy does transfer to a rental car. It falls under the temporary subsitute automobile portion.

As long as you have both collision and liability on the policy you're covered. The insurance offered by the rental companies is the biggest scam going.

London, Ontario
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7. Re: Zoom Rent-A-Car Mississauga

Thanks lizard for backing me up. I rarely post wrong information on here. If I do it's because the situation will have changed. I am insured with State Farm, and I am covered even if I drive another person's car. Perhaps this is a unique coverage I have, but I always thought this was standard insurance coverage in Ontario.

Toronto ON
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8. Re: Zoom Rent-A-Car Mississauga

No problem. I work in the insurance field so I do know what I'm talking about.

Everyone in Ontario has temporary substitute auto coverage and all policies in Ontario are exactly the same.

If you have an Ontario policy (and most other policies in Canada are the same) you are covered while driving a rental car.

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for Tokyo
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9. Re: Zoom Rent-A-Car Mississauga

>> If you have an Ontario policy (and most other policies in Canada are the same) you are covered while driving a rental car.

Provided your own car is not being driven by anyone at the same time? And this applies only to 3rd party liability and not collision?

Toronto ON
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10. Re: Zoom Rent-A-Car Mississauga

Not sure about whether your own car is being driven at the same time. Although logically I can't see why that would matter.

It applies to both 3rd party liablity and collision (property damage).