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Never Been to Newfoundland and only have 3 Days

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Never Been to Newfoundland and only have 3 Days

We are planning to come to NF before the end of the Summer and wondered what we can do in 3 days. We will be in St. John's to start, and will have a car. We love the outdoors, and seeing the area, historic, sites, etc. Where should we stay, and what should we absolutely do on limited time. I've looked at some of the restaurants, hotels, b &bs' etc. but since we are not familiar with the area, wondered what would be best. Also, are there ferries, or other to New Brunswick or Nova Scotia? Thanks ahead of time!

St. John's, Canada
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1. Re: Never Been to Newfoundland and only have 3 Days

With just three days, you will probably want to focus on St. John's and the surrounding area. Otherwise, because of distances, you will spend too much of your limited time driving.

In St. John's, see The Rooms (the Provincial museum and art gallery), Signal Hill and Cape Spear. Perhaps visit George Street one evening to take in some local music. Choose a day to do a boat tour out of Bay Bulls and perhaps hike part of the East Coast Trail or see the Archaelogical dig in Ferryland. Or plan to drive to St. Mary's to see the seabird colonies. Another easy day trip is a drive to the Brigus/ Cupids area; beautiful communities and very historic.

There is a ferry from Argentia to North Sydney, NS but takes about 12-14 hours sailing time. Otherwise you would have to take a full day to drive to Port aux Basques to take a 6 hour ferry to North Sydney.

Hope this info helps your planning process.

Vancouver, Canada
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2. Re: Never Been to Newfoundland and only have 3 Days

+1 for janidd's suggestions.

We visited Newfoundland in 2009 for 12 days. It is time-consuming logistically to get to Newfoundland from the rest of Canada and time-consuming to drive around. The only highway on which you make good driving time is the TransCanada, which cuts across the island. However, you do not see Newfoundland from the TransCanada. There are good secondary highways to very attractive towns, villages and outports, but they go up and down and around and about and you definitely do not make good time. In 3 days, it is impossible to see more than a small part of Newfoundland, let alone visit New Brunswick or Nova Scotia (or PEI for that matter) as well.

In St. John's, I would add the Geo Centre to janidd's suggestions. I only went because I thought DH would be interested, and I ended up being fascinated as well. The other suggestions, with the exception of St. Mary's (not enough time) were all places we went and enjoyed immensely.

Lucky you to be travelling to Newfoundland. We found it to be a beautiful province with very hospitable people.

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Placentia, Canada
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3. Re: Never Been to Newfoundland and only have 3 Days

3 days on the avalon.....stick to the immediate city area,maybe visit bauline,flatrock,pouch cove,outer cove,middle cove......on the other direction you could try cape spear,black head,petty harbour ......

All of these are within less than an hours travel of the city and can give you a small taste of newfoundland(very small but tastefull though!!)

best aluck

St. John's, Canada
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4. Re: Never Been to Newfoundland and only have 3 Days

I concur with Janidd. As avid outdoorers, make sure you do a little of the East Coast trail.....and maybe on to Ferryland for the history, the archeology at the Interpretation Centre and a walk out to the lighthouse for a Lighthouse picnic.

Enjoy our beautiful province!

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5. Re: Never Been to Newfoundland and only have 3 Days

Thank you! I appreciate the suggestions!

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6. Re: Never Been to Newfoundland and only have 3 Days

Thank you. I figured from what I had read that we wouldn't be able to do Gros Mornes, etc. but I think we will enjoy what everyone on the posts have suggested, and that was exactly what I was looking for.

Thank again everyone! I appreciate the help. We've been to Nova Scota, PEI, so we will cross them off our list for now.

Banks, Oregon
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7. Re: Never Been to Newfoundland and only have 3 Days

Hi rascalbandit--

I also agree with everyone' s suggestions-especially the Geo Centre, Signal Hill (be sure and do the trail there) and Cape Spear, stopping at Petty Harbour on the way. The Archaeological Site at Ferryland (and the museum are well worth visiting, and St. Mary's if you have time, but yes, your time is limited. And, even if you can't schedule a Lighthouse Picnic at Ferryland, do the walk up to the lighthouse anyway. I did, late in the evening, and the sunset from the top was terrific---and I saw a couple beautiful red foxes on the way.

Yes, you will enjoy their incredible Province, and the friendly, hospitable people. And you will dream of going back. I was there a bit over 3 weeks and I didn't nearly go everywhere I wanted to. Yes, itchyfeet---it does call us back, doesn't it :) that song in your heart

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Toronto, Canada
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8. Re: Never Been to Newfoundland and only have 3 Days

You can drive the Irish Loop in a day with stops along the way including Cape Race, I enjoyed the scenery for sure....

India Gate is awesome! The best Indian I've ever had, so if you like some spice check it out!

oakland, ca
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9. Re: Never Been to Newfoundland and only have 3 Days

We just got back from NFL this week, about 8 days with a car, but it's four fifth trip over this past ten years, so you can see we love the place. Our problem is that we never stay more than a week at a time, and the distances and backtracking are formidable.

Three notes to add:

1. Make sure the rental car you have includes enough miles for where you want to go; some of the limits are pretty severe, esp. because of the inevitable backtracking.

2. By all means, go to Cupids, our go to spot. We love Skipper Ben's which has as nice a meal, in basic "small inn" accommodations, as you could ask for. The little village has a very small harbor, set in a cove, and a fantastic new visitor center, celebrating 400 year visit of John Guy to Americas. We saw whales chasing capelin just last week (July 15) right in the cove. Also, Brigus is very close- you may be there for blueberry festival.

3. You can catch whales right from St. Johns, Iceberg Ventures, something like that... we saw several whales, including tail waggings, and a mother/calf alongside the boat. Going from St. Johns gives you a chance to see the beautiful harbor, and signal hill, etc. from the water side. (If you go the Signal Hill, eat at the canteen, really tasty and freshly made sandwiches and a local specialty- run by the same people who cook at Skipper Ben's)

Placentia, Canada
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10. Re: Never Been to Newfoundland and only have 3 Days


glad to hear that you love our home here,keep coming back !.Been travelling the province since I was old enough to drive and still haven't even scratched the surface yet!So don't feel bad about not having enough time for you never will!!!