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Grand Solmar Horror Story

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Grand Solmar Horror Story

So just got back, and I honestly wouldn't even give my timeshare away to my worst enemy right now.

2 years ago I bought a 2 bedroom Presidential

Arrive it's beautiful the Driver Bell staff very friendly the place looks beautiful.

Go to check in our reservation had changed a few weeks ago my husband cancelled and two of my girlfriends were coming instead as well as my friends from Seattle who were already on the reservation called and emailed with Paola everything is set up and changed no hassle...go to check in they did not have it ( i should have known from my last experience at Playa Grande having to change due to flight changes) But it wasn't as bad as the Playa Grande experience hey brought us Margaritas and got us checked in our suite would be ready in couple hours.

SO we wonder about wait for our suite we get to it my friends are amazed at how beautiful it is, but I am noticing something is a miss I bought a 2059sp ft with 699 sq foot terrace( My company builds Houses condo's and hotels ect) I only have 1608 sq feet and 500 sq foot terrace and the jaquizzi tub I was shown when I bought was not there. I figure I will leave it be for now I really need to shower as did not get a chance before we left due to the stitches incident with our friend who couldn't make it. SO I go to turn the Shower on the faucet falls off in my hand (no I am not the hulk I am 105 lbs soaking wet) But hey I'm handy build houses I really want a shower so I put it back on proper but noticed an O ring missing and no tephlon tape. SO I get the shower on waiting waiting waiting no hot water go running around the room no hot water anywhere. SO I try tocall the front desk about the faucet and the hot water no answer hmmm so put my clothes on go down get told oh it's been out since thursday it is now Sat I am thinking why did you not say anything when we checked in could have saved a headache later a little prvention goes a long way. so then we go out to eat. get back hmm room is kinda warm swear we turned the air on call no answer again go down oh the air has been down since thursday as well. could have told me when we checked in or when i went to report the hotwater but again nothing.

Skip to next morning Sunday still no hot water still no air still dirty. hmm i should have eggs and toast for breakfast but first I should wash our drink glasses, Go to boil water on the stove to do dishes 25 min later on high only luke warm could put my hand on all the burners. tried multiple times took 2 hours to get luke warm water to wash dishes...so eggs are out maybe just some toast toasters burners except one are out. K have work to do go to use my in room WiFi nothing only the pools and shotty signal that I had to be on end of the terrace closest to the pool, get ethernet cord no internet in the room at all. And I was a computer systems engineer before we opened our Construction company so I do know what I am doing. K it is 8 am now kinda of annoyed. But have to go the owner's breakfast my 3 of my 5 friends were actually interested in buying and my husband who could not come wanted plans to go over so we could decide what further we would be buying to send our staff ect down possible 16 weeks in a one bedroom. well we get there and all not very impressed with the state of our suite so it was hard sell that was lost and she did not follow through yet with the new floor plans.

so then we go back to the room think maybe pool as still no hot water pool is ice cold i couldn't get past my knees.Go back to the room call about our issues and wait wait wait for someone to come they tel me the stove is working even though I can put my bare hand on the burners on high after 25 min it never even slightly glowed. they did take the toaster away. and looked at the shower faucet and said it was fine (it was not fine I put it back on but it needed an O ring and tephlon tape it will leak soon)

so out we go I have food allergies and will not eat on resort with out hotwater to do dishes it could be the death of me. And it's just not sanitary.

Next morning we are on Monday now day 3 still no hot water still no air no working stove no working internet in the room can't work, and I must smell bad by now and look pretty grungy but I can at least have toast now. So I go to customer Service as other members/owners had suggested they told me they were given developer week to comp just for the hot water and we had way more issues and they will move us.

By this time my one girlfriend has developed a horrendous rash from not being able to clean properly she tried a cold shower but it just couldn't wash off the sweat sunscreen ect. go down talk to Erica I tell her everything including my missing space and ameninties. at that point she may be able to move us later to another suite but I already have met the people in it and they were not leaving till we were so i didn't see how that was possible or to Playa Grande but to me that was a down grade they were "upgrading people including us to Grand Solmar in their sales pitches, all I really wanted is what I paid for and for it to work. she says she will get back to me in half an hour and never did. I go to lobby ask to see a manager Leonardo talks to me agrees the stove does not work despite what the other manager and maintenance said ( I had also taken time stamped pictures over 25 min with it on high and my hand in the water and on the burner) I explain again what I do and the consequences in my industry for this. Beg him to please make it better. He then offers to shuttle us to Solmar to Shower this is 3 days later why was this not offered before and still this would be a pain. and offeres us a Suite in the VIP building I say I have to go check with my guests but we would like to see it first. Go back check with my guests ok we will see it and pack up to get clean. go back see him again the water will be on shortly but they have to cut the power. ok so bypass if we can shower and bathe in our room. but still waiting on seeing the suite... hours pass still no hot water go out and wander about town smelling bad I am sure.

Get back check for an update well now we are being moved to the 2 bdr penthouse in the same building but still no hot water or air but the stove and internet are supposed to work there, and hey it's the sq fottage i bought with an extra shower head. so we decide ok we will move but first they have to cut the power again.so not moving quite yet but power out can't get in the room. so power comes back on ok it's moving time packed everything in 20 min no small accomplishment and get moved but we missed the fiesta we bought tickets to at playa grande. So we wonder and find food still no hot water or air.

get back front desk says hot water is back but may take time to heat up, we check none and no air still. Go to sleep.

Get up still no hotwater day 4 or air but OMG I can cook eggs and hopefully get my invoices workorders ect done well I could cook eggs but no internet still had to go to the farthest end of the terrace to get a signal. call the front desk they answer wow they seem shocked about the water said they will get it fixed. But the Air is still out. so putz around in the morning finally about 11 am the water is luke warm by afternoon it's hot again. Oh glorious Hot water I can finnally not smell bad and wash my hair.

go out and about get back still no air go to bed. Get up no air no internet with out leaning off the terrace same old same old and everyday they said they would have someone come check no one ever did.

Get home wed evening Day 5 the Air works yay now just the internet.

Next day cooked a wonderful breakfast amd supper could shower had air conditioning day six seemed pretty good except no inter net then that night the pre curser to the grand finale my girlfriend flushes the main bath toilet and everything in the bathroom shakes shower sink toilet glass partitions so we decide don't use that one. Next morning get up Raw sewage all over the shower floor and the whole suite smelled bad!!!The master bath had a sewer gas smell the whole time as well reported and ignored.

tried calling could not get through, the maid came at about 8 am and she called to report it even though we had already rinsed as much away as we could and opened every door to the terrace to try and alleviate the smell. went down to find Leonardo again was not visable. had an appointment to get my friends to but mine was not till later so I came backFound him reported it again, he said he would send maintenance up and would come to my room shortly I had told him I needed to be back to my appointment by 3:30. waited 2 hour until 3 he did not show went back down he had looked at my bill we had not charged to the room much and he even felt that wasn't enough compensation, in his defense he had offered dinner but I was uncomfortable eatng in the restauraunt with no hot water with my severe food allergy. He asked what would make it better I said I am usually not hard to please but this week had the snowball going down hill affect I want a developer week, he assured me he would work on it and he would meet me in the morning before I left at 8 am.

Now the peice due ressisance go down at 7 am no Leonardo till this point I had been very calm very polite very understanding. I then get I think Eduardo maybe not sure I did loose my cool. They will only offer myself a 200 dollar voucher for when I return, I had 4 guests with me I paid maintenance fees and alot did not work, when I said no that is not good enough other people were either comped (if they were not members/owners) a future stay or given developer weeks over the hot water alone We went days no hot water 5 days no Air 3 days no stove 2 days no toaster I semi fixed the shower myself, was put in suite that was smaller than what I was sold the internet did not work the whole time (also not secure to use a public wifi) and it ended with raw sewage in my room. I got told all the other guests were lying and they did not get that,( I highly doubt that unless mass dilusion was in the cold water) and that my stove did to work it was just electric and thats how they work. I was mortified I said I have an electric stove at home I am not stupid and why did the one in the other room get red hot reight away then. he still said only 200 I told him that wasn't good enough. I was told it was in my envelope with my bill and guess what it wasn't.

I am sorry this is such a long rant and I am not petty I believe it's customer service that matters most and you could be happy in grass hut but a little premptive warning and more follow through could have made this a wonderful report and not the nightmare I had.

Fresno, California
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1. Re: Grand Solmar Horror Story

I think the Bullenes boys need to go Bankrupt, have someone else buy it, and maybe then things will be better than they are now. I bet the old man is clawing trying to get out of his grave. And the $64,000 question is where is the Barbi Wife maybe she can fix things. LMAO

Kent, Washington
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2. Re: Grand Solmar Horror Story

Wow. That's the most horrendous trip report ever. You have my sympathy. That is one beautiful resort rolling down the hill to bankruptcy, presumably.

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3. Re: Grand Solmar Horror Story

Don't get me wrong still had a great time and the wait staff housekeeping bell/ drivers front desk were great but upper management could learn something from them And it is absolutley stunning to look at and walk through

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4. Re: Grand Solmar Horror Story

I hope you post this in the hotel review section also....other guest need to read this.....and anyone LOOKING to stay there.

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5. Re: Grand Solmar Horror Story

I did it's not up yet

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6. Re: Grand Solmar Horror Story

Contact the Gringo Gazette (the English language newspaper in Cabo) and submit a concise cleaned up version of your story in a letter to the editor. This will be a good followup to the July 16th letter to the Editor that talks about the new excessive contract transfer fees.

I too was in the construction industry and toured GS after building one was built and vowed I'd never sleep there and certainly wouldn't upgrade to it.

PG/Solmar used to be the best of the best. I find it ironical that all the current TA reviews are so positive and all are 4 or 5 star yet I hear numerous complaints of faulty plumbing and electrical systems in the buildings. I wonder if their marketing firm is also ghost writing TA reviews?

Kelowna, Canada
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7. Re: Grand Solmar Horror Story

Wow.........I can't say anything else ! Other than , way to hold it all together the way you did. I can't even imagine what that would have been like. Well , actually I did imagine it while I was reading , very well described. Sorry to hear about your stay. I haven't had the displeasure yet , but I guess I will see what happens in June when I return ! I miss the little place , I really do.......

Bay Area, CA
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8. Re: Grand Solmar Horror Story

You said you purchased a "Presidential" unit, but the square footage you noted was actually for a "Penthouse" unit. Square footage for Grand Solmar 2-bedroom units are as follows (and the balcony is included in the square footage):

2-bedroom penthouse is 2,758.78 sqft

2-bedroom presidential is 2,227.32 sqft

2-bedroom lock-off is 1,983.07 sqft

So, you must have purchased a Penthouse unit, not a Presidential unit.

Lots of people have been posting problems with the hot water. I thought maybe it was a result of the recent storm, but one would think they would have things fixed and in running order by now.

Glad you posted your review. People should be aware of the issues before they rent, and we owners appreciate the updated news, even when it is bad.

I haven't been there since May 2011, and there weren't any problems at that time. But we'll be there again in May 2013, and I'm bringing my extended family and we'll be taking up several units, so it definitely concerns me.

So sorry you had such a terrible time. What a horrible, horrible experience. Owners get treated like dirt... don't know what they're thinking !?!

Saint James, New...
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9. Re: Grand Solmar Horror Story

Ouch !!!!!

port angeles
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10. Re: Grand Solmar Horror Story

Rocky, I think ouch is an understatement!!!!