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*Daily Weather Update - September, 2011 - The Newbie Edition

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*Daily Weather Update - September, 2011 - The Newbie Edition

The weather center is once again operational!

You may notice I skipped August, so let me give you a quick recap: Hot and sunny, couple days of rain, high in the low hot and sunnys, bouts of humidity, a scattered cloud here and there, followed by increasing hot and sunny :)

Now on to September.......

This is the month where we generally see some of the most extreme weather of the year, although last September we had one good day of rain and no storms, so we shall see...... September is also the slowest month of the year for tourism in Cabo. In Spanish, the word for september is "septiembre". A local joke is to pronounce it "septi-hambre". Hambre means hunger and September is the month more locals find themselves a little short in the wallet as tourist dollars dry up.

This month, we´ll be discussing tips for Newbies. I hope to throw in a few tips not so commonly mentioned on the forum, as well as the oft repeated great advice regularly doled out by the most helpful bunch of forumites on the internet. This one´s for you newbies!

And as always, here´s the link to some live Cabo webcams. Don´t just take my word for it, check out the scene for yourselves.....


Happy Septiembre to all!

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1. Re: *Daily Weather Update - September, 2011 - The Newbie Edition

Thursday, September 1st

It was a little cloudy this morning, but most of it has burned off and we are looking at another hot and sunny day! Almost 100 degrees at 2:30pm and the clouds that remain are those big white puffy kind (that´s a fancy technical weather term). Beautiful skies and a beautiful day in Cabo, although I´d recommend sticking close to a pool and a bucket of cervezas until later in the day. No cruise ships in port

NEWBIE TIP: Often repeated on the forum, so let´s just get this out of the way...... Be wary of the shark tank at the airport. They will try to trick you and have been known to use any means possible, including acting like officials. Remember that once you´ve left immigration and had your luggage scanned, there is nobody else you need to give the time of day to until you are OUTSIDE.

BONUS TIP: Arrange your transportation before arriving in Cabo, or you´re looking at one expensive cab ride. Check the forum for transfer company suggestions

Hasta mañana!

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2. Re: *Daily Weather Update - September, 2011 - The Newbie Edition

"those big white puffy kind (that´s a fancy technical weather term). "

Haha Tyler - thanks for the laughs! Looking forward to seeing you in October.

Thanks for the start of the September weather update!

New York City, New...
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3. Re: *Daily Weather Update - September, 2011 - The Newbie Edition

Good tip Tyler about the "Shark Tank", don't make eye contact, never talk to anyone in there no matter what they say ,and never give them money, whatever they promise you. It's your vacation, enjoy it..........to me, time share presentations are a waste of time!!

Ottawa, Canada
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4. Re: *Daily Weather Update - September, 2011 - The Newbie Edition

Tee Hee - I am so NOT a newbie - but I'll enjoy finding out if I am as Cabo smart as I think I am (NOT) - bring it on Tyler - even us old dogs can learn some new tricks ;)

First newbie topic of "Shark Tank" is probably one of the best - I recall my first swim in that sea - phew - yep- sure got taken in that first time. I agree 100% with momof2Ny - I don't waste any more of my time on timeshares - however I think everyone needs to experience it at least once so you never want to do it again - ha

Listen up Newbies - heed all good advice on this subject

Enjoy :)

Colorado Springs...
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5. Re: *Daily Weather Update - September, 2011 - The Newbie Edition

Thanks for the updates! It's nice to think that now all of us coming down for Black and Green can say "next month"!

Graham, Washington
Destination Expert
for Cabo San Lucas
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6. Re: *Daily Weather Update - September, 2011 - The Newbie Edition

So true Buddy! I said it at least 10 times today!

Tacoma, Wash
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7. Re: *Daily Weather Update - September, 2011 - The Newbie Edition

The shark tank tip is very valuable!!

On our first trip we went right thru but some others got caught!! We had a fellow traveler who held up our shared transport.....we waited..and waited...finally giving up and they had to take a taxi to the resort...

SUNSHINE is the key.....nothing is real until you see it!!!!

Since I live near Seattle that may not make sense..but you get my drift..:)

Edited: 11:35 pm, September 01, 2011
Lincoln, California
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8. Re: *Daily Weather Update - September, 2011 - The Newbie Edition

I am ready for the October weather report-TA Tourney Edition! : )

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9. Re: *Daily Weather Update - September, 2011 - The Newbie Edition

Friday, September 2

We're sitting at about 90 degrees at noon and with this nice little breeze, it feels pretty comfortable. Official wind socks (palms) in my garden are rustling away and it even feels less humid (gauged by sweat on brow). Quite a few clouds out there, but none of them getting in the way of my casa at the moment. No cruise ships in port.


Bottled water vs. glass of water

When ordering water in a restaurant, if you don't specify, you will almost always get bottled and pay a premium. Ask for ice water, NOT BOTTLED and you can save a bundle.

Some of you may be worried about what kind of water you will get if you don't order bottled, but I assure you that no reputable restaurant in Cabo would serve you tap water, even if they have a purification system. We all know the old saying about Mexico, "don't drink the water", but when you order a glass of water, you will always get purified water from those big blue water cooler jugs. Ice is also always purified, so don't worry about that either. Whether tap water is ok or not, Mexican culture simply does not consider tap water to be drinking water, so you'll get the blue jug water.

Restaurants want you to buy bottled water for obvious reasons and some even go so far as to say that's your only option. Not true.

So my advice is to quit buying bottled water at restaurants and save all those extra pesos for more important things.....like tequila


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10. Re: *Daily Weather Update - September, 2011 - The Newbie Edition

Tyler if I ask for House Water am I getting water from the blue jug or the tap?