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Flying into Cozumel or Cancun Airport?

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Detroit, MI
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Flying into Cozumel or Cancun Airport?

Hello - we're planning a last-minute trip to Cozumel this November and need advice on which airport to fly into. How is it to fly into Cancun and then travel over to Cozumel? Thanks for your help!

Bixby, OK
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1. Re: Flying into Cozumel or Cancun Airport?

I have flown to Cancun and flown to Cozumel. BUT It is quite a "hike" from the airport in Cancun to the ferry from Cancun to Cozumel. If you have a choice, I would fly directly into Coz.... You can be at a hotel in a 5-10 minute van ride from the hotel. We flew into Cancun last summer and from the time we landed until we were at our hotel was an hour or more. Valuable beach time.... I guess it is what you want to do... sit in a bus or sit on the beach. Coz is for the people who want to relax on the beach.... Cancun is for the ones that want the hustle and bustle of a large city on the beach.... Take your pick... My pick is Coz.... I am will be there, with seven of my best friends on Wednesday of next week....

Cozumel Mexico
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2. Re: Flying into Cozumel or Cancun Airport?


For me it actually depends on cost. If it is affordable for you to fly direct to the island, then do so. It is not difficult to come to Cozumel from Cancun, depending on the time you are arriving in Cancun. The ferries don't run all night. The Riviera bus is a comfortable ride and the least expensive, depending on how many people you are. It'a about $8 one way to Playa and then the ferry is about another $8, one way. The travel time is approx. 2 hours, but it is very easy.

It is really nice to fly to the island, and easier to leave from.

Once I brought my friend to the airport here in Cozumel, we checked her in and had another hour and 1/2 to kill. So we went and sat by the water on Melgar, went and got a torta, and was back at the airport just in time for the flight! Only here can you do something like that!!! It was great!

If you have more questions I am happy to help! cozumelkelly@hotmail.com



toronto, ca
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3. Re: Flying into Cozumel or Cancun Airport?

I guess it depends on 2 things: 1) when your flight gets into Cancun, and 2) Convenience and $

From the airport in Cancun, it is about 30-60 minutes to clear customs etc, then a 45 minute bus ride to Playa del Carmen where you catch a ferry - (leaves every 1/2 hour) - this is a 45 minute ferry ride to San Miguel. The last ferry ( if I remember) is either 10:00 pm or 11:00 pm - so if your flight arrives close to 9:00 pm - you are cutting it too close!

2) the extra small flight to Cozumel was about $100 USD but for us it was well worth it. (since we have done the bus/ferry before) - We had to ask at the airport in Cancun about 6 different people before we got the correct boarding gate - but hey... it's Mexico!

hope this helps


Ontario Can.
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4. Re: Flying into Cozumel or Cancun Airport?


we staywed in Cozumel last year (Nov) and landed in Cancun first unloaded passengers, had to clear customs, then back on the plane with travellers returning home from Cancun. We then flew to Cozumel, an 8 minute flight and had the worst landing of my life. I actually thought that the landing gear did not activate. If you are booking an AI you will fly right into the Cozumel airport. Where do you plan on staying in Cozumel?


Houston, TX
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5. Re: Flying into Cozumel or Cancun Airport?

Go directly to Cozumel, if possible, as it is a small, quick airport. Also very nice and close to town.

Barrington, IL
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6. Re: Flying into Cozumel or Cancun Airport?

Like most anything, it depends on your tastes - but for most everyone, the advice already provided is sage advice. Generally speaking, the money you can save NOT flying into Cozumel doesn't equate to the cost of bus/tip from Cancun Airport to the ferry, the cost of the ferry/tip for baggage handlers to Cozumel, AND the extra time involved waiting and traveling... TIMES 2 - because you'll have to reverse the process going home. HOWEVER, if you're a bit adventuresome and aren't bringing a lot of luggage or dive equipment (or you just don't mind lugging it around), the bus ride to Playa is interesting and can be fun (our driver stopped along the way for us to get some ice-cold cervezas!) and it lends an opportunity to mix right in with the other vacationers (we made friends on the bus that we spent time with during our vacation), and the ferry ride gets you mixing with the locals. Having already done that, I now fly in to Cozumel direct for convenience: I want to leave home and start my vacation ASAP... and doing it any other way adds travel time in both directions. For me, a direct flight in and a 10-minute taxi to the hotel gets me on the beach with a margarita pronto! Otherwise, figure to spend an extra $50 or more pp for the extra taxi ride/tip and ferry ticketstip (both ways) and an extra 2 hrs. travel time minimum... and plan to leave an additional extra time cushion on the way home in case of any delays.

Eldon, MO
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7. Re: Flying into Cozumel or Cancun Airport?

Have any of you heard of USA 3000? It is a charter flight with Apple Vacations. Just a little apprehensive never hearing of this company before....please let me know!

Cozumel, Mexico
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8. Re: Flying into Cozumel or Cancun Airport?


I have been doing the trip back and forth from San Francisco to Cozumel for over 8 years going both through Cancun and direct to Cozumel. To be honest, the best bet is direct to the island from the states via Continental or American. The little money that you save going through Cancun will not be much after you take into account your precious vacation time, cost and hassle with taxi and ferry etc. Once you factor the costs for all those, you are maybe only saving $40 to $60



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9. Re: Flying into Cozumel or Cancun Airport?

Our experience w/USA 3000 was painless, flights on time, decent food, nice staff. I wouldn't have a problem recommending them.


Toronto, ON
posts: 125
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10. Re: Flying into Cozumel or Cancun Airport?

Definatley Fly directly into Cozumel. Last time we had to fly into Cancun, take a taxi, the ferry, taxi again...it took hours. The ferry might sound fun and romantic...but it really isn't. Also why waste two days of your trip travelling. Fly directly in - it is soooo worth it.