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Secrets Aura/Sunscape Sabor relationship?? with Reef Club

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Brantford Ontario
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Secrets Aura/Sunscape Sabor relationship?? with Reef Club

I've seen several posts - all verbatim - from a poster - to the best of my knowledge both subject resorts are now solely owned & operated by AM Resorts who sells all-inclusive vacation packages & also is now selling timeshare/vacation sharing or whatever the buzz word of the year is for this type of purchase. As a travel agent, I'd like to know if the information where the info they're sharing is legit & if so can be verified & exactly what they are telling people... The following is per numerous postings made in different discussions on the board


"They are owned by the same people and are both franchised with AM Resorts (Secrets & Sunscape). When you look around check out the Regency section before you talk to the timeshare folks. The Regency section was sold to timeshare owners as an exclusive area, private pool, bar (top shelf liquor promised) & restaurant. As you can see now that they took millions from 2500 American & Canadian Families all this has been taken away.

No matter how valid the contract looks, its impossible to enforce. Talk to an existing timeshare owners before you flush your money. Its soooo tempting once you are there, overlooking the ocean with a drink in your hand."

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Saratoga Springs...
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21. Re: Secrets Aura/Sunscape Sabor relationship?? with Reef Club

We bought into the "Reef Club" back in 1999-2000, while it was still in its initial construction stages. One of the difficultites in speaking about the complex is that they have kept changing the names of the various sections. What you refer to as "Residencias Reef" is the large, beachfront, condo complex that is located south of the Aura hotel section. What is now referred to as "Sabor" was not originally the "regular" large hotel section and the "Reef Club" was what the time-share section was called. After completing construction on this (time-share) area that sits on the northern edge of the main entrance, "regular" hotel, a new section to the east and not directly on the beach was built that was known as Sabor. It included waterslides from some of the sooms and was originally designated as the adults only section. The original "Reef Club," time-share section was to (and did for about 8 years) have it's large pool reserved exclusively for time-share purchasers. Now and for the past few years it has been open to all hotel guests. Also, the time-share villas (rooms, suites, and jr. suites) were marketed as reserved exclusively for members, which they were for many years. Now and for the past few years, it has been open to all hotel guests willing to pay for a room upgrade and, some have said, prioritized for such guests over the interests of "members." Over the past 11 years, we have spent an average of 3-4 weeks annually at the "Reef Club" and, even though the rules of the game and the quality of the food and services have varied far too widely, feel as though we have essentially "gotten our money's worth." The setting remains beautiful but you are all too correct in noting that purchasers of these time shares are essentially out on a limb and wholey dependent on the good-will and ethics of whatever management happens to be around or come along. With the incessant and seemingly capricious changes in management and policies every year, the membership "benefits," rules and requirements have almost all been to the detriment of the time-share owners, One gets somewhat the same feeling that Alice must have felt when visiting the Red Queen, only within the warmth and beauty of the Caribbean environment. "What will next happen to further curtail the previously presumed contractual rights of the members?"

Denver, Colorado
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22. Re: Secrets Aura/Sunscape Sabor relationship?? with Reef Club

What a clusterf__k. I became a "fractional owner" in 2000 when it was simply the Reef Club. Made payments, including annual membership and maintenance fees, to an office in Houston. Using my points (I purchased 50 at $100 ea), I had friends come down and hosted them long as they paid the unit's maintenance fee and they purchased their own all-inclusive wrist band entitling them to, among other things, unlimited top-shelf booze. Things went well until about 2006. We showed up and were given dank, disgusting rooms in the original section that needed to be totally refurbished. Then in 2010, the front desk treated us like trash...total bad attitudes, no service whatsoever. And again, terrible rooms, not what we thought we reserved and deserved based on our agreement. Meanwhile, annual fees skyrocketed. The $20 all-inclusive jumped to more than $35. No more good booze. The dive shop we used, Sand Dollar, became problematic. So we bailed. I cannot recommend this place at all given the legalese issues, the fraud, the skimming of membership funds, the sketchy ownerships, the whole Wyndham debacle. Save your money folks and don't, repeat, DON'T, buy into this place.

Denver, Colorado
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23. Re: Secrets Aura/Sunscape Sabor relationship?? with Reef Club

I consider my investment lost, because I quit paying the jacked up annual maintenance fees after A) hearing about the embezzlement of membership funds; and B) the inability to reserve villas and instead be put in putrid, dank concrete cellblock rooms in the original section. Hasta la vista on this property.

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