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reef club ???

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reef club ???

OK, I've read the reviews, now really ... how good or bad is the reef club. We are booked to be there in a couple weeks. Would anybody care to enlighten me???

Arlington, Texas
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1. Re: reef club ???


This is a HONEST answer. I have stayed at the La Ceiba, Casa Del Mar, Fiesta Americana, and the Reef Club on Cozumel.

The Reef Club has nice looking buildings. Especially if you get a beachside bungalow like we did. But, I thought the food was just above Army chow line in quality. BTW, I was in the Army. The drinks are as watered down as possible. If you want something frozen or a well drink. Tip the bartender before hand that will usually guarantee a better drink. Frozen daquiris ARE NOT suppose to resemble milk in form when the bartender hands them to you. The "sit down" restaraunt requires reservations. SO make sure you get yours in early, if you want to eat there otherwise you will have to eat at the buffet. If you plan on going into town much you probably want to look at renting a car. The trip to town and back for up to four people was around $30 round trip, I think. You can rent a car for the whole day for $50.00.

The beach had alot of dead coral in the shallows, thereby take water shoes with you.

The straw that broke the camel's back for us was the deep rust colored water that came out of the faucets and shower. They had been working on the boiler the day before we arrived and the potable water system was full of rust. The water was absolutely disgusting to look at let alone shower with. Our towels in the room were completely ruined from wiping the rust off our bodies when we showered. If you have alot of kids who like to eat burgers and fries and such.You will save money staying here rather than eating in town. If this is just your wife and you or some special occassion. You would probably had a better time eating at some of the GREAT restaraunts in town.

New Hampshire
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2. Re: reef club ???


I hate to have to tell you this....and maybe it's improved since I have been there which was over a year ago.....I will keep my fingers crossed for you....Here's my reef club review...

The first thing you will notice will probably be the smell of septic system that wafts through the air. Thankfully, it is not a constant smell but you will notice it and you will notice it often.

The beach is not that nice which didn't bother me because I'm a swim up pool kinda gal....however, the beach on the under developed side of the island where the bob marley cafe is located is very nice. The swim up pool bar is only 2 feet deep....the kids pool is 4 ft deep??????

The drinks were good. Take advantage of them.

The food was not good. This is the first vacation I lost weight on! The beach grill has the best food and that will help you survive for the week. The main dining hall has horrible food. Breakfast is okay but the rest of it....not so much. At one point I tried some rice and it tasted like it was cooked in the pool water....a nice chlorinated flavor to it.

The time share salesmen will hound you constantly and try to sell you a time share....when you refuse to hand over $10,000 on the spot they will curtly dismiss you....

The rooms...our room was not nice....it smell musty upon our arrival and the the water temperature would go from Scalding hot to freezing cold in 2.2 seconds...You will learn after the first couple of days how to dance your way through a shower so you don't end up with blisters.

The time share bungalows are very nice. The time share people are treated better than the regualr guests. The staff is not overly friendly but not rude.

The bar constantly ran out of supplies and the bartender in the swim up pool bar will have to leave often through out the day, as he is offered no support.....I suggest you jump behind the bar and mix yourself your own drinks. That's what we did.

Lock everything up. Our traveling companions had money stolen out of their room....housekeeping went through their dirty laundry and took the money out of their pants pockets. Blaming themselves for their own carelessness, they reported it to the front desk just so they would be aware...they didn't expect to be reimbursed they just wanted them to know. They acted shocked and said this has never happened before but not realizing that we spoke spanish they discussed it in front of us and said to each other "that's the 5th time this week" In all fairness this is true for most resort locations...

We booked the Swim with the Dolphins excursion and that turned out to be the best part of our vacation, however, we rented Jeeps so we would have transportation and they mixed up the day on us and rented them to someone else......co-incidently there were no more jeeps on the entire island of Cozumel that we could rent...so if we wanted to get to the Dolphin exchange we would have to hire one of the people at the resort directly to drive us for $180.00 US dollars.

On Friday you are in for a very special treat.....by this time you will realize that the resort is under staffed and that you get scammed every time you try to do something. You are used to getting your own drinks because they cannot possibly handle the guests that they already have..... and you have survived on french fries and cheeseburgers from the beach grill, but what you don't know is that the service is about to get worse.....as the resort staff go to the port and hand out free passes for all of the cruise ship people who will come in swarms and invade the resort depleting them of all of the supplies and making it more difficult to provide to their paying guests.

When this happens do not try to seek the help of management, as they do not care. You can complain all you want....but they will dismiss you and nothing will be done about it.

The best advice I can give you....is do not go there with high expectations....and try to make your own good time.....When we went we were a group of 10 so we made ourselves have fun no matter what .....but I will never go back.....The island of Cozumel itself is very beautiful and there is a lot of things to do....the resort is not a high quality resort

Sorry and good luck....