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Fish Food/Snorkeling

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Fish Food/Snorkeling

I received a personal email on how to attract fish at El Coz or other hotels when snorkeling (on slow days). Thought I'd throw this out there for anyone interested. There are several retail items, but the best I've used is TRIDENT FISHIN´ CHIPS FISH FOOD. They cost about $5 and are simply a little fish shaped container that lets the food slowly release from inside. Just tie it on your suit or hold it. You will be amazed :) They don't make a mess and are very user friendly :) Crackers and other items from the snack bar are ok, but leave a mess most of the time. You can pick up the Trident product or others at most dive shops, on the net, and I would assume at most of the dive shops on the island :) Hope this helps.

Ottawa, Ontario
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1. Re: Fish Food/Snorkeling

The marine park authorities and many others heavily frown on feeding the fish. It is un natural, and if done often enough makes the fish over agressive, meaning they could bite a person that was NOT feeding them.

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2. Re: Fish Food/Snorkeling

I agree with cicopo. Several years ago, when staying at the Paradisus(now the Melia), the entertainment staff had a tour where they took you snorkeling by the Sol Cabanas. The staff would throw bread in the water to attract the fish and I was bitten or finned on my back. It was a pretty good scratch that actually drew blood.

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3. Re: Fish Food/Snorkeling

Protecting the Natural Environment

Cozumel Island is known for it's beautiful white sandy beaches and the crystal clear waters. More and more people come to Cozumel each year and experience the wonderful natural environment that it has to offer.

Cozumel is one of the world's top diving and snorkeling destinations. Let's all help preserve the environment and help to educate others in protecting the environment.


Marine Park Rules

Taken from sign put out by: PARQUE NACIONAL / COPRENAT / ANOAAT, A.C.

(Thanks to tat2chas/dermadiver.)

English version:

Mexican government declare a National Marine park on July 19, 1996; covering area of more than 11 thousand hectares including the beaches and waters between Paradise Reef and Chiqueros point. The environmental, natural resource and fishing Secretariat SEMARNAP, administers the park.

The financing of the parks programs is shared by the federal government and the civil environmental groups; represented by COPRENAT, and the dive operators through ANOAAT.

Do your share to preserve the flora and fauna for future generations.

Corals are fragile.

Kicking, touching, dragging your gear causes damage, buoyancy control is your key to healthy coral.

Photographers in particular.

Take pictures without causing damage.

Marine organisms are protected by law.

!!!! (NOTICE THIS PART) !!!!

Fishing, feeding the fauna and taking souvenirs is against the law. Refrain from extracting or annoying the marine flora and fauna.

!!!! (NOTICE THIS PART) !!!!

Help us prevent pollution.

Report fuel, oil, sewage and garbage spills to the National Park office.

Pressure your dive operator to instruct novice divers and divers without adequate buoyancy control, and to refuse service to destructive divers.

If you use gloves, do not grab the corals.

If you carry a knife, keep it in the sheath.

Use biodegradable sunblock products.

Please help us DO YOUR SHARE!



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4. Re: Fish Food/Snorkeling

We used to feed the fish...not knowing that we shouldn't, until last year, while snorkeling we were feeding fish and a patrol boat pulled up right next to us and asked for the food and gave us hell. Other than the tongue lashing nothing happened, but we decided not to do it any more.

Ft. Worth
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5. Re: Fish Food/Snorkeling

I just wanted to thank ckmcolorado for trying to help. I think a lot of us, including myself, have fed the fish in the past before knowing better. The fact that the Paradisus/Melia staff even did as recently as 2000 shows that it may have been common practice before. In 2000, the fish in front of the Melia would swim between your legs and rub up against you as if they were expecting to be fed. I have noticed in recent years, they no longer do that.

I was wondering if anyone knew if it has always been against the law to feed the fish, or if this is a recent law?

Ottawa, Ontario
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6. Re: Fish Food/Snorkeling

I doubt that it is against the law outside of the marine park boundaries, but it is just bad practice now that we know the long term problems it can cause. With only some of the island waters being the marine park, those areas are under the control of the marine patrol, but the north end of the island is not park, and I am guessing that feeding the fish would be allowed (and likely done by some) but as has been proven by nature experts is bad policy. I am not criticizing the message poster, just pointing out the politically correct way to interact with nature. I have a bird feeder, which I stock during winter, but not year round, and some say that also is a no no.

Rhode Island
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7. Re: Fish Food/Snorkeling

Here is a link to a video that is several years old, and claims to be taken prior to the Marine Park rules being established.


Although it looks like they're having fun, there is WAY too much contact with the marine life in my opinion. No offense to anyone involved, as I understand that it was done before it became outlawed.