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PossibleTravel Restriction

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PossibleTravel Restriction

I have friends who are planning a trip to Cancun early next year. One of their relatives (who wants to go along) has two DUI's and is now on house arrest. That will be over at the time of the trip, but he will still have a year without his license. They are concerned that this could possibly keep him from entering Mexico. Does anyone know if this will be a problem?

Atlanta, Georgia
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1. Re: PossibleTravel Restriction

We have a couple of relatives like that also. To keep them from going, we always tell them that Mexico, Canada or any other country considers a DUI a felony. We really don't have a clue, but it makes our vacation much more pleasant.

Brooklyn, New York
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2. Re: PossibleTravel Restriction

Try looking on the American and Mexican consulate sites about travel with a record.

I would think that with a valid passport he can travel as long as all probation conditions have been met.

Rimouski (Québec)
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3. Re: PossibleTravel Restriction

In Canada anyone guilty of drunk driving (over .008) gets a criminal record. If it is the same in the US then the Mexican authorities can deny entry and impose return on the next available flight.



Albany, New York
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4. Re: PossibleTravel Restriction

Generally foreign countries have limited if any access to state related offenses (for instance between states, there is little if any communication regarding felonies) - so long as your passport is clean, you should be fine as far as Mexico goes.

That being said if you attempt to leave the state/country by air and have an outstanding warrant for arrest or are under probation, you very well may be stopped at the airport prior to boarding.

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5. Re: PossibleTravel Restriction

Thanks so much for all your info. I will pass it on.

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6. Re: PossibleTravel Restriction

If it were me, I'd seriously consider whether I wanted this person as a traveling companion unless he cleans up his act by the time you go. I'm sure most of us, on occasion, have had a little too much too drink, but a DUI is a very serious offense, and it seems nothing was learned after the first incident.

As for your question, if he is on probation, I do not think he will be able to leave the country. He could travel within the country with a letter from his probation officer, but I'd clarify international travel before making plans.

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Hancock, New...
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7. Re: PossibleTravel Restriction

In addition to all the concerns already voiced about taking a drunk on vacation, your friends need to consult a lawyer or ask the judge. The problem is less likely to be entering Mexico than leaving the US or the jurisdiction that imposed the house arrest. Just because the recidivist drunk driver is allowed to leave the house doesn't mean he's allowed to leave the state. It seems clear from the original posting that there will a year of license suspension at the least. He may end up with other restrictions as well.

Seriously, why would ANYONE ask (via passing it on through an intermediary, no less) a bunch of strangers on the internet a question about something that could end up with an expensive non-refundable vacation when ol' rummy surely has a lawyer that got him house arrest instead of time in the pokey?

Buffalo, NY
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8. Re: PossibleTravel Restriction

I'm with post #1, seems this person is an alcoholic who hasn't learned his lesson. Perhaps best not to travel with this kind of person.

To answer your question- it's a really gray area. It depends on what info Mexico has on this person at the time, and believe it or not- how nice the customs person is. Some with DUIs breeze through, others are sent straight back home. It's the same entering Canada- simply luck of the draw. I wouldn't risk it.

Hancock, New...
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9. Re: PossibleTravel Restriction

It's nothing to do with Customs. They don't even see anyone's passport or look up legal history. That would be Immigration.

In a Little Cafe...
Destination Expert
for Cancun
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10. Re: PossibleTravel Restriction

IMHO, the information regarding the situation is to vague at this point in reference to the types of criminal charges if any, other than the DUI, and any other potential of probationary situation that may be involved. If it's just a DUI, it's unlikely but not guaranteed there will an issue. If it's more, a total crap-shoot as to what Mexican Authorities may have in the system and how Mexican Immigration officials will respond.

Obviously, this is presuming, State and Federal Officials in the US would allow the person to even leave the US at this juncture.