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My doctor think I need vac for Hepatitis A & B

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Vancouver Island
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My doctor think I need vac for Hepatitis A & B

The problem is that we are leaving for PDC on Tuesday and we need 3 shots before this will work. I have the vaccination at home now and reading the possible side effects which are: hives, rash, difficulty breading, fever, headache, tiredness,nausea, vimitting....



Any thoughts anyone? Did you have any side effects? Do I need it? I do not want to arrive sick. We will be in the area for almost 5 weeks and traveling to Merida as well. I would need to administer the second shot myself or perhaps in the local clinic.


Would like to hear from someone with any experience on this matter. Thanks.

Calgary AB
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1. Re: My doctor think I need vac for Hepatitis A & B

My whole family got the shots a couple of days before our trips the last couple of times we went down, and no side affects. ( other than my 9 year old (at the time) almost punching the doctor when she came near him with the needle.

Just our experience, I have to admit we are a rather hardy bunch.

State of Disarray
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2. Re: My doctor think I need vac for Hepatitis A & B

Hep A can be contracted from improper washing conditions; hands, eating utensils, drinking glasses, swimming in heavily contaminated water.

Hep B is going to come from "contact" that would give you any other diseases that are passed through blood & body fluids. If you don't anticipate any unprotected, intimate contact, with a stranger, or having anyone bleed into your open wounds, then don't worry about getting Hep B.

You should be OK with the Hep A if you follow standard cleanliness precautions, do not drink any tap water, or swallow water when swimming. Stay out of obviously murky looking water.

As for the shots, some people start to build antibodies to the Hep with the first shot. Some resistant folks might need all 3 shots, and a booster to show immunity. Very few people develop the side effects listed. All health care workers routinely get these shots because of occupational hazards.

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3. Re: My doctor think I need vac for Hepatitis A & B

Hello Kavajava,

Along with our family none of our friends received the shots before going on their Mexican vacations and we didn't have any health issues. I did ask my doctor before I left about them and she said it would be O.K. if we didn't get them. She also said that it takes 2 - 4 weeks for them to be fully effective. There seems to be a mixed opinion on whether to get the shots or not so in the end you have to go with what you feel is right for your body.

Vancouver Island
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4. Re: My doctor think I need vac for Hepatitis A & B

thanks Travelmom1965,ag700 and healin1.

My doc claims that what some refer to as travel dia may be hepatitis A as it has similar symptoms.

I am very healthy (not so young)individual and was in Mexico dozen of times (or more) and never had any problems.Very often we ate in establishments where you could not see a single tourist . I will not eat meal if I feel it does not feel right or does not taste good.

(that includes most of my own cooking :-)) and that is why I am little reluctant to get these shots.

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5. Re: My doctor think I need vac for Hepatitis A & B

Hep A and B are shots that you should have reguardless if you travel or not. You can contract Hep A just as easily here as you would anywhere else

You are a little late because to get the full effect of the me Hep A as it is a two step needle Hep B three step to get the full effect and benefits

If you are going to get the major side effects they will occur in the first 15 min The rest are pretty minor that you could treat with Over the counter meds

I would not administer the injection yourself as it is a deep intramuscular injection Besides the fear of injecting the needle yourself you could also develop more serious side effects as a cellulitis (which would ruin your vacation more)

posts: 5,386
6. Re: My doctor think I need vac for Hepatitis A & B

Before I came down to Mexico I talked with my doctor about these vaccinations. He said if I was staying at the resort and tourist areas I wouldn't need it, but if I planned to do anything more adventurous to take the needle. Don't ruin your vacation with potential side effects this close to your trip. My humble opinion only.

Bettendorf, Iowa
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7. Re: My doctor think I need vac for Hepatitis A & B

Boy I must really sound like a "dumb blonde" and I can say that because I am blonde, but shots? This will be our 3rd trip and we've never even thought about getting shots. Whats all of this about? Shana

posts: 199
8. Re: My doctor think I need vac for Hepatitis A & B

Get the shot it couldn't hurt. Even if you just have time for one shot it is better then nothing for protection. Me and all my friends had them done last month and we had no side effects. We used twinrex and everything is still working on me so you should be good.

Vancouver Island
posts: 202
reviews: 4
9. Re: My doctor think I need vac for Hepatitis A & B

Thank you all for valuable information.



I got twinrex as well. How far appart did you get these? I got different answers from my doc and my farmacist. These have to be refrigirated so taking it with me could be a problem.We will be down for 5 weeks.


posts: 199
10. Re: My doctor think I need vac for Hepatitis A & B

You should take your first one ASAP and the next you can take about a month after the first. The final one I think you have to wait about a half a year but if you get the first 2 that is still more pertection you have then when you started. I would say take the first one if you can't get the second one in before you go save it for when you get back.