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tropical storm Stan

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tropical storm Stan

How much damage will this storm do? Are storms and hurricanes likely first 2 weeks of November??

In a Little Cafe...
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1. Re: tropical storm Stan

T.S. Stan is currently rolling over the Yucatan now with

reported 40+ mph winds. We'll know in a few short

hours whether Stan inflicted any serious damage though

right now it seems unlikely.

As to November's first 2 weeks, it's the tail end of the

Tropical Storm season and generally a good weather

window in the region. Keep in mind, as with most things

weather related, nothing's for certain. If your

looking for a 100% sure thing, it's not available.

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2. Re: tropical storm Stan

Well said, Dangers....

Hurricane season officially runs through the end of November...however, the odds are pretty slim that there'll be a hurricane during the month. Still, you can never be totally sure.

Stan won't do much damage at all, other than perhaps a few downed trees and some flooding. Otherwise, things will be pretty much operating normally by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

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3. Re: tropical storm Stan

My fiance and I are headed to Cancun 10/8 - 10/15. This will be my first trip to Cancun. I know it's hurricaine season but does Cancun get a fair amount of sun during the day on average at this time of the season. Or should I expect all day cloudy days?

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4. Re: tropical storm Stan

There will be PLENTY of sunshine...you will come back with a killer tan, don't worry about that one bit...There are clouds at times, but very rarely is it overcast for more than a day or so at a time. This would be one of those exceptions during Stan.

Fear not, enjoy your trip!

Charlotte, NC
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5. Re: tropical storm Stan

It seems that Weatherdood may be playing down the bad weather a bit. I have been here 2 days now and it's been nothing but rain, flooding and sometimes strong winds. We stepped off the bus late tonight and the water was halfway to our knees. As we walked back to our hotel the water was 4-6 inches in most places. All the weather sites say it is going to be thunderstorming for like the next 10 days. I'm going to be super disappointed if I don't see the sun once on my Cancun vacation!!!


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6. Re: tropical storm Stan

the only thing i want to know is that all my new found friends on the cancun forum are all ok....sorry to hear that the sun isnt shinning but i would just like to know how are you all doing the people that are in cancun take your precausions if nessary and please keep us posted how you are all doing...worried about you guys....take care zzaa

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7. Re: tropical storm Stan

zzaa, thanks for the concern my dear, but we are all just wet, nothing more dangerous than that. It's the most water I've seen in a while, my house is leaking in spots I didn't know couild leak (out of the middle of the wall?) and a few streets are flooded, but overall, no damage that I can see.

I feel like I jinxed things last night when I said the rain had stopped! So, though it is raining less right now, I am not counting my chickens before they hatch.

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8. Re: tropical storm Stan

thank you my fellow canuck take care keep dry if you can and i can relate to you when you talk about the leaking walls lol....keep in touch and let us know how you are doing ok...adios amiga zzaa

Cancun, Mexico
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9. Re: tropical storm Stan

Any other locals get trapped in the floods downtown yesterday? That was wild. I swear there were cars floating on parts of Av. Tulum and Av. Xcaret. I went out for some pozole and couldn't get back home. I was riding in the back of someone's car and water came into the car almost up to the top of the seats. The car finally stalled on Tulum and we had to push it to higher ground. I've never seen a sewer system on any of Cancun's streets. I wonder why?

Denver, CO
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10. Re: tropical storm Stan


Ooohh....not good having a wall leak! I'm having a deja vu of our situation not so long ago. We had a huge rain storm and saw our "wall oozing". We now have a big area of dry wall missing in our son's room, along with some carpet pad issues. The leak came from the roof flashing and soaked the wall.

Hoping your wall survives...