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Crossing the Road

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Crossing the Road

Are there crosswalks and lights, or do you just cross anywhere?

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1. Re: Crossing the Road

At some places there's cross light but mostly not! I had no problem crossing people were very nice in the Hotel zone. Even downtown they would stop to let us pass!

Cancun, Mexico
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2. Re: Crossing the Road

Wow, that's not my experience! I feel like I take my life in my hands every time I cross the street in downtown - except where the crosswalks are really more like huge raised speed bumps, and even then if you hesitate they will cross right in front of you rather than wait for you to cross. I swear many drivers downtown speed up when they see someone step foot onto the road! Hotel zone is better. During spring break they even put barriers up along the sidewalks in the area where all the bars are, so you can't just decide to cross anywhere except at a crosswalk.

Portland, Oregon
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3. Re: Crossing the Road

My experience in downtown is the same as CancunGringa, definitely an event. My best advice when crossing in the hotel zone is BE CAREFUL. Do not expect that anyone will slow down for you. There are some crosswalks, but not so many further away from party central. I saw a kid get hit by a car and plenty of near misses, so look both ways a few times and then run!

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4. Re: Crossing the Road

Be verrrrrry careful when crossing the road, particularly if you have had a few drinks. I witnessed the aftermath of a man who was hit by a bus in the hotel zone, not to be too graphic, but it's the first time I saw brains outside of the head. Look both ways, stick together and be cautious, in certain areas of the strip the cars and buses just fly by. There are crosswalks downtown, but even there I assume that noone is going to stop even though they are supposed to. I sound like your mommy, but look both ways and use your head kids!

Raleigh, NC
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5. Re: Crossing the Road

GOOD QUESTION!!!! We found a few places near the malls and downtown where there were actually stoplights for cars, that would turn red so pedestrians could cross. Other places it was like you were on your own!!! I know by our hotel it was like life or death trying to cross the road. Just be VERY careful. TRY to find a crosswalk before just crossing over anywhere, there are a few!

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6. Re: Crossing the Road

I hate to admit it and am actually a little embarrased by it but Cancun drivers are a disaster. They drive fast and rarely make a point to stop at crosswalks. I often have to put my hazard lights on to let the car coming that people are crossing. We have many accidents mostly from phycho taxi drivers... All this to say please be very careful. Especially if you have just gotten off a bus and you are trying to cross the street. You will not be able to see if a car has stopped. In certain areas you will see police patroling cross walks similar to what they did at school. They do this because they are aware of the problem. Be careful pleeease! Funny... Mexico City drivers are brilliant and can drive anywhere in the world and be a pro... Cancun on the other hand... I often wonder if they even have a licence...

Lexington, Kentucky
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7. Re: Crossing the Road

Just be very careful.

There were patrolman at La Isla Mall that would stop traffice for pedestrians. I was very impressed with their effort here.

Other areas- just look both ways and run when you get an opening!

Cancun, Mexico
posts: 2,775
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8. Re: Crossing the Road

Ok... now that Lisa got the ball rolling, I can express my real feelings.. ha ha ;-)

The Cancun motorists who aren’t homicidal maniacs are freakin' suicidal. Driving is like a Russian roulette road sport for some of these maniacs. And they cant merge either. Where two lanes become one, youll always find a car to your right just sitting, waiting, figuring out how best to cut you off. Then that car will be joined by another, and another, and they’ll all just sit and wonder what happened to their lane and will they ever make it to Grandma's for lunch...

Los Angeles...
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9. Re: Crossing the Road

Thank you everyone for your tips and expertise...seems like a dumb question I know!

Appreciate your help!

Cancun, Mexico
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10. Re: Crossing the Road

I agree with everything I've read on this subject. Crossing the street is the most dangerous thing you will have to do while in Cancun. I myself was almost hit while crossing at the crosswalk in front of TGI Fridays by someone who apparently thought the big yellow stripes on the road were a signal to floor it, and the cars in the other lane were stopped just to píss him off. Then less than a second after nearly making me a hood ornament he honked and started cussing at me as if I had done something wrong! So what did I do? I stood in front of him a counted to 30, while my friend exchanged some pleasant words with him before crossing to the other side. Some people just have not respect for pedestrians, or the laws of the road, so its everyone for themselves around here. The “professional drivers” like buses and taxis, are the ones you have to be especially careful of.