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Plastic Surgery

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Sydney, Australia
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Plastic Surgery

Hi. I heard Guadalajara has great plastic surgeons and it's very affordable. I would like to get some work done- possibly implants, mini facelift..- are there any recommended? will they speak English? I know there will be healing time but wanted to combine it with a bit of beach/relaxation time. Any advice much appreciated!

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Las Calabazas
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1. Re: Plastic Surgery

Hola Jnine777

It took me about 6 months of research and came to the final decission of going to Guadalajara through qualitycaremexico.com of all the people I called and bugged the girl there, I don´t remember her name but I can look for it, Was the only one that was able to answer all of my questions and pretty much put up with me. I had a tummy Tuck and breast implants with Dr. Manzano talk about hottie and quite possible the best surgeon out of the 20 I consulted with before I decided to go there. Good luck in your search.

Sydney, Australia
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2. Re: Plastic Surgery

Oh you are fast! Thanks so much! I'll check them out- bit disturbing the Dr is attractive :) but sure you must be happy with his work if you recommend him. Did they show you before and after photos? Did the Dr or this girl speak English? Thanks again!

Santa Barbara
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3. Re: Plastic Surgery

Has anyone had plastic surgery in GDL with Dr. Cardenas? Please post both good and bad experiences.

Los Angeles, CA
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4. Re: Plastic Surgery

i found this review and ill post the link below.


Re: Anyone heard of DR. LAZARO CARDENAS in Guadalajara, MX????

by Pocoto25 » Thu Jun 21, 2012 5:01 am

Hi I Was researching a face feminization doctor and decided to go with doctor Lazaro Cardenas cause his prices was really affordable and I couldn't find anything bad about him... So called them booked my surgery with Tyler and flew to Mexico! Got to Mexico was picked up at the airport by Vicente who drove me to the clinic to meet with doctor Lazaro. The clinic is a big old filthy house that needs a renovation ASAP! Vicente took me to get blood work in the clinic and after took me to talk with Lazaro. Got to lazaros office he arrived right after it was a really unprofessional vibe it was a bunch of young flirty girls walking back in forty on the office and I was trying to talk with Lazaro but he didn't seem really interested on what I had to say and I could tell that he just wanted to finish the consultation and leave! I talked to him for 5 min and then he left me there to talk with his secretary gisela by the way is the only one who really speaks English in the office! He gave me all the prices and I decided to do my forehead advancement, forehead contouring, my nose, my Addams apple. He scheduled m surgery for the next morning at 8am .got that next morning they right away changed me and took me to the operating room. When I arrive to the operating room I got really scared it was totally different than what I had seen on his website! The room looked old, filthy and dark noticing I wasn't comfortable they right away took me and put me to sleep!! ;( when I woke up I was already in the room where I was going to stay overnight... I woke up throwing up and had to scream for help! The nurse comes over but for my surprise she doesn't say a word in English! I stayed at the clinic one night and next day they let me go back to the recovering house. I didn't see any doctor to discharge me and doctor Lazaro was no where to be found! So I head back to the recovering room with a lots of pain. And discomfort and went to buy my medications with vicente! Got Back To The houve And The none of The 3 Rooms In The house had ac I asked Vicente if I could give him the $ to buy me an ac and he right away took the $ and went get me the ac... I Was planned To Stay át. The recovering Recovering for 8 days! Is the fifty days already and my whole scalp is swelling I can't breath through my nose and was feeling really sick and Lazaro was no where to be found! The sixty day arrives and I was so desperate crying and asking myself what did I put myself into? On the sixty day Vicente tells me that I had an appointment to see Lazaro and get rid of some the stitches! Got back to the clinic and Lazaro walks in the room with couple other guys he looks at me from far didn't even touch me and I asked him why my whole head was swelling and why my forehead was uneven and all his answer was it's normal! Lazaro leaves the room leaving me full of questions and concerns and tells the guy to deal with me... The Guy took off the stitches and the nose packing and sent me home! I went back to the recovering room and start getting fever and they didn't do anything about it! The fever went away on it's on and I was feeling a little better without the packing in my nose. Sebenta das arrives and I'm glad I only have one more night there! The eight day arrived and I had an appointment to get rid of the rest of the stitches and clean up my nose. Got to the clinic waited a little they call me put me in a room and Lazaro arrived with couple guys he looks at me for couple minutes and say he has to see new clients and leaves me with one of the other guys! The guy start taking the off the stitches and I show him couple stiches he had left behind. He finishes and brings me to get my nose clean cleaned by Lazaro's wife Theresa. I finished cleaning my nose and said good bye and was taken to the airport! Arriving back to the USA my whole head was really swelling

My head looked deformed but since Lazaro said it was normal I didn't do anything about it 2 weeks goes by and my head only gets worse and the swelling it's not going down! My partner seen me suffering with a lots of pain takes me to the ER getting to the ER after a cat scan I find out that my whole head was infected full of pus!! And that they had to make holes in my scalp to drain the pus out! When they Start draining the pus through little holes they made on my scalp they notice something strange and for everyone's surprise they start pulling a hugeeeeee piece of gauze that dr Lazaro Cardenas had left inside of my head! The dr in NYC got so pissed that he start cursing who ever had done that to me. ! Right now Im still at the hospital I have been here for the last 3 days! My whole scalp is open and they had me doing another cat scan last night and they found out that still another huge piece of gauze inside my head!! Now I'm waiting for them to take the other piece of gauze out! The gauze is what was causing the whole infection! I'm just writing this to open people's eyes and let them know what I've been through after had my surgeries done by dr Lazaro cardenas in Guadalajara-México! Please everyone be aware of what can happen to you! If you have any questions feel free to ask me

Santa Barbara
posts: 26
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5. Re: Plastic Surgery

Thank you so very much for posting your experience with Cardenas in GDL. Wow, this is just astounding and horrifying! I had read positive reviews and was going to have a consultation with him. However, my husband was totally against me going to Mexico due to the high crime. This was a blessing in disguise.

Another poster was also going to have surgery with Cardenas and changed her mind after she saw the grubby office setting. She ended up having surgery in GDL with GuerroSantos and was very happy and with no complications.

Wishing you a speedy and full recovery. Please keep us updated on your results. Will be sending you healing prayers. Big hugs.

Bucerias, Mexico
Destination Expert
for Bucerias, Nuevo Vallarta, Guadalajara
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6. Re: Plastic Surgery

If the person thought the clinic was dirty and the doctor unprofessional, why did he/she have surgery there? That does not make sense to me!

San Francisco...
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7. Re: Plastic Surgery

Please be careful in picking your PS . I spent months checking out the PS doctors and still mine didn't turn out..Check out The PS at Montana in Ajijic...it is the only one I have not heard bad reports about. I live here You will need good care afterwards and the B&B there gives it. ... Forget about going out in the sun afterward.

I can not write about bad doctors because of Libel.

Mexico is safer than most american cities unless you use or deal in drugs..

Hope this helps

Santa Fe, New Mexico
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8. Re: Plastic Surgery

I had a tummy tuck and I know of another patient that had lipo with guerero santos . not exceptional. average. some complications lead to more care back home . the hospitality part was seriously lacking at the homestay and the transport was a trial.. . with little effort on their part it could be a first rate place to go for surgery . but alas!

san diego
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9. Re: Plastic Surgery

Well I actually saw Cardenas two years ago for some facial work and he did a beautiful job on me. He does operate out of an old villa but the surgery suite is clean and sterile. (I am a PS veteran in both US, Mexico and Costa Rica by the way).

My work turned out really well. He is very busy of late, has a full roster of patients all the time, so he could be a little rushed. His wife is an ENT surgeon by the way. He does a lot of varied work, including the very complicated m to f trans operations , some people are turned off by the that but I thought it just meant he was super skilled, and he was.

Any and every plastic surgeon who has worked for any amount of years will have complications and bad outcomes. It sounds like the one patient with the bad outcome had a forehead lift? (Hard to tell the message is so garbled and confusing.) The worst outcomes I had were by noted US doctors. You can also see the bad outcomes on places like 'awful plastic surgery' mostly done by top US docs with great press!

Take this person's experience in, but realize you WILL find an unhappy patient, at least one, with ANY seasoned surgeon. Because the human body isn't metal or wood, healing is variable, what the patient has to work with is variable, and some patients HIDE their health issues from doctors, that they smoke, use drugs, or are diabetic (by the way Dr Cardenas had me have a heart work up and full blood work before he would touch me -- the doctors in Costa Rica did not , nor did my US doctors!)

san diego
posts: 19
reviews: 6
10. Re: Plastic Surgery

Is that the name of the clinic, Montana? I visit Ajiijc and would be interested in looking into that.

Yours is sage advice, you can check up one side and down the other and your result still may not be what you had hoped.

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