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Coming with broken leg - where to rent a wheel chair?

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Kanata, Canada
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Coming with broken leg - where to rent a wheel chair?

Schleprock luck, my daughter broke her leg last Friday and we are heading to PV Feb/15/16.

It is a nasty break of tibia & fibula with steel rod insert & 5 pins but no cast for proetction. She has been cleared by the doctor to travel, but having been to PV before, we are worried about the sidewalks and cobblestones. I have stumbled myself on occasion while I have been sober ! - other times not, but well that is a story I am sure others can related to ... 8^)

She is travelling 1 day in advance of us & we are arranging for wheel chair assistance at the airpport and to the shuttle to take her to the resort next door to our condo, so we are covered there. Wondering if anyone might know where we could rent an adult wheel chair for 2 weeks so we can be as mobile as possible during our time in PV with her. Thanks.

Puerto Vallarta
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for Puerto Vallarta
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1. Re: Coming with broken leg - where to rent a wheel chair?

Here you go :)


They have wheelchairs and other items for rental.

Good luck!

Kanata, Canada
posts: 85
reviews: 21
2. Re: Coming with broken leg - where to rent a wheel chair?

Thanks bzy1 - appreciated.

We will check this site out.

With luck we will be able to wheel her in for one of the Tuesday night meet & greets at Por Favor for a couple of drinks... 8^)

We are already rethinking our restaurant plans; Barcelona Tapas & Cheeky Monkey have some tough stairs as we recall. Guess we will opt for the Sea Monkey and start asking about establishments that are wheel chair & handicapped friendly.

We are developing a sense of appreciation for what the handicapped have to deal with in their lives, we take much for granted it seems...

The bright side is that it will be far nicer for her to be in PV than here in the frozen north. Thanks again for your help !

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3. Re: Coming with broken leg - where to rent a wheel chair?

As a wheelchair user :) the good news is that Puerto Vallarta is much more accessible than it was even 10 years ago. I've never rented a wheelchair in Mexico since I have my own wheelchair.

If your daughter is flying to Mexico, it might be easier to rent a wheelchair from a medical supply place in her community. That way she can check out the wheelchair and get everything adjusted correctly. It is a literal pain to have the wheelchair legs the wrong length.

I am assuming she will need the kind that has the ability to raise and lock her leg rest into position? Those are not always available at rental places, as the most common wheelchairs are the big, heavy ones with immobile "legs."

I've found people to be nothing but helpful as far as doing what they can to make a place accessible. It isn't accessibility the way that it is done in the USA, with the focus on the person with the disability being able to manage independently, but my spouse has had any number of people help lift my wheelchair up and down steps, including at the Barcelona Tapas. :) Fortunately, the Barcelona Tapas now has a street level place to eat on the bottom floor of the restaurant.

If you have any specific questions, please ask and I will do what I can to answer them. My spouse and I have managed to do whale watching tours, panga boats to and from Yelapa and last time he even managed to push me up the Cuale to the tunnel, only dumping me into a pile of garbage once. :)

Shawnee, Kansas
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4. Re: Coming with broken leg - where to rent a wheel chair?

That's great advice Kathy. And it's good to hear that people in PV are helpful. When we were in Las Vegas not one person offered to hold the door for me when pushing my husband in a wheelchair. Amazing, sometimes I would prop the door open and they would run past me to squeeze through first. It was as if they didn't even notice us. Sometimes I was tempted to stick my foot out....but of course this was just a fantasy lol.

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5. Re: Coming with broken leg - where to rent a wheel chair?

Well, if they were rushing, Kansas, they were likely going on a trip anyway. . .

Victoria, Canada
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6. Re: Coming with broken leg - where to rent a wheel chair?

Kanas that is horrible of them....they must have been running to the winning slot machine that was just sitting there waiting to NOT give them thousands of dollars.

Poland, Ohio
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7. Re: Coming with broken leg - where to rent a wheel chair?

wowza kansas!!!

if you are on the southside---vayan cafe on the corner of b.badilo and olas altas, a tasteof italy on olas altas, las tres delfines on manuel diez(i think that's the name) fredy tucans on b. badillo, embarcadero on francisco rodriguez

posts: 45
8. Re: Coming with broken leg - where to rent a wheel chair?

Kansas, wheelchairs (and the people who use them), are visible in Puerto Vallarta in a way that they aren't always back here in the USA. It's one of the many reasons we fell in love with Puerto Vallarta, because people who live there are so helpful.

Our very first trip, it was such a shock to not be invisible (our standard joke when we are vacationing somewhere that is not Mexico and get ready to head out of the day is that we should go rob a bank, as no one would ever see us!) :) In Mexico, we are most definitely "seen."

In fact, on our trip back home, my spouse had parked me in the Memphis airport next to some kiosk while he ran to the bathroom. I was sitting there waiting for him when a guy in a suit talking on his cell phone walked smack into me, cursed me out and kept on walking. Welcome back to the good old USA! :)

If you are using a wheelchair in Mexico, you need to accept that you are not going to be in control of the accessibility. I've been picked up and slung over someone's shoulder, carried by two guys on either side of me and transferred to a regular chair and lifted up the steps.

Oh, and for the original poster...make sure that the wheelchair your daughter rents has flip up and cut out arm rests...not the locked in place or pull them out kind (the medical equipment people will know the difference). If you get the kind that are on a standard, heavy rental wheelchair, she will be sitting way back from every table she eats at, balancing her plate in her lap.

Most of the tables in Mexico have a lip just underneath the tabletop, which makes it impossible for the wheelchair to fit right up underneath it. Flip up arms are a godsend when that happens. For tables that don't have that lip, the cut out arms make it possible to slide the wheelchair right up to the table, which isn't possible with the fixed arms type.

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9. Re: Coming with broken leg - where to rent a wheel chair?

KathyJ, What a beautiful post! That's what I was thinking (although I have no personal experience). About how helpful the local people are and how everyone helps out. Aboslutely not surprised to hear of the various ways people "assisted" you to get the job done!!! suze

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10. Re: Coming with broken leg - where to rent a wheel chair?

I had a friend in Boca Raton who was married to a quad...she was pushing the wheelchair; I was opening doors for them. At one point after holding the door into a bookstore for 3-4 minutes while people cut in front of his chair, I held up my arm, asked those still trying to cut in front if their mama's had taught them any manners at all and then told them to get in line behind the wheelchair or I would personally trip them. I was furious. I can't imagine how my friend and her husband felt. No one cussed at me, they did get in line, and we finally got into the bookstore.

I have been to Mexico many times and have never witnessed such self absorbed behavior anywhere there. I applaud the polite, helpfulness of their culture.