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Que pass

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Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Level Contributor
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Que pass

Very disappointed with the service at que pasa. We were told if we brought toys for the kids we would get 2x1 drinks. Our waitress acted like she had no idea what was going on. Including the bartender and the owner. Also never offered us any more drinks or asked us how everything was. I will never patronize que pasa again.

Level Contributor
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21. Re: Que pass

We always mange to give a restaurant a second shot if for some reason food or service was not as expected. If it was really bad, we talk with the manager. Then I have the "2 strikes rule", if the second time is as bad, then I will not go back and possibly give them a bad review. On the other hand, we were in Tony's Please last winter and a group of 4 figured they should be seated right away ahead of all the other people waiting. Even though the place was packed. Then they managed to hover around our table as to hurry us up. People like this seem to think the world revolves around them. Check out my review of Tony's Please and you will see what I am talking about. Everyone has a "bad hair day", so give them an honest second try. And yes, we go to Que Pasa, and have never have had bad service or food. A few times just too much drink! And I'm not a "regular".

Burnaby, Canada
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22. Re: Que pass

"Check out my review of Tony's Please and you will see what I am talking about."

... just did, and totally concur with what you said there, and here.


Shawnee, Kansas
Level Contributor
11,002 posts
60 reviews
23. Re: Que pass

Oh well, the moral is things aren't going to be perfect all the time. Personally I have never had a problem at Que Pasa. In fact I feel it's the opposite......because I'm not a regular they get to me quickly and keep checking back .

I usually give people the benefit of the doubt. If I really want to be somewhere, I will politely ask whomever I need to.... if they are short handed or having some sort of trouble that evening? That usually keeps things friendly and improves the situation.

JR - does Blanka have really really dark hair? I think she waited on us last trip during the afternoon.

Hey tansandy- I did take a look at your Tony's review. We like the Shrimp Crepes too. There were a lot of people waiting last time we went but we had gone earlier rather than later. Since I was in the room I read your Magna Magna review. You should read mine LOL. Anyway, there's one place you should try again. It was really hot the night we went too and I could see how your patience could wear thin. He was definitely a little bewildered with our drink orders but it all worked out.

Johnny - if you read my magna magna review.....that person I talked about in the beginning.... was you so I had Magna M on my list to try for sure! :-)

Edited: 6:47 pm, December 28, 2012
Edmonton, Canada
Level Contributor
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24. Re: Que pass

Frankly we are not regulars but do pop in now and then if the neighbourhood. . And no doubt in our minds that regulars receive a little extra attention. As for the "steak" we had...it was not great. Telling it like we experienced it. And yes this is the "original location.

Edited: 7:48 pm, December 28, 2012
Seattle, Washington
Level Contributor
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25. Re: Que pass

Looking back I believe the gal serving had to be new. She wasn't fluent in English so there could have been a language barrier but we pointed to the menu, etc, thinking she understood. They were out of English Muffins and instead of offering something else we waited almost 45 mins before the last person was served. The whole meal was a mess...one person was charged for 2 breakfast meals because they evidently had two menus that differed.

Places can't always be on top of their game and looking back it's pretty funny and a memory to be sure. But it was so wrong I'd be afraid to try again.

PV has so many outstanding places and we've just touched the surface but I hope others have great meals and service where ever they go!

Twin Bridges...
Level Contributor
1,103 posts
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26. Re: Que pass

We tried the "right" Que Pasa a year ago this month. While the food passed muster, the service left a lot to desired. We too felt that being newbies was not to our advantage. Just a feeling we picked up watching the interaction of the staff with the obvious regulars. Just my observation.

Puerto Vallarta...
Level Contributor
1,341 posts
3 reviews
27. Re: Que pass

let me add my 2 cents into the equation here

first off, the owner is not the gal behind the bar,,, the person who owns the place is going through terrible time right now

the lady behind the bar is getting a very hard lesson in business in Mexico, and actually should be congratulated !

yes, this is not the place for fine dining, nor is it the place for the best service

what it is, is a local hangout for peeps that have been retired down here for a while

JRinpv sits there on a daily basis

no, I do not go there , but i can tell you this, THEY ARE CURRENTLY UNDER A LOT OF STRESS AND ARE TRYING THERE VERY BEST under the circumstances

i know that when the owner returns there will be one hell of a party

please try to be a little understanding . If someone goes there in the future please , be cheerful the nice lady behind the bar has been in her position for only a short while, she does not have 10 years experience. What she does have, a pure desire to float the business with her smile and hard labor

her name is yvonne, she is from europe, i hear she is a very nice gal

drop in, say hi, have some fish and chips and an ice cold beer without really high expectations and you will find yourself feeling a little gringo in mexico


Redlands, California
Level Contributor
4,706 posts
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28. Re: Que pass

That was a kind, compassionate post. Thank you very much, Bruce. I appreciate the support you give other restaurant owners.

Chicago, Illinois
Level Contributor
1,720 posts
6 reviews
29. Re: Que pass

I agree, Spotcat and Bruce, in these days a little compassion goes a long way. We visited and ate at Que Pasa in its better days and met up with JR and his compatriots, the owner, and a lot of very nice local business people,, heard some great music, and had some decent bar food and even got up and danced a bit . I can understand how the OP was disappointed in his/their experience there based on his discription. I am kind of the mind that if you don't like something, don't do it the 2nd time. If you see there is confusion, give it another whirl, then make your decision.I don't think anyone with all the eateries at every price level would expect anyone to go, suffer , and then pay. Maybe I am just getting more tolerant in my old age. Que Pasa can be quite a fun place, but it is basically a neighborhood bar not a fine dining experience..

Shawnee, Kansas
Level Contributor
11,002 posts
60 reviews
30. Re: Que pass

I sincerely echo Spotcat's post.

Somebody needed to explain the situation as much as possible on this public forum, and crazyaboutPV was the right person for it and.... you did so beautifully.

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