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All inclusive option at Inn at Mazatlan

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Las Vegas, Nevada
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All inclusive option at Inn at Mazatlan

Hi there-

Been trying to find out more information about the all-inclusive option at Inn at Mazatlan, but most reviews don't mention anything about it. We will be two families with 2 children under 3 and so only 4 if us would need to pay it. We are supposed to have a kitchen in our room, but it appears the Mega supermarket will require a taxi to get to. There are supposed to be a lot of restaurants nearby, but just wondering if there are enough casual places close enough to not bother doing the all-inclusive. We'll probably dine at their only restaurant on site once in while then. Wanted to know if there were options that may include all-inclusive for a few days or just breakfast only, etc.

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

San Marcos, Texas
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1. Re: All inclusive option at Inn at Mazatlan

Last November it was just over $50 per person. I think you can do as little as 3 days (in a row). I also believe you don't have to commit at check in, can just stop by and set it up for days you want. We think about it each year but don't know that between the two us us it'd be worth it. We buy our Tequila and beer, lunches and breakfasts at the Mega. We buy drinks during Happy HOurs other wise bring our own. Snacks, a few breakfasts or lunches, even a room service dinner on especially lazy nights and after 2 weeks our check out bill is just over $200.

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2. Re: All inclusive option at Inn at Mazatlan

The Papagayo Restaurant at The Inn is an excellent place to dine, and there are many restaurants near the Inn that also have terrific food. Many people prefer to spread out their eating choices rather than go AI, but since Papagayo is so good, you couldn't go wrong either way.

When we've stayed at the Inn we always made Papagayo a regular place to eat, and the breakfast is particular good. The buffet is spectacular in fact. However we've always been reluctant to limit ourselves to just one main place to eat.

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3. Re: All inclusive option at Inn at Mazatlan

"There are supposed to be a lot of restaurants nearby, but just wondering if there are enough casual places close enough to not bother doing the all-inclusive."

There is no supposing about it....lots of places nearby. However, whereas normally i would be advising against all-inclusive, and taking the bus to Mega, with two little ones under three, it would save a pile of issues for at least some AI in your trip.

Las Vegas, Nevada
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4. Re: All inclusive option at Inn at Mazatlan

Thanks for everyone's input so far! It'll cost $69/day per person for AI...and that's where we are most indecisive about. $140/couple per day. And the wives won't really be drinking, and I doubt the husbands will be drinking enough to make it worth it. I read an older post and food options and alcohol choices were limited when you do the AI too. is that true? And taking the bus to Mega with kids in tow doesn't sound like much fun. We weren't exactly sold on being stuck to one restaurant all week as well, but knowing we can choose to do a few days here and there is useful.

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5. Re: All inclusive option at Inn at Mazatlan

As an fyi, I paid $50 pesos for a cab ride from Mega back to the Costa de Oro (next to the Inn). The last I heard, and it's been a while, was that the AI at the Inn allowed access to a few of the hotels on the strip. You might check and see if you're limited to just the Inn, or if you can go to other properties as well. Things may have changed in the last couple of years, but it doesn't hurt to ask :)

La Mesa ca
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6. Re: All inclusive option at Inn at Mazatlan

Walk out to the street from the Inn...Within 500yards or "meters" are the following eateries F.I.S,H, Gus Gus, Sonora Tacos, Marys,Alagua, Roots,Pizza by the entrance to the el cid the name escapes me. and im sure I am missing some. All good to great food very casual For the pesos spent on the AI for 1 day you could prob eat for a week. AI is for experienced drinkers who know how to work the system and drink top self. Papagayos is good but not as good as in years past it will get old fast if you eat there every meal. For a real breakfast treat have the doorman get you a Red Truck Taxi .Pile in and head up to Dolce Mami about a mile away get the french toast. I have alot of Friends and family who like AI..so if it works for you Great. But the Inn has so much great food so close by.. Also before you pay for AI..check to see how much food credit they will give you for a Time share presentation. We got $150 per couple a few years back. Time share there is "moderate" pressure but Its an honest group so you dont have to worry about scams. Good luck and enjoy.

Destination Expert
for Mazatlan
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7. Re: All inclusive option at Inn at Mazatlan

The Inn is situated where several restaurants are within walking distance. Some even deliver to your resort. Based on your input I would not recommend AI. he Inn is not an isolated resort. Rico's coffee shop--just across the street is a great place for a cup of coffee and they serve a wonderful breakfast. Mary's sandwich, right next to Rico's has great sandwich's for lunch--and she also has excellent breakfast choices. If you like Pizza, Villa Italia restaurant is across the street from the Inn. Believe me, you will not regret going there. They also have other Italian dishes at reasonable prices. Take the bus to Mega's and return in a Taxi or Pulmonia--very inexpensive transportation.

Atlanta, Georgia
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8. Re: All inclusive option at Inn at Mazatlan

Poster 6 and poster 7 have it covered re: restaurants within a short walk of the INN. Can one of you stay with the kids while one goes to Mega? or to a smaller market near the INN.

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9. Re: All inclusive option at Inn at Mazatlan

Ok, here's my obligatory rave for La Cocina de Ana. It's not within a block of the Inn - but it's just a short walk to the south. They're open for lunch, staring at noon and ending when the food is gone :) They serve a variety of dishes buffet style, and you pay by the kilo. Ask for beverages and tortillas at the cash register. I put up a review on TA, along with pics and a copy of their menu. They have a few tables inside, but many get the food to-go. Walk to the Dairy Queen, hang a right. Take a left at the next street. Walk a ways down the street - they're on the left side (sidewalks suck - you may need to walk on the right side). On your way out, go through the little mall courtyard to the main drag so you can see where to turn without having to do the zig-zag at the DQ :)

La Mesa ca
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10. Re: All inclusive option at Inn at Mazatlan

There are a couple of mini marts very close......I get all my beer, sodas,chips"Fresh rolls" and water at 1 right across the street. 1 other note PLEASE be very careful crossing the street especially during traffic aka drinking hours. The way the lights work or dont work will probably be different than what you are used too. Just because 1 car stops to let you go doesnt mean they all will. so stay alert. IMHO its the most dangerous thing you will do while enjoying mexico. as for the kids...Send the hubbys shopping or vice versa 1000 pesos of groceries fits nicely in the back of a pulmonia. Its a great way for the hubbys to earn "points" or the wives can scout out the best massage. Once you find a routine that works for you its a piece of cake.mmmmmmmmm cake try Dolce Mami or Ricos for that.