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April 2013 Trip Report

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April 2013 Trip Report

I visited Mazatlan from April 6-20 2013. My plans to report as I was there quickly fell apart when my internet at the hotel was very poor. That is my only complaint about where I stayed. This time I stayed at the Costa De Oro. It was the best choice I ever made! I have stayed in Mazatlan many times over the years the hotels I have stayed at are Las Flores, Azteca,El Cid Castilla and Playa Mazatlan. My favorite always was Las Flores. But in the last few years there have been many staff changes and the price has gone up, way up. I began hanging out at Costa De Oro for happy hour from 1-2 in the afternoon. I got to know the staff and felt comfortable there. This time I stayed there, a good choice. The staff are awesome. Anyhow, I will do a hotel review for more information about Costa De Oro.

I arrived on April 6th in the middle of Semana Moto. The hotel and the whole golden zone was buzzing you could feel the rumble of the bikes which were everywhere! I was too excited to sleep the night before and it caught up with me quickly when I arrived and sat in the sun and heat!!! It was an early night for me. It was noisy a few times in the night but not terrible.

I wandered down to the Las Flores the nest day to meet up with my friends there. I noticed that there were some new staff and other staff were gone. Staff changes again.....

My evening was spent catching up with the gang at Gus Y Gus. Its always good to see these guys they are like my family. I had the chicken fajitas they were good and plentiful I couldnt eat them all!

I am sorry I will not do a day by day acount but will include highlights of the places I visited from here!!

I visited Panchos for breakfast that was a good choice I never went there for breakfast before it was good and not too expensive. Its always a nice view!

I spent a few afternoons at Joes Oyster Bar its fun to watch people on the beach and listen to music! And of course enjoy some cold Pacifico!!!

I made it out to Mr Lionsos Playa De Bruha again this time I like it there on sunday afternoons but it is packed!!! The service is stilll good even though they are busy!! One of the things I like about going there. My friend Ruben is there he used to work at Gus Y Gus so I like to see him when I go. We have been friends for many years.

I went to Stone Island to Letys it is one of my favorite places to go. It is laid back and relaxing. We had barbequed fish it was delicious and inexpensive. It is a good way to spend the day we were there for the afternoon. They often have vendors selling different items from what you get on the beach in the golden zone. This time I bought hand blown glass figurines. I enjoy the panga ride over too. If you want to get there on your own it is easy. You can take a bus or taxi to the docks and take the panga over for 25 pesos (round trip) keep your ticket for the ride back. A truck can take you to to the restaurant for about 30 peso.

I went to Cerritos one afternoon I enjoy Cerritos, it is a beach of contrasts. There is a modern new part and a rustic older part of Cerritos. The beach itself has many jagged rocks and sand and it is pretty there. We had fish cooked over the fire at Cerritos too but I have to say it wasnt as good as Letys. But the beer was cold an cheap it was very warm that day!!

I went for pizza one night downtown. It was at a restaurant called La Mona it is a block from Plueza Muchado it is cooked in a stone oven over a fire. It was so good!! I ate four peices which is alot and that is unusual for me I am not a big eater. But it was so good i just had to!!

I also went to Pedro and Lolas for dinner on a Friday night I had the Filet Mignon always a good choice. I like it down there on the weekend there is always something going on. That night they had Romeo and Juliet being performed in the square. There are many vendors selling all kinds of things I enjoy walking around and listening to the music. It is real Mexico. It is easy to get there by bus or taxi and it is well worth it...I promise....

I also went to one of the Palapa restaurants next to the Malecon for beer and snacks. It is nice there it was the second time I went there. Again, good food, cold beer and inexpensive. The view of the beach is nice too..I meant to remember the name of it this time but....I forgot again!!!

The only other thing I want to mention is safety it is a non-issue thats all I will say.....lets not beat that dead horse anymore..

Mazatlan is a beautiful diverse city so much to enjoy!!! I always say the best thing about Mazatlan is the people and I still think that is true!!! If I think of anything else I will add it here!! If you have questions just ask!!!

Carson City, Nevada
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1. Re: April 2013 Trip Report

Lots of good information! Thanks for the report. I'll be there on Wednesday and you have reminded me of some things I want to do. I'm sure looking forward to ten relaxing days in Mazatlan.

Saskatoon, Canada
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2. Re: April 2013 Trip Report

Sounds like a great time. Thanks for sharing.

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3. Re: April 2013 Trip Report

Forgot to mention I went to the Shrimp ladies downtown and picked up shrimp and took it to Dunias It was good as usual....Nice way to spend a few hours away from the beach!!

Edmonton, Canada
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4. Re: April 2013 Trip Report

Great report. Thanks for posting!

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5. Re: April 2013 Trip Report

Thanks for the report! I'm always especially drawn to the reviews of the Costa de Oro since I have a timeshare there. Yes, the internet is spotty - I always feel like making a little trip over to the Inn and asking to buy a week of theirs (I get a decent signal from their wi-fi). On the other hand, it keeps me from being able to work while I'm on vacation! I'm always a little hesitant to recommend the Costa de Oro since it definitely isn't the same standard as the Pueblo Bonito's, and I can't judge what expectations people have. I love it - the staff are great (and they've been the same the last 4 years), the food is good and the location is excellent.

Again, thanks for the report - and glad you had a good time! I don't go for another 2 months, and am getting very antsy :)

Destination Expert
for Mazatlan
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6. Re: April 2013 Trip Report

Really good report Mazatlan Fan. It was nice that you experienced a multitude of places--and tried some new ones. Some great info for future travelers to Mazatlan.

Oregon Coast, Oregon
posts: 621
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7. Re: April 2013 Trip Report

Curious what kind of a room you got at Costa de Oro? We've stayed there a couple of times while waiting for our room at the Inn, but always been a little disappointed with our rooms. They always just give us a garden view studio, but we have been considering trying something with a kitchenette that we can cook some things in. As near as we can tell you have to go with a one bedroom to get any kind of a kitchen. Is that correct? Thanks!

Ontario, Canada
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8. Re: April 2013 Trip Report

sounds like the perfect trip...glad you enjoyed all that Mazatlan has to offer from Centro through to Cerritos...

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9. Re: April 2013 Trip Report

Dugfir -

My Jr. Suite (1 bedroom) has a kitchenette. Little refrigerator, 4 electric burners, sink, coffee maker and microwave. There are some other appliances stashed in the locked cabinets (timeshare owners can have them unlocked - not sure if they do it when they rent out the rooms) as well. If you look at the pictures of the Costa de Oro here on tripadvisor, you'll see an example or two.

I think the garden rooms are good for a day or two, or if you're really on a budget - remember, the ocean is just a few steps away :)

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10. Re: April 2013 Trip Report

Mazlanfan -

Your review of the Costa de Oro is up now. Good information and interesting to me as I have yet to peek into one of the rooms in the section above Adobes :) Looks similar to my room, but there are some differences. I'll have to ask for a tour from the timeshare lady (can never remember her name) one of these days.