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Toronto, Canada
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hows the weather

is it finally getting better ?

Destination Expert
for Mazatlan
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1. Re: weather

It was a beautiful day and evening yesterday--no wind. BUT, it is cloudy as I write. We hope the clouds dissipate by this afternoon. Warm temps, however.

Lake Minnewawa, mn
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2. Re: weather

The Mexican Meteorological Service says the cold front has passed


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3. Re: weather

The weather for the next few day is going to be very nice, albeit a bit cloudy once in a while. We're not talking overcast though.

The wind has eased as predicted. While it may pick up a tad for Friday through Sunday, that will be relatively mild breezes and nothing like the winds of last week. Then Monday through the rest of the week it go back to relatively calm conditions again.

Temperatures are going to be very, very pleasant with the highs and lows not varying very much throughout the next week. In addition the differential between day and nigh time temperatures will be a little closer than normal for this time of year.

Expect highs range from about 78 to 81 (25.5 to 27.5 C.), and lows to be an easy sleeping 60 to 63 (15.5 to 17.5 C.) Many days will have some light cloud activity, which should make for some spectacular sunsets (puesta del sol). However there should be plenty of sun for the pool or on the sand.

For those of you in Mazatlan, you're in for a great time on the weather front. For those of you struggling with the ice and snow at home and dreaming of your next visit, we'll hope your time is just as nice.

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4. Re: weather

The Weather Network for Mazatlan will give you most of this information in a nice concise format! Whether you believe any of it is up to you, but the weather in Maz tends to be much more predictable than back home in the Ontario winters.

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5. Re: weather

No doubt the hard working people at The Weather Network do a great job for Canadians in their home country. However anyone using them for Mazatlan is going to be really challenged.

Weather Network bases their predictions on readings from the airport, just like the Weather Channel does in the US. However it's consistently hotter there in the summer and much colder at night in the winter. An airport baseline is guaranteed to cause mistakes.

In addition none of Canadian and US based services do a very good job on wind. That's why I wrote a post last week warning people to expect some real gusty winds. Their predictions were for just above average velocities.

At 8:30 A.M. this morning the temperature on the beach was 66 degrees 18.9 C.) and climbing with 0.0 wind velocity. At the same time The Weather Network was reporting 54 degrees (12.2 C) with a 7 mph (11.3 kph) wind....exactly the same as the airport. That's a huge difference.

At 9:00 A.M. people taking a late morning walk on the beach were basking in a 70 degree (21 C.) temperature with a very gentle and warming 3 mph wind straight off the land. Yet The Weather Network was still reporting the same 54 (12.2 C.) chill, and same 7 mph north wind.

At the airport it was actually then it was 63 (17.2 C.) degrees, the typical morning difference from the beach in the winter. The problem became evident when you looked at the time stamp just above the temperature on The Weather Network site where it said 7:00.

You see they don't run in real time for Mazatlan, and the information your getting can be very old. That's a problem in the morning and also in the evening when you're dressing to go out for dinner, and get a temperature reading from before the sun had set.

The bizarre thing was seeing that 54 (12.2) temperature at the same time The Weather Network's prediction for lows tonight through next Friday run between 70 to 73 degrees (21 to 22.7 C.) That's impossibly high for this time of year. The average low temperature for very hot August is barely above that....74 (23.3 C) degrees.

Again no offense to our Canadian friends and have a wonderful time in Mazatlan. However you may want to rethink using your Weather Network for the visit.

Edited: 11:48 am, January 19, 2013
Toronto, Canada
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6. Re: weather

any seasoned traveller knows this about "the weather network' lol

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7. Re: weather

Yes I should have remembered that the airport does not have the moderating effect of the ocean, so cold is colder, and hot is hotter, compared to the beach-side, otherwise the trends are still there!

Not so much "seasoned" as "well-oiled".

Calgary, Canada
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8. Re: weather

AquaMaz---- would this be a more accurate weather site for us Canadians?



Edited: 9:48 pm, January 19, 2013
posts: 2,290
9. Re: weather

Pete your link is the best bet, and good call on your part. The Playa Escondita station is reasonably accurate, and doesn't break down to often. It's located very near the beach used for El Cid Marina guests.

In my experience Weather Undeground does a pretty good overall job. Firstly they use beach readings, and any site using the airport as a base line is useless in my opinion. They're usually good on high temperature predictions, as well as rain and fog forecasts.

The less accurate areas for Weather Underground are for wind velocity, and occasionally their low temperature predictions. For a surfer, sailor, or fisherman going to the offshore fishing grounds the wind can be a major issue.

However for the average tourist enjoying their visit to Mazatlan that's not too critical. When the predictions for wind on the weather sites are too far off (usually by missing gusty North winds that will be heading down the Gulf of California) I try to make sure everyone gets a heads up.

The low temperatures I usually don't make too much issue of. If the highs are forecast right, that's what our visitors care about.....;^) However people can't be going out for dinner thinking it's going to be pleasant, only to wish they had a jacket.

So again, if things get too far off I'll try to come up with a weather report that emphasizes the upcoming low temperatures. Oddly enough just in the last day we've come to one of those situations....so let's talk about that.

The low predictions for the coming week as of 24 hours ago were high 50's (14.5 C.) to 60 (16 C.) I thought the calm winds with a tad of humidity would actually hold in a little more warmth through the night. So when sunsetgie started this thread asking about weather I wrote "lows to be an easy sleeping 60 to 63 (15.5 to 17.5 C.)"

The weather sites saw things changing too, and adjusted accordingly as they should. Weather Underground is now at a somewhat optimistic 68 (20 C.) degrees, and The Weather Network a never gonna' happen 72 (22.2 C.)

I believe they've both over adjusted and will stick with my prediction, but add a degree. So I guess all our Canadian and American friends in Mazatlan are going to have to "suffer" with the upcoming lows "only" being 63 to 64 (17.2 to 17.8 C.)

Edmonton, Canada
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10. Re: weather

AguaMaz - You're Brilliant and provide so much great information to this forum. Thanks for your contribution!