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bull fights

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bull fights

will there be a bull fight during carnival

Mazatlán, Sin...
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31. Re: bull fights

Tony, Yes, the scenario you describe does happen occasionally, and, since the bull, by law, must die, there is a specially designated person who does that final coup de grâce, who is called the puntillero. BUT when the matador has completely botched his job, and the puntillero cannot do his job until the bull is completely down, the matador must, as a last resort, ask for a special sword called el descabello, with a broad blade that is necessary to penetrate bone, so that he can finally fell the bull. Resorting to this special sword is considered very poor "style", so the crowd will always show its disrespect at the end of the bullfight.

Glendale, Arizona
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32. Re: bull fights


I can't recall for sure now because it was quite a few years ago, but I THINK the matador botched even the broad sword.

In reality, the puntillero probably could have killed the bull when it went down the first time, but they managed to get it standing at least two or three times to give the matador more chances ti finish what he started.

Mazatlán, Sin...
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33. Re: bull fights

It's possible that the matador botched the broad sword, as it is a VERY dangerous weapon and both matadors AND spectators have been injured or killed when it was resorted to. As far as the puntillero goes, his job is normally just a ritual thing, as a bull downed by a matador is normally dead before he comes into the picture. I've never heard of nor read of the bull being helped back up after the matador downed it. I'm going to ask my expert about that. And I DO have an expert available. I just finished a 2 1/4 year editing job on his new book, Brave Blood (out in 2 or 3 months from Editorial Mazatlán), that is the world's most complete (around 400 pages and actually readable) book on the bullfight ever written, so even though not a fan, I have learned a LOT about the whole world of bullfighting. All I have to do 99% of the time some question is asked that I can't already answer, I just go to his manuscript to find out the answer.

Glendale, Arizona
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34. Re: bull fights

I'm anxious to hear the answer about getting it back up. FYI, the bull was nowhere like dead, just basically too exhausted and weakened to carry on the fight any longer. For the most part, when he was down, it looked like a cow at rest chewing its cud. LOL

I always wondered what the battle would be like if the bull and matador went at it mano o mano without the ritual weakening of the bull that takes place.

Carson City, Nevada
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35. Re: bull fights

The bull has to be tired so his head hangs lower and gives the matador the opportunity to correctly place the sword behind the head. It would be near impossible with a fresh bull.

Edited: 10:30 am, January 24, 2013
Glendale, Arizona
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36. Re: bull fights

Although "tired" probably isn't the right word to describe, I understand the reason for what goes on. So let's see how well the guy does fighting a "fresh" bull if the end result didn't require the killing. LOL

Mazatlán, Sin...
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37. Re: bull fights

All you have to do is watch a bullfight with our Forcados de Mazatlán in action to see how it is to fight a "fresh" bull, mano a mano.

Even in bullfights where the bull is not killed in the arena, the bull must be put to death by law. Those wild bulls are "fresh", and SMART, and learn so much, so quickly that they can never be allowed to face a bullfighter of any sort in the arena again. It's just too dangerous.

Destination Expert
for Seward
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38. Re: bull fights

Thanks for the info. It will be more interesting to watch and I'm looking forward to the experince.

Glendale, Arizona
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39. Re: bull fights

>>All you have to do is watch a bullfight with our Forcados de Mazatlán in action to see how it is to fight a "fresh" bull, mano a mano. <<

No further comments. I'm obviously confused by the meanings of mano o mano and fresh.

Mazatlan, Mexico
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40. Re: bull fights

I like the bullfights here. The Forcados Mazatlecos always perform; it's a team style with no weapons...they tackle the bull.Also being a lifelong horseman, I really love to watch and appreciate the work from the horses. Spanish rejoneador Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza usually is here and he is a rock star!!! Look up his videos on Youtube.