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Hello, Are there any insects I need to be aware of? Mosquitoes, sand fleas, flys, or any others .......I hate them and am very allergic to sand flea bites.........Cheers.........CK

left coast canada
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1. Re: Insects

There are tiny biting flies that hang around. Don't bother most people, but some, my wife included end up with large itching welts.

Chicago, Illinois
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2. Re: Insects

Is there an insect repellent we can bring along that will help keep these insects from biting? Has anyone found something that works?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Mississauga, ON
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3. Re: Insects

never had a problem with sand fleas. But those darn flies LOVED our drinks. Bring travel mugs with lids. Also keeps your drinks cold.

Las Vegas, Nevada
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4. Re: Insects

When are you going? There were sand fleas (or a similar bug) in January 2007,,,,,,,not itchy but red blotches. Seems only people down at the beach got bitten. Later in the year there are no sand fleas.

Huatulco, Mexico
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5. Re: Insects

Hello CanadaK123

In the 11 winters that I have been in Huatulco I can count the number of mosquitoes that I have seen on 2 hands

But there is a very small no see em (like a sand flea) that bites and for some causes a some (my wife) a horrible reaction it never bothers me or most others

She always wears some repellent and still gets bit about 5 times a winter she swells up and the only thing that seems to help her is Ice

Luckily she does not react as bad as she did in the past

Villa Sol y Mar

(house of the Sun & Sea)

Ontario, Can
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6. Re: Insects

yes..the no-see-ems are there if you arer on the beach...my daughter and I got bit up but my hubby and son did not..we spent everyday on the beach from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm...they were not itchy..just red and blotchy...luckily our tans hit them!!

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7. Re: Insects

the people I was with and myself only got bit when we went rafting .saw small bugs on the beach but did not get bit by them . they did like out drinks so bring a cup with a lid .

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8. Re: Insects

Hola canadak123

Yes there are many insects here.....Huatulco was carved out of the coffee jungles of Oaxaca...It is best to bring down some type of repellent that is ORGANIC.....it is easy on you and on our enviroment...That goes for the sunscreen as well...The locals as well as my family use the mexican limes that grow here...just cut them in half and rub it on your skin it keeps the no see ums @ bay hope this helps...Capt.Rigo fishoaxaca

Las Vegas, Nevada
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9. Re: Insects

I thought lime juice on your skin makes you burn?!

left coast canada
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10. Re: Insects

It's a remedy that's mentioned frequently at the hotel orientation talks. Never tried it, cause my limes are always pre-soaked in cervasa.