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Ready Lane Directions at Otay Mesa Crossing back to US

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Palm Desert
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Ready Lane Directions at Otay Mesa Crossing back to US

Directions to the Ready Lane at Otay Mesa Border Crossing 11/24/12

Directions from Club Marena condos South of Rosarito

Go north on free road toward Rosarito to just past the guard/militia check point and turn right on Blvd 2000--Large statue in the middle at the beginning of the road. (sign says Tijuana and Tecate)

Take Blvd 2000 (nice 4-lane road) for about 35-40 km into Tijuana. You will pass several large intersections so you want to stay with the road that says Tecate/Tijuana until you get to a large intersection that says:

Tijuana/San Diego/California 905--this off ramp will go to the right and you go under Blvd 2000 towards the west into Tijuana. This street is called Blvd. Industrial.

You take Blvd. Industrial for about 5-10 km. and pass a large art sculpture in the middle of the divided road. After that there is a nice Pemex gas station on the right that has nice restrooms and good gas prices.

Continue on Blvd Industrial. You will come to and go past an intersection for De Las Bellas Artes. Then you will go over a large bridge and the next really big interestion has a sign for Garita de Otay--DON'T take it unless you want to go to the regular border crossing.

Pas the intersection for Garita de Otay/Los Aztecas (same road) and then you will see a large public park on your right.

At the first street past the large park there is an intersection for "Instituto Politecnico National" with a traffic light. Turn right here and go up to the next right "Alejandro Humboldt" and turn right again. There are two lanes on the left going east and if you stay in either lane you will automatically feed into the Ready Lane for the Otay Crossing.

We went on a Saturday Morning (Thanksgiving weekend) and it was crowded. When we turned right onto onto "Instituto Politecnico National" therre was no problem until we tried to turn right onto "Alejandro Humboldt" where there was a policeman blocking traffic so you could not make that right turn. He made us go to the left down "Alejandro Humboldt" to the next intersection and do a U-turn back onto "Alejandro Humboldt" going east again.

So, effectively you could take Blvd. Industrial to street "Via de La Juventude Ote" (the street where we made the u-turn) and turn right and go to up to "Alejandro Humboldt" and proceed east to the ready lane. We weren't sure if it was just extra busy that day so the policeman was diverting traffic. Either way will get you to the Ready Lane very easily.

On Saturday morning over Thanksgiving Weekend we hit the Ready Lane at 9:00 and were crossed by 10:00.

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Southern California
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11. Re: Ready Lane Directions at Otay Mesa Crossing back to US

Otay is generally faster and has easy access to public restrooms if needed while stuck in a long-long line.

Manchester, New...
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12. Re: Ready Lane Directions at Otay Mesa Crossing back to US

These instructions are very accurate and useful, we used them last Thursday.

A few comments:

We drove up from the Rosarito area via the new Blvd 2000 and it was much better than using the Cuota Road (aka Scenic/toll Road) to Tijuana.

We never did see the street sign for the Blvd Industial, but is sure seemed industrial!

Like much of Mexico, street signs are not always easily seen or available to be seen.

CAUTION: Watch for potholes in the road.

When you turn right onto Alejandro Humboldt. stay in the left two lanes and they will feed you into the Ready Lanes. You will eventually see Ready Lane signs in English & Spanish on the side of the road.

We noticed that previously there were only Ready Lanes on the left with Regular Lanes on the right, separated by Jersy Barriers, however, this time we noticed one or two REGULAR Lanes on the same side as the Ready Lanes (LEFT) of the Jersy Barriers. This may be due to the fact that if you repeatedly go thru the Ready Lanes without having the RFID card, they will 'detain' you and probably go thru all of your stuff for hours. Or at least this is what was alluded to by the ICE Agent on our first trip thru the Ready Lane at Otay.

We had previously TRIED to use the Ready Lanes at San Ysidro but everyone with and w/o RFID cards were using them so they were backed up just like any regular lane and therefore SLOW!

Palm Desert
posts: 91
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13. Re: Ready Lane Directions at Otay Mesa Crossing back to US

Had the chance to use our directions again over the weekend and they are still accurate for the ready lanes. We went got in line at the ready lane at 7:20 a.m. on a Sunday morning (non weekend) and we were across in 32 minutes. Nice. There is road work construction on "Alejandro Humboldt" but it didn't slow us down any. When that is complete it will likely be even easier.

Sun City West
Destination Expert
for Rosarito
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14. Re: Ready Lane Directions at Otay Mesa Crossing back to US

Passport Cards: Our experience is that the passport card is a completely separate application from the passport application. We have passports and we also have passport cards. The numbers on the passport cards cards bear no resemblance to the numbers on our passports and they have different expiration dates. The passport cards have a 10 year expiration.

The passport card is good ONLY for LAND CROSSINGS into the U.S. and for destinations in the Caribbean, and to Bermuda so it can be used for cruises in that area. It cannot be used for air travel.


The cost is $30.00 for previous passport holders; $55.00 for first time applicants.

Point Richmond...
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15. Re: Ready Lane Directions at Otay Mesa Crossing back to US

These directions are no longer accurate. The street just past the park is now a deadend, blocked by a K-rail. The way to get to the perpendicular street is not at all obvious.

Palm Desert
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16. Re: Ready Lane Directions at Otay Mesa Crossing back to US

Thanks for the update David D.

...so did you then continue west on Blvd. Industrial to street "Via de La Juventude Ote" (the next street going to the right) and then go right and make it up to Alejandro Humboldt and turn right again and on to the Ready Lane? They were working on Alejandro Humboldt when we went through in July so I am hoping they are just making it more clear that way.

San Diego
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17. Re: Ready Lane Directions at Otay Mesa Crossing back to US

There is still a lot of construction going on in Tijuana so the easiest access to the ready lanes is fluid - Ken of Baja Nomad's posted this map of access routes to San Ysidro Ready lanes.


Palm Desert
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18. Re: Ready Lane Directions at Otay Mesa Crossing back to US

Wow! Waynes810....after looking at that map I think I'll stay with going to the Ready Lane at Otay Mesa. Besides, from lower Rosarito it is just about as fast and far less complicated. Hopefully when all the construction in TJ is done it will be easier. Of course we filed for Sentry so that should be easier yet....

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19. Re: Ready Lane Directions at Otay Mesa Crossing back to US

Just returned today tried to find the Sentri lanes at Otay, first time, never did find them. I used directions from here and elsewhere online and I just ended up in the regular lanes, for a two plus hour wait (the border wait app n my phone incorrectly claimed it an hour wait, so fyi those are inaccurate. You can't even send in a corrected wait report unless you are within 3 miles of the border, and it's very hard to get a signal close to the border).The problem was being in a compact car in heavy traffic, with big trucks blocking the view to the confusing directions. I would never go this way again, even though it was easy to find the general lanes. I think going to the airport directly then getting to Sentri from there would be easiest, from what I've heard. Just wanted to alert anyone else thinking about this crossing as a first timer. Super frustrating.

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20. Re: Ready Lane Directions at Otay Mesa Crossing back to US

The sentri lane is just past the bridge for blvd Azteca (the us entry lane). When you pass under the bridge there is what looks like a freeway entrance (that is the regular lanes) and just before that is the sentri lane. I did not see any signs and I was just there last week so u just need to know its there I guess

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