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Is Volaris more reliable now?

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San Diego
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Is Volaris more reliable now?

We want to go to Puerto Vallarta out of Tijuana in January and see some great rates on Volaris. I have read horror stories and happy stories. Now that they are partners with SWA, do they do a better job? I would probably buy through the SWA site if that's any more assuring. Can anyone calm my fears? i appreciate your input. Cheers, Vicky

posts: 14
1. Re: Is Volaris more reliable now?

I personaly had a good experience on volaris tij to gdl i had no probems the staff was very kind . i will fly volaris again

San Diego
posts: 451
reviews: 120
2. Re: Is Volaris more reliable now?

Thank you Mikeper.

Can anyone tell me if Volaris would be good at not canceling flights? I think I would buy through SWA and perhaps they would make good on our flights in January. Any thoughts anyone?

San Bernardino...
posts: 27
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3. Re: Is Volaris more reliable now?

I traveled via volaris in may to puerto vallarta and had no problems with any airline cancelations or delays . i know they have a bad rep. but its lots cheaper and ever since swa got it its better service.

posts: 102
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4. Re: Is Volaris more reliable now?

I have never had a bad experience with Volaris, I flight often with them, they have a non delays policy (deppending with type of ticket you bought you could have a reimbursement if they have a delay).

Only once, they change the flight time for a ticket I bought almost 10 months before my trip, but did not affect my plans.

San Diego
posts: 451
reviews: 120
5. Re: Is Volaris more reliable now?

Thank you, Mayda & Chicle, that makes me feel better. I appreciate the comments.

If anyone else has any experience lately in going out of TIJ, please, share. Thank you, Vick

San Diego
posts: 451
reviews: 120
6. Re: Is Volaris more reliable now?

Well, Puerto Vallarta, here we come!

Anyone know if Tijuana airport is more organized than it was 20 years ago?

Whittier, California
posts: 1,362
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7. Re: Is Volaris more reliable now?

Probably it is, but give yourself more time to arrive to TIJ because they are going thru remodeling and expansion. Have a fun trip! (BTW: My experience with Volaris was an A+)

San Diego...
posts: 5
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8. Re: Is Volaris more reliable now?

I've flown Volaris out of TIJ and SAN (San Diego) and not had any problems in either airport.

I can tell you that flying out of TIJ is not horrible but if you're unfamiliar with it, allow yourself more time than you think. Here is what I've experienced as an American flying out of a TIJ.

The lobby is relatively calm. Just get in line to go through the x-ray machine. Right before the machine will be the immigration stop, this is the most difficult part of the process. The agent there is almost always bi-lingual. S/he will hand you the tourist card paperwork to complete. Fill it out and take it to any AeroMex ticket booth in the lobby. Pay the fee (about $22 USD). Take the receipt and the paperwork back to the immigration agent who will stamp it and your passport and waive you through. Then you will put your stuff through the x-ray machine. Once done with that you can proceed to the Volaris check in counters. Over each station will be a flat screen display monitor with the flight number and desitnation. It will seem like chaos, but it really isn't. Get in the line for your flight, which, unfortunately, does seem to move a bit slowly, but you will get up to the counter to check your bags and get your boarding pass. Once you have your boarding pass, you'll clear security and go on to your gate. The gate areas are clean, nice and well maintained. There are places to get a drink or snack and a number of news and sundry shops.

The worst part of the process is getting the tourist card because it's a bit unwieldy to have to go to the immigration agent for the paperwork, to AeroMex to pay and then back to immigration. But it's not as hard or time consuming as it sounds. The worst part for me is waiting in line to check bags.

Mexicans don't do on-line check-in as much as Americans do. The last time I flew out of TIJ (Aug. 2010), there was no special line for those of us who had. I flew out of Mexico City back to San Diego this past July and there was a line for passengers who had checked-in on-line. If you do elect to check-in on-line for your flight - and Volaris allows you to do that up to 3-days prior to your flight - I would make it a point to look for an on-line check-in line. While TIJ didn't have one in 2010, by the time you fly in 2012 they just might.

The hardest part about flying Volaris out of TIJ is the trip back across the border on your return trip. Have a great vacation and don't worry about Volaris out of TIJ. You'll be just fine and have a great time.

San Diego
posts: 451
reviews: 120
9. Re: Is Volaris more reliable now?

Dear, Dining Diva,

Thank you soooo much. That is invaluable information. We love going to PV and this will help us mentally prepare. Thank you for taking the time to detail it out for us! Hasta!

posts: 37
reviews: 19
10. Re: Is Volaris more reliable now?

this was really good detailed info - I'm going to use TJ airport for first time in a couple of weeks, I live in the San Diego area, and Ive been concerned about timing since it's a first time experience. So I guess getting to there 3 hours early for a flight wouldn't be out of line? (My flight is 9am and only shuttle or bus arrives at 6am). Thanks again for all the details.

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