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Car Rentals on Long Island, Bahamas

boston, ma
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Car Rentals on Long Island, Bahamas


My husband and I are staying at Passionate Pelican for 2 weeks in early June, and I was wondering if anyone can suggest a good jeep rental that might meet us at Deadman's Cay Airport.

I have been quoted a sedan rental rate of $55/day from one source, and a jeep rental rate of $350/week from another source, but that rental comes with a $100 deposit and a $40 each way pickup fee.

I think the pickup fee is a tad exorbitant. We like to drive to every beach on the island, so a 4WD or jeep is a must for us. Any ideas?

Nassau, New...
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1. Re: Car Rentals on Long Island, Bahamas

For Long Island those are excellent rates. The pick up fee is quite reasonable also when you think that gas costs 5.80/gallon (and that's the equivalent of US dollars) If the rental agent is bringing the car to you from somewhere else on the island, then they will need to drive it to you, as well as bring a second car and person to take them back to where they came from. If you were to take a taxi to and from the airport to the rental location, you would be paying a lot more.

The $100 deposit is unusual, but perhaps since they do not deal with credit cards, or perhaps of the many tourists they have to then tow out of ridiculous places they have tried to take the vehicle, this may be a little security fo them. When you rent a car in the US, they take far more than that for a deposit by putting a hold on your card until sometimes 72 hours after your rental is returned. I woudl go with the $350/week offer as it does include a Jeep -- which would normally run 70 - 80 per day on its own.

There are some rental companies by the airport, which may be of help to you. Have you tried Ellen's Inn at 242 337-1086, or Hanna's Bling Bling at 242 337-1522 or Mr. T's at 242 337-1054 or Ophelia's at 242 337 - 1042. Those are all in or near Deadman's Cay which may not have the pick up/ drop off fees.

boston, ma
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2. Re: Car Rentals on Long Island, Bahamas

Thanks for the perspective. This is our fifth family-island adventure, and I know you're right about fuel rates. The jeep it is!

Long Island
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3. Re: Car Rentals on Long Island, Bahamas

You will like the Pelican. My wife and I stayed there last May, and we've stayed at the Whistling Duck twice before that. Nancy is the caretaker and she is great about meeting you and helping with whatever is needed.

What day of the week are you arriving? If it's Sunday, there will be no stores open for groceries, but we have had Nancy pick up some basics for us (bread, lunch meat, mayo, butter, milk, spaghetti and Prego sauce, etc) and put them in the cottage, then paid her back later. She will even pick up some beer for you if you want.

When we were there last, there was a 3/4 full 5 gallon water bottle, which we filled once more while there - it was just $3 to fill the bottle at a spot up the road north of Clarence Town - you'll see the sign on the highway. You can get good ice there too, very reasonable.

Although a jeep (actually most of them are Suzuki Samurai's or the like) is handy, we have never had a problem with just renting a sedan. The only place we haven't been able to get to is the Columbus Memorial on the northern tip of the island. Otherwise it's just a case of driving slowly on some of the rougher spots on the side roads. We've been in some "interesting" places in our Toyota Avalon.

We hope to be relocated to the Island by then, in Miley on the Atlantic side just a few miles south of where you'll be staying, so maybe we will run into you at Max's Conch Bar, the most popular local watering hole and information clearing house. Gary and Liz can answer just about any questions you might have about the island.

If you have any questions about the Island from Deadman's Cay south, I will try to answer, although even after 6 trips to Long Island, we are still just exploring the place ourselves.

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boston, ma
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4. Re: Car Rentals on Long Island, Bahamas

Thanks so much! I believe I read a trip report from one of your relatives, when they were there not too long ago and had a birthday party at Max's Conch Bar with you. Sounds like you all had a blast!

We're arriving on a Friday and leaving two weeks later also on Friday. Seems like the best connections from Boston-Nassau and then on to Long Island. I'm happy Cheryl will accommodate a Friday-Friday schedule.

Last year we were at Cat Island, and I imagine Long Island is similar... but I think there may be more food options on LI than there were on Cat when we were there (Easter week). The roads on Cat were *interesting*, and a jeep was definitely the way to go there.

We've been to Green Turtle Cay, Exuma, Eleuthera, Cat Island, and now going to Long Island. My husband is an AVID bonefisherman, I love birdwatching, and we both love snorkeling and exploring the islands, top to bottom. Making our way down the Family Island chain hits all our high notes. Most nights we grill something after having a pitcher of fruity libations!

See you at Max's!

Cleveland Heights...
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5. Re: Car Rentals on Long Island, Bahamas

A couple of questions about the jeep rentals. Not sure which all places rent them, does anyone have a recommendation? Also, does it have a removable soft top? I would think that driving around the island with the top off would provide a better experience, but I have no idea.

We will be visiting in April, and staying at Little Deadman's Cay. I have seen some older threads about it here, any more recent experiences?

Hot Sulphur...
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6. Re: Car Rentals on Long Island, Bahamas

Hi Fiveofsix!

I'm Preeb's sis... Yes - we stayed at the Pelican for a week last February. You'll love it.

We had our birthdays party at Max's and had a fantastic time.

We rented a car from Mr. T. I bet he can get you just about any kind of car you want. But a sedan works just fine for every place we explored.

Bro should be down there for good by June - you'll see them at Max's for sure. I'm trying to figure out how to be there end of May beginning of June...

Might see you at Max's!

Safe travels.

Candia, NH,
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7. Re: Car Rentals on Long Island, Bahamas

Could you tell me where you found a jeep rental? We are looking for a larger 4-wheel drive that will hold 6 of us (larger jeep...pickup with extended cab, etc.

In advance, thanks so much!

boston, ma
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8. Re: Car Rentals on Long Island, Bahamas

Hi, We rented from Nancy Arangil (nancyarangil@hotmail.com), who says she has small cars @ $55/day or $300/wk, Jeeps @ $65/day or $375/wk, with $100 security deposit. I don't know how large the jeeps are, but she's very responsive and I'm sure she can help you with a larger vehicle. If not from her, then maybe recommend someone else.You may want to try Ophelias in Deadman's Cay (opheliasrentacar.com). From the website, it looks like hers are a bit larger.

Good luck! Maybe we'll see you on the island.

Candia, NH,
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9. Re: Car Rentals on Long Island, Bahamas

Thanks so much! Sent Nancy an email...just waiting for a reply. Does she have a phone number you can email me?

We'll be in Long Island during the last part of February (we're teachers from New Hampshire) but may meet up at another time.

Again, thanks so much for the help.

boston, ma
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10. Re: Car Rentals on Long Island, Bahamas

She does; it's Tel No. 1 (242) 337-3249. We won't be on Long Island til end of May. Hope you have a FABULOUS time!