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NEW RIU Palace Costa Rica :(

Toronto, Canada
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NEW RIU Palace Costa Rica :(

Hi Everyone,

RIU has announced that they will be opening a new property beside the RIU Guanacaste, the RIU Palace Costa Rica. I usually love RIU Hotels, but I do not like the RIU Hotels in Costa Rica as they broke numerous environmental laws when building the first hotel. To support this forested area of Costa Rica, I wouldn't recommend staying at either of the RIU's. If you want to go to a RIU somewhere else, I would highly recommend Los Cabos, Cancun, Aruba, or Punta Cana.

You can check out the new hotel here:


I love RIU, but I would not recommend their Costa Rica hotels.

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151. Re: NEW RIU Palace Costa Rica :(

Me neither, Hattie.

Unfortunately, some people remain unaware of what this hotel has done and thus, end up booking it even though they would usually stay away from such a place.

That's just life and I do hope that people like that can enjoy their vacation in Costa Rica even though they unwittingly support (and thus, endorse) the RIU. We all deserve rest and relaxation even when our hotel or location choices end up not being "ideal"

In other words, Rob & LIz - don't let this get you down. It is what it is. I am sure the hotel is a perfectly nice place to stay. You won't be staying in some ugly hell-hole with dead animals strewn about and crowds picketing outside the gates. If you've looked at the reviews, you will find that plenty of people have been more than happy with their vacation at the RIU.

I think the only people who I will never fully understand are those who are fully aware of these issues and STILL book the RIU. Alas, even then it is understandable that for some, the deal they are getting is too good an argument.

Alas, to each their own. I, like many others, would never stay at this RIU - but I am also fully aware of what they have done.

Chicago, Illinois
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152. Re: NEW RIU Palace Costa Rica :(

There is no reason to stay in a AI resort to get the feel of it. CR has been a popular destination for adventure, surfers and nature lovers for 3 decades, long before the Govt decided to build these ugly and huge resorts, that could in any country in the world. AI is NOT the way to go in CR, there are not a good value, like Mexico or Aruba, and the beaches and food is better in MX or Aruba too.

The local Inns, Boutique Hotels, European lodges are far more charming, intimate, rustic, authentic and enjoyable, and keeps money in the country.

The RUI has a terrible past and record, for destroying pristine forest and eco systems while under construction.

Before the great resort invasion, CR was about intrinsic eco lodges and natural settings, the entire Papagaoy area is nothing but a huge tourist trap, for package tourist and people to lazy to explore a country, and interact with the locals. You ask anyone that has been going to CR prior to 2005, and they would not even go this area or tell someone to go, the only reason people on this forum support it, as it helps their property values, tourist ralted businesses, or investments in CR. There are so many nicer beach towns and areas to stay than these mega resorts. I do agree the Reserva Conchal is the nicest one, nice and well manicured grounds, sedate buildings under 3 floors, and a great beach, one the best in CR, very light sand. You aslo have nice access to Playa Tamarindo area for nightlife, shopping and bumming around, as well as Playa Grande, and Brasilto, and the old school Playa Flamingo casino.

The regulars here may scold me for my opinions, but going to CR is about adventure, nature and tropical culture, sleepy beach towns, rustic retreats, not TV's to Phones, and interacting with the locals. You want mega resorts, head to Mexico or Hawaii...but thats me. One of the reasons so many people are so down of CR the last 10 years, is the development has run amock, and Papagayo is a prime example. RUI is the poster child, of how not to do bussinses in a developing country, and exploit the corruption.

You want to go to a new country and culture, then engage it, stay in a unique lodge, handbuilt by local craftsman, surrounded by natural beauty, no TV, no phones, just birds, monkeys, flowers and the sounds of nature, enjoy sleepy surf towns, where the locals play soccer on the beach, the inns and lodges support the local community. Take time to detach from the distractions of the modern world, take advantage, of this world, a more gentle, slow paced, and natural atmosphere.

AI's resorts, the world over, are for people that are afraid of the real world, and want to be pampered and rewarded for these fears. yes, a Honeymoon is a treat at a resort like these, but they are so many nicer choices for the money. Like Flora Blanca, Capitan Suizo etc etc...

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for Playa Samara
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153. Re: NEW RIU Palace Costa Rica :(

Solohobo - I don't think too many people would "scold" you for sharing your opinion regarding AI's in Costa Rica. In fact, I think most will agree that CR and AI's are NOT a good combination.

New York
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154. Re: NEW RIU Palace Costa Rica :(

Well, I unfortunately made a reservation last night for the Riu palace before reading this. But look at it this way, ask yourselves about the residents polluting the rivers, oceans etc with their waste and garbage. It all comes in full circle. How did Paradisus, Hilton, Four Seasons and other huge resorts get to CR? Same as Riu. If it weren't these big corps/companies, CR government would've kept tabs on the wild. Blame them. They give the ok to ''build'' on the country or whoever gives the permits. It's all about money and how much of the sound of ''ca-ching'' & money the pockets of the government there recieve. There's many ways to put blame on others not just a corporation. When I saw the pictures last night I couldn't believe the amount of real estate and forest was removed for yet another resort that is already crowding Guanacaste's coasts. But that's the reality of today's corporate world, everyone. The world has changed. More for the worse than probably good. I'm just enjoying life and what can be while we have it. I'm blessed and thankful for my country's beautiful environment. It's been a long time and can't wait in a matter of weeks I'll be visiting my families & friends....

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