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bed bugs at Riu Guanacaste?

Jackson, MS
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bed bugs at Riu Guanacaste?

We are staying at Riu Guanacaste 11/3-11/9, and I just read some disturbing reviews about bed bugs, amid many great reviews. I am now fearful and grossed out, but have already fully paid for our trip and changing it now is not an option. Recent guests, your experience?

Costa Rica
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81. Re: bed bugs at Riu Guanacaste?

Whether they have bedbugs or not, whether you get a good deal or not, the RIU would be one of the worst choices you could make for an AI in Costa Rica.

They have a horrible environmental record, including illegally ripping out mangroves, killing monkeys, using a tremendous amount of fresh water in a very dry area -- the list goes on. The beach is manmade, just so you know.

Local people have protested both in the streets of the municipality and at the gates of the resort and have called for the resignation of the mayor and other officials who allowed the RIU to do so many illegal things.

You would probably be much better off to choose a non-AI for Costa Rica. The country has a really good tourist infrastructure everywhere you go with an excellent choice of lodging and restaurants. When you choose an AI - especially the RIU - you are isolated and kind of living in a "bubble" and not really seeing Costa Rica.

Many people like the Capitan Suizo in Tamarindo which is beautiful and you can walk to town from there for restaurants and nightlife. Another good one is Hotel Sugar Beach which is isolated but really nice.

I would check your list to see which hotels or resorts you could get great discounts for and go there rather than the RIU. You can also pick a few and ask for feedback from people here on the forum. Of course, you will plan to fly into LIR.

Many people choose to split their vacation between a mountain/volcano location and a beach location.

Some helpful websites: www.nicoyapeninsula.com



Anchorage, Alaska
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82. Re: bed bugs at Riu Guanacaste?

I get it.. some of the execs when building the Riu were not as ecologically protective as they should have been.. now there is a vendetta against them...especially up here to discourage people from going there. I am not opposed to being educated on the real story etc., but I also know in general Riu is a good chain and I have had good experiences at them in the past and the employees who work there feel blessed and fortunate.

" Most people just want to know hey... is the place clean, is the service good, is the sun nice, will I leave smiling? " Generally all inclusive lovers go to be papmered a bit and other than a few days for day trips j ust want to relax.

Many vacationers have a limited income and want to just soak up some sun and be waited on. That tends to be me most days but when I want the experience of the beautiful area and people I go off site and have a day trip. People who enjoy all inclusives generally go for.....the resort. If you can get that positive experience at 69 bucks a nite as opposed to $200 a person.. who wouldn't? Going forwarned is always a good idea.

I appreciate the tips and concerns as well and will definitely throw them into consideration. I will look into the websites that have been offered and take all into consideration for certain.

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for Bermuda
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83. Re: bed bugs at Riu Guanacaste?

for $69 per night you can't expect too much, after all, you get what you pay for. all of the recent reviews suggest that you are getting bargain basement accommodation for that bargain basement price. included in your package for $69 less than good food on the buffet, and apparently the food in the restaurants comes from the same kitchen that the buffet comes from so expect same quality. it's a flip of a coin as to whether you get bedbugs or not, no guarantees of a bedbugless bed. i guess this is where you get more than you bargained for for your $69. good customer service doesn't seem to be included for your $69 either. the liquor is of the rot-gut type, so don't expect a whole lot of quality there either.

really, how good can an all-inclusive be for $69 a night? do you really think you can get 5 or even 4 star service and facilities for $69 a night?

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for Costa Rica
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84. Re: bed bugs at Riu Guanacaste?

In addition to what sonny said, there is a saying from your great country "There is no such thing as a free meal". So you are pampered and the water in the pool is warm and ... but who is paying for this ??!! Surely 69 bucks cannot cover the 4 star AI, less so the 5 star. There must have been shortcuts ... maybe they have been already done at the time of the construction. Maybe they are taken everyday. I know that the world cannot be fair, but individuals can be.

Costa Rica
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85. Re: bed bugs at Riu Guanacaste?

".... there is a vendetta against them...." Wow. Just wow and double wow. This is your take on the situation?

The people who participate in this forum who live here and love it or visit here regularly and love it are always dismayed when a situation like the RIU created arises. For you to just brush it off without a second thought is kind of insulting to us who feel strongly about our country.

I know that the good people of Alaska feel strongly about protecting their environment. (Do you buy gas from Exxon? ) We feel the same way. We have, for the most part, a pristine country full of rainforests, cloud forests, beautiful beaches and other natural wonders. Over 28% of this country is in conservation land. It is painful to us when someone behaves like the RIU without a second thought.

If you are interested, you can do a bit more research about the issues. And that is encouraging that you are willing to look at some alternatives.

Because you work for a travel agency, we also hope to educate you a bit about Costa Rica. This forum has a TON of information that will help you help your customers, if you are willing to listen to us and understand what we are writing about.

Yes, there are people who just want a cheap drink and a chair on the beach and don't care about anything else. Sad, really.

Uvita, Costa Rica
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for Uvita, Ojochal
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86. Re: bed bugs at Riu Guanacaste?

"there are people who just want a cheap drink and a chair on the beach and don't care about anything else" and for these people Costa Rica is not a good choice. Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico and some islands are far better and cheaper at that than Costa Rica.

If I want to go gambling I go to Vegas or Monte Carlo not Orlando or London... If you want a cheap AI with top services to lay all day at the beach then I would not consider Costa Rica. If you want to stay at an exotic lodge next to a Volcano or rainforest or cloud forest or rainforest beach full of wildlife the CR is a top destination.

Otherwise nothing to add to the great posts by Hattie, Xelas, sonnysullivan

Edited: 10:28 pm, April 21, 2012
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for Playa Samara
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87. Re: bed bugs at Riu Guanacaste?

>I get it.. some of the execs when building the Riu were not as ecologically protective as they should have been..<

No, I don't think you get it.

It's not that the execs were not as protective as they should have been. It's that they didn't give a flying you-know-what about anything or anybody.

They didn't care what ecosystem they destroyed. They didn't care how many monkeys they had to kill. They didn't care that they destroyed a protective barrier that protects the land from erosion. They didn't care that the watershed can not truly support the wasteful use of water. If they could have gotten away with it, I am sure they would have found a way to dispose of uncomfortable protesters, too.

They have not just committed some minor infractions. They have run the gamut of severe infractions. Their practices have been absolutely appalling.

You also don't get that there is no vendetta against this hotel. There are simply the facts regarding the way they built and operate the resort - and then there are the people who think potential customers have a right to know. That's not a vendetta - that's just sharing the truth.

Why do you think a hotel like this offers such low prices?

Leadville, CO
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88. Re: bed bugs at Riu Guanacaste?

We stayed in February and came home clean...no problems... Whatever the locals say about the RIU and the ecological concerns... This place has to employ at least 1000 folks. They paved the road into the hotel, and after taking some of the "rough" roads to other resorts (we stayed at 3), I for one am thrilled. The new construction is probably going to employ at least another 1000...give it a break folks...what's done is done. Would I ever go again? Probably not! It wouldn't be because of the environment issues, I just can't stand to be part of a cattle call... Just WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too many people and when the palace opens......No Way Possible!

Food Good (Italian- as long as you don't order pasta) The buffet has a huge variety...get your pasta there...Enjoy your trip!