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1st Timers - Advice?

Wentzville, MO
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1st Timers - Advice?

My wife & I just booked our trip to Exuma today - for our 10 year anniversary. It will be our first trip ever to this area - we've only been out of country one time before. So this is a pretty special trip for us. I've been reading like crazy - and even the person we're renting from said I was well informed for being a first timer when I asked her some questions - but I wanted to see if the experts here on the forum might weigh in on some of my questions.

We're renting here - www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p155415 - 7 days

We'll be there in June 2014. It included a car as part of the rental - so looks like we're good to go on exploring for the week.

I was curious, as first times, what is the absolute must do's (other than relax, enjoy the view and the company of my lovely wife) for the week we're there?

I didn't know if someone might have a good itinerary for us to follow - we have 7 days, a Mon to Mon trip.

I was hoping to do one of the boat tours and a day of Minn's boat rental as well. Past that - we had nothing else planned. Ideas are MOST welcome.

The other questions:

1. As far as bringing food into the country - I've read and re-read and even spoke to the lady who runs the rental - and I'm still not 100% on the answer or who I should call to confirm with, but... let's say I vacuum seal cooked food (we do smoked BBQ a lot at home in bulk - like whole briskets/whole pork butts for pulled pork etc..) - and freeze the BBQ in vacuum sealed bags - can I bring those into the country for my trip?

2. Best items to bring for food and items I shouldn't even think about bringing?

3. Best way to bring food in for the trip? Soft cooler in a suitcase or a real cooler?

4. Credit cards - I get the impression they are almost useless on the island - should be just bring a lot of cash and not expect to use any credit cards?

5. Estimated - and I realize it's different for everyone - cost of fuel for a rental car for a week.

6. Everyday items to bring for the trip - must haves that most people forget or have to buy because they forgot them.

I think that's it for now - thanks for any help/advice you can offer to help make this the best anniversary trip yet and one to remember for a long time.

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Wentzville, MO
posts: 58
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31. Re: 1st Timers - Advice?

pigfaceboy - I have to know what you mean by that one? Did you have a bad experience at the Chat and Chill pig roast?

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32. Re: 1st Timers - Advice?

Pigs DO NOT like Pig roasts (LOL).

Wentzville, MO
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33. Re: 1st Timers - Advice?

2BNUSVI - I thought that might have something to do with it - I just wanted to see if it was food poisoning or something crazy like that. I don't like killing pigs either - but I do cook alot of them (competitive BBQ'r and caterer) - so I get the distaste by those who don't like seeing the pig looking at them in whole form..

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34. Re: 1st Timers - Advice?

Nope, we don't like em...teehee

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35. Re: 1st Timers - Advice?

Did you go on your trip yet? We are going the middle of June and staying at the Grand isle Resort. I'm worried about finding enough places to go to dinner. I don't necessarily want to cook every night. I'm wondering if this will be a problem. We plan to rent a car. Do I really need to bring meat with me? Will you let me know how it went? Thanks

Wentzville, MO
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36. Re: 1st Timers - Advice?

No I have not been on the trip yet our trip is in June. sorry I couldn't help you

Edited: 10:01 pm, April 21, 2014
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37. Re: 1st Timers - Advice?

Logantrey-if you are renting a car you won't have a problem finding places to eat. We are at Grand Isle now and although their restaurant is great-you'd get sick of it after a few days. But if you rent a car there are a few restaurants that you can easily drive to. We will cook breakfast in the room, some lunches and go out to dinner. We went to Big D's Conch Shack which is close and the restaurant here last night. Today we are headed to the Shoreline. You'll be fine. Who wants to cook on vacation?

Cannes, France
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38. Re: 1st Timers - Advice?

benny521 - I love to cook for dinner on vacation! Its really a social moment to share with friends and family, love having a Kalik or a glass of wine while the freshly caught grouper/snapper/hog fish and lobster is grilling on the outdoor bbq!! The Bahamas can offer you the best fresh seafood if you catch it yourself, why not take advantage of it?!

Gastonia, North...
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39. Re: 1st Timers - Advice?

Agreed. We like to mix it up by eating out during the day and eating in at night as we don't like to drive at night in the Out Islands, although we will do dinner out if it's not too far away from the house.

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40. Re: 1st Timers - Advice?

Well to be honest I don't like to cook at all! I suppose if I had a grille where we were staying it would help. No one wants to cook fish in a contained room-too stinky! Enjoy your time-its fantastic on Exuma

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