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Grocerey prices (what we paid) March 7, 2014

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Grocerey prices (what we paid) March 7, 2014

Hope this helps y'all! Sorry I don't have ounces or pound info for everything.


cokes $4.50 per 6 pack

gain liquid cloths washing $18.11

package of guacamole $4.99

package of chicken breasts $7.14-$9.14

flour tortilla package $4.15

bertolli olive oil $9.98

package kraft shredded cheese $6.31

kraft philly cream cheese $2.95

iceberg lettuce $2.25

aunt jamima syrup $5.18

starbucks houseblend coffee $13.50

jumbo eggs $2.72 (dozen)

package ground beef $8.20 (I think a pound)

onion $0.64

bisquick shake & pour pancake mix $2.90

oscar meyer hard salami $7.99 (8 ounces)

Oscar meyer smoked ham slice package $6.85

wheat thins reduced fat $7.25

coppertone face cream spf 50 $14.60

cutex polish remover $4.05

white grapes $10.13

red grapes $8.42

celery $2.25

blueberry muffin mix $2.23

pace picante sauce $4.55

toufayan wheat bagels $3.99

newmans alfredo sauce jar $4.98

green bell peppers $2.25 per pound

California oranges $0.75 each

simply orange juice $11.95 (large bottle)

package dole carrots $2.55

jar peanut butter $5.30

package of black berries 4.40

charmin basic 2 ply toilet paper 12 rolls $5.91

bounty paper towels $8.05 per roll

coppertone sport spray 30 spf $15.60

limes $0.60 each

pineapple $5.85 each

playing cards $3.15

off insect spray $6.65

tabasco sauce $2.27 (small jar)

rotel can $2.60

corkscrew $2.20

kit kat candy bar $1.40

baby ruth candy bar $1.30

10 pound bag of ice $5.00


1.5 liter barefoot chardonnay $19.15

1.5 liter barefoot cab $18.99

750 ml Alamos malbec $14.95

kalik beer $42.75 per case

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11. Re: Grocerey prices (what we paid) March 7, 2014

We just got back yesterday. Compared to Turks and Caicos, this is nothing. We did bring in some frozen meat and some snacks. We wished we would have gone to the meat market up between Hoopers bay and Tar Bay. Some items were way more, but others were less. One thing I noticed was that there is cheaper paper towels and others we just brought.

Wentzville, MO
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12. Re: Grocerey prices (what we paid) March 7, 2014

woolybooger - thanks for the update!

Are their any suggestions on what to bring to avoid some of the costlier items - that would be easier to bring form home?

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13. Re: Grocerey prices (what we paid) March 7, 2014

Each visit, we bring less and less from home. We have decided that we are on vacation and it's not worth the hassle to pack stuff, keep it cold/frozen, pay any bag fees and lug it around airports. Yes we bring a few snack items and personal things though.

Yes things cost a little more on an island, but supporting the local economy and eating locally gives us a little satisfaction.

Atleast in MY mind that how I justify it!

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14. Re: Grocerey prices (what we paid) March 7, 2014

I agree totally! We brought some snacks for the kids that were expensive on island but would not bring any frozen meat again. I wished we would have stopped at the meat market on the from the airport and supported them. It is a great place run by a guy from Pennsylvania the place place is very nice!! I did find that beer, wine and alcohol prices varied from place to place. Hoopers bay the Kalik was $48 a case, then Sands was $50 a case in Georgetown by Exuma Market but I was totally out at the end of day on Saturday and they dont sell on Sunday and they knew I was hard up!! We were glad we brought low carb wraps, and other things they just dont have.

Dallas, Texas
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15. Re: Grocerey prices (what we paid) March 7, 2014

I managed to hang onto my receipt from Exuma Markets on 5/07:

Bananas 2.75/lb

Kraft Mayo 2.35

Loaf Bread 5.85

Old El Paso Salsa 4.67

Microwave popcorn (3 pk) 4.20

Limes 1.20 each

Apples small 3/$1

Turkey meat 4.45

Tortilla chips 5.67

Butter sticks 3.10

Dozen eggs 3.25

Carrots 1lb bag 1.40

Block cheese 4.50 lb

Rice cakes 3.97

Ground pepper 2.35

Assume small sizes on most of these.

I'd say about 50% higher price than the states on average.

The important stuff -

Kalik 12pk $25

Grey Goose 750ml $40

Ginger Beer 6pk $12

Cranberry Juice $1.25 per can

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16. Re: Grocerey prices (what we paid) March 7, 2014

Excellent! This will surely help people.

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17. Re: Grocerey prices (what we paid) March 7, 2014

Interesting. similar to green turtle cay...when they had things...depended on boat. question...do they take Credit cards? or cash only? green turtle allowed you to run a tab for the entire time you were on island.

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18. Re: Grocerey prices (what we paid) March 7, 2014

Credit comes at a extra charge +/-3%. Cash is pretty much king.

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