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General Questions

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General Questions

We are headed to Eleuthera (GHB) the end of May with a group of 19 close friends from Mississippi. I'm sure there will be many questions before we leave but I thought I would start with a few that came up in our group meeting Saturday night.

1. We are staying at Lush Life so if anyone has stayed there I have a few questions about the layout of the rooms. Please PM me if you can.

2. We will be arriving on a Saturday on the 4:30 flight. We are making plans to have someone cook for us that night. What time do the liquor stores close on Saturday and are they open on Sunday? Also can we bring in a bottle or two of wine from Nassau to tide us over until the stores open on Monday?

3. We are bringing a couple of coolers from the US with meat. Any suggestions on the best way to handle this so we don't have a problem with customs. Can you put dry ice or blue ice in the cooler.

4. What is the best place to buy beer?

5. I saw on the forum a while back about a farm near Gregory Town called Hearty Mow. I already know about Island Farms but just wanted some advice on buying fresh vegetable and herbs. I know it is late in the season but any input on that would be good.

6, Where can I buy Mel Flanders art?

7. What is a source for stone crabs? I would like to arrange now for someone to freeze and hold them for us.

I guess that's all for now. We are so excited and would love to meet some of you "wise and wonderful" people while we are there.

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1. Re: General Questions

Hearty Mow is about 2-2 1/2 miles south of Gregory Town. You will see the veg-stand, and field, on the left side of Queens Hwy. driving towards Gregory Town. Surfer Pete has frozen stone crab in Gregory Town. He is at Rebbeccas Gift shop, just to the left of Ida:s Delights. Just walk down tje short semi-hidden path.

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2. Re: General Questions

Would you happen to have phone numbers for these people. I would like to touch base before we get there to see what is available. Thanks so much for your help.

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3. Re: General Questions

No dry ice. If you pack it frozen. It usually arrives frozen. Wrap in newspaper for insulation.

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4. Re: General Questions

I have a random question. The stone crab caught my eye. We have it here in Colorado for $24/lb. Is it cheaper in Eleuthera since the island is so much closer to Florida? I know that as a general rule that all food on the island is more expensive but I thought this particular food might be an exception to the rule. :-)

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5. Re: General Questions

You seldom see fresh stone crab claws on the open seafood market. I've seen them frozen on occasion in local groceries. They require special treatment that most fishermen aren't set up to handle. They have to be boiled or steamed onboard, or immediately upon reaching shore. Few fishermen are equipped to do that. You might occasionally come across a couple that lobster fishermen have come taken, but not all that often. If they're out of the water too long without cooking, the meat sticks to the shell.

I know of one boat out of South Palmetto Point that goes out for them exclusively, they have a cooking operation onboard. They have direct-supply deals with local restaurants. You often see them on the menu at Tippy's, both as an appetizer and an entree. Not cheap, but, boy are they good. Served chilled with a spicy-mayo sauce.

I read an article out of Florida recently that said the stone crab take over there was really bad this year and prices were through the roof, wholesale and retail.

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6. Re: General Questions

We stopped at Hearty Mow for some fruit & veg., wonderful people & great produce. The husband was there when we stopped & he was more than happy to have us look around and even pick fresh anything we wanted that they had. I highly recommend you stop and look around and chat. We also got frozen stone crab from John Burrows in GHB, we called 242-470-7321, made arrangement's & met him at the Shell Station. Ask him how to cook them, he's more than willing to tell & a great guy! I don't remember what they cost, (I didn't care, YUM), i'd like to say about $9. $ 10. a lb. Made garlic butter for them so good! Be sure to call ahead, I believe the season closes end of May, call now to be safe. Also, if you want some great take-away (NO Cooking) food visit Lanny's in NPP on Banks Road you won't regret it. You should have her put all the meat/fish & mac n cheese (warm stuff) in separate container's (or bring your own & save her the styro containers) & cool stuff - salad's in another if your getting a large order. BBQ on Friday's. Call your order in early or visit the day before, she has a bar there also. I rarely cooked (yea) & supported a wonderful local business, win, win! Cheers

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7. Re: General Questions

I don't believe Lanny's is open any more.

Chicago, Illinois
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8. Re: General Questions

Hearty Mow has no phone at the veg. and fruit stand.

Surfer Pete - 242.335.5436

He makes the famous Pirates Revenge hot sauce! Plus both him and his wife make other sauces, and jams.

Very eclectic place - Rebecca's Beach Shop. Surf & Dive Rentals, T-Shirts, Jewelry, Shells, Beer, Soda, Seafood

There is another Veg & Fruit stand nearer Governors Harbour. It's called Dis & Dat. Perhaps 9 miles south of GH on queens highway. It's about 2 miles south of island farm. It may be a good spot to stop to see a local stand, then stop back at island farm. By the way there is a lady called Mavis that has a cute very small boutique just before Dis & Dat. Mavis makes hand made purse's. These are no ordinary island straw junkets. She is very talented. The ladies will probably love it there. Both Dis & Dat, and Mavis's place stand alone, and are on the left side of queens highway driving south. When you see the small beach sign for Ten Bay you will have just a short drive from there.

Here is a good interactive satellite map for your bearings


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9. Re: General Questions

Thanks to all of you. Keep the information coming.

Bristow, Virginia
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10. Re: General Questions

Don't pack your meats in dry ice. Only a certain amount of dry ice is allowed on airplanes and if someone checks a cooler before yours you are out of luck. We freeze our meats and then use cooler packs to keep it cool and it's fine. Usually still hard as a rock when we get there. I would suggest sturdy suitcase straps (we use two as invariably one is always broken/missing when the cooler comes out) or duct tape. Place a roll of duct tape inside the cooler too with instructions to reseal if they open the cooler. That's happened to us, but they did use the duct tape and resealed it for us.

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