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Any and all info you want to provide

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Any and all info you want to provide

We are staying at Da Villa (it says it is 10 minutes south of the Governeur Harbour Airport) from March 22nd to March 29 of 2013. Any advice on groceries, buying liquor, what we should bring? So excited but this is the biggest trip we have ever planned (and the first with our son who will be 6 at the time) and I want to be as prepared as possible. We are renting a car from the caretaker of the house, so we are all set as far as that goes. Thanks for any info! :-)

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1. Re: Any and all info you want to provide

There is a Tee Shirt "Eleuthera is not for Everyone". There are few resorts, no putt putt golf or fancy night clubs but

We have spent over 6 months on Eleuthera since 1977 and it is our favorite vacation destination.

Get down to Governors Harbour Friday night about dark for the fish fry party. Talk to folks there and get an idea about what is going on.

There are a couple of big (by Eleuthera terms) grocery stores in Governors Harbour. One is where the highway makes a little turn at the harbor. There is a Shell gas station out front. a little further down the road on the right is Burrows grocery with a liquor store next to it. There is also a nice liquor store on Cupids Cay across from Ronnie's (you can get Cuban cigars in Ronnie's).

The Library has internet access with computers upstairs for a small fee. It is the pink building before you get to Cupid's Cay facing the harbor.

Aaron sells fish and lobster at the turn in the Highway at the harbor. He fishes daily and is usually there by 2pm.

Snorkeling is a must. If you don't then learn before you go. Buy an underwater camera to share these lifetime experiences I have a 6 and my favorite is a Canon DC20. One of the best things about Eleuthera is its narrow nature. The island is only about 2 miles wide. The advantage is that if it rough on the Atlantic side then it is a short drive to the Caribbean waters. We usually plan our days looking at the tide charts and wind direction.

Relavent web sites:




We like Buccaneer Club Restaurant, Tippy's and Bank's Deli (fresh baguettes every morning except Sunday)

A great book to get is The Elusive Beaches of Eleuthera. We use a GPS. There are few landmark signs and no mile markers. We always go to Ten Bay, French Leave and Twin Cove. Lighthouse beach is worth the trip but leave by 9am.

Elvina's in Gregory Town has an open Jam session on Tuesday and Friday night. Things don't crank up until after 9pm.

Harbour Island makes a nice day trip if you are not into snorkeling.

You can bone fish from shore at numerous places.

Things we bring:

We pack an ice chest 70 quart that meets the 62 inch airline requirerments. We secure it with straps with buckels - it will be opened many times by custom folks. We stay a month so we bring more than a week trip.


Insect repellent

Sun Block

fish fry

seafood magic

olive mix



GPS and charger

Satellite radio


Cell phone (we only text ATT 50 cents a message - phone cost over $2 a minute. We buy a local 'Talk it Up' phone card.

Cell phone charger

You should need to bring no food with all the choices that are there. We also use the ice chest to return home with lobster, fish, mementos, shells and pink sand.

There are ATMs (2 in Goverors Harbour) that disperse Bahamian dollars - 1 to 1 exchange with US. Lots of places - all grocery stores do not take plastic. Most restaurants do.

One note: There is no income or sales tax in the Bahamas but there is a 85% import tax. Expect to pay about double for everything if you are from the States. I get a little upset with tourist complaining about lobster prices when Aaron's $100,000 boat cost him $185,000 and gas cost $6 a gallon.

I teach kids swimming and snorkeling. Your 6 year old should have no trouble if he is a decent swimmer. There is a nice reef at Lighthouse, the South end on Sky Beach, about the middle on French Leave Beach, Islandia and that should work for him.

We swam with dolphin, turtles and sting rays this year. I wish you the time of your life at my avorite place in the World.

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2. Re: Any and all info you want to provide

Thank you so, so much!!!! This place really sounds up our alley and we have been planning/rsearching the island for about 3 years now. We can't stand resorts or golf courses and want some relaxation, privacy, and some super fresh seafood to cook. I will be printing out your reply so I can use the supply list. Is it March yet???? :-)

South Louisiana
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3. Re: Any and all info you want to provide

we always bring our favorite cheeses. Bring your favorite chips and dips beause they will not be there.

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4. Re: Any and all info you want to provide

We've stayed at Bonefish Barbi's twice which is just to the south of Da Villa, same week as your trip. It looks like a very nice house. I have beach pictures I'm sure if you want me to look for them. Send me an email at doug.box@capitalone.com.


Denver, Colorado
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5. Re: Any and all info you want to provide

We stayed at Da Villa and loved it. The beach has almost no one on it and the views are spectacular. The house is very well kept and Jim was great to work with. I would rent it again for sure. Only two issues: there was basically no cleaning supplies, paper towels, dish soaps, etc. so we had to buy all that stuff for a week's stay and then leave it all and wondered what happens to it before the next guest shows up because we'd only used a small portion of most of it. Also, they were starting construction on a house right next door so just a head's up for that. But again I really liked Da Villa and our stay there was great!

South Louisiana
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6. Re: Any and all info you want to provide

Note on basics:

I have seen a big difference between houses we have rented and basics when we get there.

When you see what grocery store prices are and realize that it is the poorest folks that clean the houses then you should not be surprised by not having much when you get there.

Generally expect 1 roll of paper for each toliet.

Less than a roll of paper towels.

No shampoo.

Some dish detergent.

No laundry detergent.

Denver, Colorado
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7. Re: Any and all info you want to provide

I understand completely; however I have also stayed at homes on Eleuthera where at the very least there is dishsoap, detergent, sponges, plenty of TP, etc. so that the very basic needs can be met. Last year we stayed at Savannah Sunset and not only were the basics provided but they went above and beyond so that there was everything someone would need upon arrival and during the stay, including insect repellant, tons of spices, extra dry goods and much more. I also have a rental in Santa Fe that rents for $375 per night and I make sure to provide everything of that sort plus a bottle of wine, coffee and some snacks in case they arrive late.

South Louisiana
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8. Re: Any and all info you want to provide

Yep, We stayed at a house on Ten Bay that had a full liquor cabinet.

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9. Re: Any and all info you want to provide

"When you see what grocery store prices are and realize that it is the poorest folks that clean the houses then you should not be surprised by not having much when you get there."

This seems to be a common misconception about Eleuthera. Many of the locals who do caretaking and house cleaning do pretty well. For example our caretaker and house cleaner are a couple, they both have well paying full time jobs, and they also rent a fleet of cars with each car going at $50-$70 per day. And of course there is no income tax on any of this income.

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10. Re: Any and all info you want to provide

We stayed at Da Villa about five years ago and it was a great house. The view is absolutely amazing. In fact it is the screen saver on my computer so I get to look at it everyday. We were there a week and saw two people on the beach. The swimming and snorkeling right out front is some of the best on the island. We are returning this year with 5 couples so we had to get a bigger house but you will love Da Villa.

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