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Freeport/Westin/Getting around

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Freeport/Westin/Getting around

Next week we are visiting the Bahamas for the first time. Staying at the Westin. Is it best to rent a car to get around? Does the Westin have a shuttle from the airport, or should we just get a car there?

Is there any kind of an excursion between islands so that we might get over to Atlantis one day?

What are the best sights to see on Grand Bahama Island? Any other tips?

Des Moines, Iowa
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1. Re: Freeport/Westin/Getting around

Rent a car- We have always used Brad's as there price is right. No way to get over to Atlantis, - have to fly Bahamas Air cost about 200 bucks round trip. The islands are like 90-100 miles apart. Best to hit Paradise Island another time. As for things to see, not a heck of a lot, you are there to lay on the beach or by the pool, if you are looking for more, I think you may be disappointed. I would take a half day to go out to dead man's cay to snorkel, otherwise, not a lot to see.


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2. Re: Freeport/Westin/Getting around

ewb....Thanks for the reply. We are in the middle of our stay right now. You are so right in your appraisal of the island. We did rent a car from Brad's and got a quick recommendation of restaurants and sights from Robert (Bonnie's husband) there at the airport rental counter.

At least the weather ha been perfect!

We're going to check out the west end of the island tomorrow and maybe the east end the next day. Also want to squeeze in a horseback ride along the beach.

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3. Re: Freeport/Westin/Getting around

Sorry....I should have said edb!

Northeast, MA
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4. Re: Freeport/Westin/Getting around

It is not Dead Man's Cay it is Dead Man's Reef at Paradise Cove. And it is NOT half a day to get there it is half an hour by car from Port Lucaya. If you do not want to rent a car to get there you can sign up for one of their tours. Somewhere around $30 each, which includes the snorkeling equipment and transportation in their own van to and from your hotel/resort. For another five bucks each they throw in a quick lunck (burger and fries type of deal). It is one of the best snorkeling spots on the island.


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5. Re: Freeport/Westin/Getting around


We were told that we might enjoy going up to the west end of the island. It's supposed to have some nice Victorian homes. Don't know if there is anything to do there. Is the sunset a feature up in that area?

Also, we were told to drive east to Bishop's ____? Order some conch and go up on some hill to watch the sun set. Sound reasonable?

The other thing I would like to do is take a horseback ride along the beach. There was a post on the beach ride a while back, but I can't find it.

We have been at the Westin since Saturday and leave on Thursday. Your recommendations would be appreciated.



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6. Re: Freeport/Westin/Getting around

For horseback riding - call Leo @ Trikkpony. 242-374-4449. You'll have a wonderful time ~

Harrisburg, PA
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7. Re: Freeport/Westin/Getting around

Even if you've never ridden horses before, definitely call Leo. It will be the highlight of your trip.

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8. Re: Freeport/Westin/Getting around

Danny, I was implying that I would spend a half day there, not that it took a half day to get there.

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9. Re: Freeport/Westin/Getting around

what does Brad's charge for a rental car per day?

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10. Re: Freeport/Westin/Getting around

If you reserve on-line, it's $40 per day.

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