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Just back from Comfort Suites - Review (Hotel, Food, Etc.)

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Just back from Comfort Suites - Review (Hotel, Food, Etc.)

Just back from a 6 night stay in th Comfort Suites PI. Here is a review of the Hotel, Food, etc... Please feel free to ask me questions.

Hotel - CS is an excellent Value, The hotel is clean, the rooms are spacious (bigger than the rooms at Atlantis).

The Breakfast is suitable, same everyday, Cereals, Bagels, English Muffins, Bread, Muffins, Coffee, Juice and Fruit.

Only drawback was the Entrance / Exit, because of Construction the area was broken up, and Lighting was non-existant. Just needed to be extra careful.

Food - Not as "crazy" expensive as I thought it would be.

We did not do the meal plan, but ate mostly in the Atlantis anyway.

Night 1 = Ate at Senior Frogs, by the Straw Market. Mexican food, Food was good, bill was around $78, 2 adults and a 10 and 13 year old. Great atmosphere, the Bar can get crazy later at night. Fun.

Night 2= MarketPlace Buffet, My Family is not big on Buffets, especially when the cost $132. The appetizers and desserts were good, everything else just average.

Night 3 = Atlas Bar and Grill, Very good. Not gourmet, Food was good and Reasonable, around $62.

Night 4 = Bimini Road, Located in the New Marina Area. This was a FUN PLACE. Band and dancers out front. Very Lively. Food was good. Bill = $72.

Night 5 = CARMINES, Located in the Marina. This was the best meal of the Week. Just like the NY Restaurant, this is Family Style. Bill = $113, and we had plenty left over.

Night 6 = The Cafe at the Wall in Atlantis, this was the most dissappointing, food was overpriced and average. Bill = $166, I do not recommend this at all.

As far as Lunches, ate at Shark bites, bills rangged from 30-37. This was very informal, outside by the pool, very good.

Drinks were on the expensive side $7 for most tropical drinks. If you prefer Beer, accross the street there are 2 liquor stores, beers are 2.25 each.

I foulnd no real bargains shopping in town, except at the straw market, for bead bracelets and the like.

Kids got hair braided by the Market for $25 each, very cheap.

Feel free to ask questions, we also did the Dolphein encounter.

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11. Re: Just back from Comfort Suites - Review (Hotel, Food, Etc.)

Hi NY Travelinmom--I was looking forward to your return! How old are your teens?

Here's a bunch of questions--sorry!

Can you get 2 double beds in the bedroom at Harbourside or only 1 king?

What did you do for meals for lunch and dinner?

Did you take any tours, do any snorkeling or other water sports?

How did you get to the Atlantis facilities such as shark tank, etc., all by shuttle?

Thanks so much,


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12. Re: Just back from Comfort Suites - Review (Hotel, Food, Etc.)

Hi Natalie, we absolutely loved, loved, loved it. I will reply in another thread as it will be lengthy!


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13. Re: Just back from Comfort Suites - Review (Hotel, Food, Etc.)


We just got back from Comfort Suites/atlantis & loved it. My husband & I shared 1 bed, my daughter had the other bed & my son had the pull out couch. Lots of space! The workers at Comfort suites are so nice---the maid actually thanked us for her tip---Nice.

My daughter & I did the Dolphin swim & had a blast--would even consider doing it again.

My kids are already asking when we are going back & we have only been home for 1 day--ha, ha Have a great time!!!

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14. Re: Just back from Comfort Suites - Review (Hotel, Food, Etc.)

great to hear--spk

New York
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15. Re: Just back from Comfort Suites - Review (Hotel, Food, Etc.)

nymom - you siad you got a deal of $2100 for your family. Can I ask how and where and did it include air?

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16. Re: Just back from Comfort Suites - Review (Hotel, Food, Etc.)

No, that did not include air. Travelzoo.com sometimes lists discount codes for the Atlantis, & those rooms sell out very, very quickly. You book directly with the Atlantis & use the code given by travelzoo. Usualy discounts in mid-May & August (hurricane season). They had $99 beach tower rooms, and a little more (can't remember the price) for a water view Coral Tower room, or a Harbor View Royal Tower Room. The Harobrside room was about the same as the discounted Royal Tower room. We did go in hurricane season & the room prices were lower than at other times of the year. We also had 3 free flights using frequent flier miles, so air for 4 people cost us $350 inluding taxes.

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