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late arrivals

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late arrivals

Our proposed flight does not get us in STT until 9:40pm the night of our Honeymoon. Would it be best to just stay in St. Thomas for the night and take the Caneel ferry (or an alternate one) the next day? Suggestions?

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1. Re: late arrivals

I think i would just stay on STT at that point. You will only need a place to crash and then you can get up early and head to STJ

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2. Re: late arrivals

Are you staying at Caneel?? Have you spoken to them about this problem?

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3. Re: late arrivals

For the amount of money you are going to drop at Caneel, the least they can do is arrange to have one of their boats pick you up. Call them

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4. Re: late arrivals

Actually have not made the reservations yet, but just got the plane ticket. For $600 a night, it seems I could save a few $ by just crashing in STT and ferrying it over there the next day.

That said, I'm not 100% sold on Caneel yet either. The negative reviews are scaring me a bit. Access to beautiful beaches is the main reason for going, but it might be nice to get around the island bit, too. Any other recs before I book?

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5. Re: late arrivals

Caneel is all about the beach's they are beautiful for sure. However the resort isn't for everyone-it's not like staying at the Ritz. If I was arriving at 9:30 in the evening I would save myself some money and stay on STT. Have you been to STJ before?

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6. Re: late arrivals

If it was my honeymoon, I'd tell Caneel the circumstances and that they need to help you out, and have a cold bottle of champagne waiting on the boat. I am sure that neither of you would ever forget that boat ride past St. Thomas and into St. John with the lights glittering at night under a warm carribean breeze. That said, if price is an issue I'd check the Westin also and take a cab and the Red Hook ferry to get there. You could rent a car there and see the island in full, and also enjoy a few meals and beach day at Caneel Bay's aptly named "Honeymoon Beach".

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7. Re: late arrivals

Caneel will make arrangements to get you over to the resort. I believe for after hours arrivals, they hire local water taxi companies.

We are repeat Caneel visitors (honeymooned there as well) but if I was arriving that late at night, I think I would book a room on STT close to the airport or Charlotte Amalie and head to Caneel the next day when you are rested and relaxed. This is what we did for our last trip and I am glad we did, it was nice to enjoy the Caneel boat late in the morning feeling good and well rested.

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8. Re: late arrivals

Also wanted to add, Caneel is a fantastic place. I think many of the negative reviews are the result of people not having any idea about what type of place Caneel is.

I get the impression that many think they will be at a Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton type of place where waiting on you hand and foot service/flat screen tvs/poolside drinks are standard.

Caneel is all about the beaches, peace and quiet. The rooms are very nice in their own way. The furniture is teak with a throw-back to the 50s style, the floors are tile.

There are a number of Caneel frequent guests, me included, that will answer any questions, honest answers. The best way to get information is to be specific about your concerns.

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9. Re: late arrivals

In my reply I stated to stay on STT -it was my intention that you stay one night and then head to STJ

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10. Re: late arrivals

We love Caneel. My husband grew up vacationing there with his grandparents, parents, sister, aunts, uncles and cousins. It's a family tradition in his family. I married into the right family, that's for sure. We love Caneel. Our kids have grown up getting to stay there almost every summer, my daughter was 10 months old the first time she went to Caneel.

Cleo is correct, the negative reviews are from those expecting over the top lucury and to be waited on hand and foot. If that's what you're in search of, you'll be disappointed.

But theres a reason it's repeatedly on the top ten Caribbean resort shows, or atleast many of the ones I've seen, and it's not because it's an awful place to stay.

Cleo is also right about the water taxi, Caneel's website says that a water taxi will be arranged for late afternoon arrivals. Just because you stay at Caneel doesn't mean you can't explore the rest of the island. Caneel is a self-contained vacation for many people, such as my in-laws, for those like us, it is not, we spend a good chunk of the vacation out and about. But to us theres no need to leave the property to go to any other beach unless you really want to.

If you do want to save some $$ and just want to crash some place inexpensive but clean and ocean front and super close to the airport, I would suggest Emerald Beach. We also really like it there. You could always take a cab and go back to the Caneel lounge at the airport when you're ready to head to Caneel or I've also read that Caneel will send a cab to pick you up at your hotel and take you to the ferry.

We leave next week for St John and will be staying part of our trip at Caneel and can't wait.