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cinnamon bay in january

new england
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cinnamon bay in january

i will be in st john (1st time!) in mid january. i've been reading the mosquitoes can get really bad, is this true in january? we plan to stay in a cottage at cinnamon bay, any advice there??


Larchmont, New York
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1. Re: cinnamon bay in january

it sort of depends on the weather--if it's been rainy then the mosquitos can get fierce--but if it's fairly dry then not so bad--still, bring repellent. as in most places they are worst at dawn and dusk. Also there are no-see-ums at the beach. if you bring a good repellent you will be fine.

New Jersey
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2. Re: cinnamon bay in january

Have a wonderful time!!! We have stayed in the cottages twice. Cinnamon Bay is my favorite place. Been there in November and the spring but not in January. Soak in some sun for me :-)


Fresno, CA
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3. Re: cinnamon bay in january

Go to the far end of the beach (to your right as you face the water) for great snorkeling. Also snorkel out around the tiny island, but watch for jellyfish.

The Cinnamon Bay trail is easy and fun.

New Jersey
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4. Re: cinnamon bay in january

Hi! I'm sure you'll love it. I just posted advice on another thread, but here are a few things I've learned from staying at Cinnamon Bay:

It's very helpful to purchase "sun showers" from a camping store (I use www.campor.com ). They are big water bags you fill with water in the morning and leave out in the sun during the day to heat them up. While the cool water showers can sometimes feel good after a long day on the beach, I found when each of us had one of those, it made our shower experience much more pleasant.

If you like coffee, it's very helpful to bring your own ground coffee and a small coffee pot designed for camping. I have a little percolater that can sit on the gas stove behind the cabin and make a decent cup of coffee. There is a restaurant, but I loved being able to make my own and walk out to the beach.

PACK LIGHT!! Cinnamon bay is very low key and you never need to dress for anything. Shorts, flip flops and bathing suits are appropriate attire for anything. (My daughters were 10 and 13 the first time we went and they ended up wearing their pjs to bkfst half the time). There are shelves around the perimeter of the cabin, and some haners but not great storage for clothes. And because the cabins are screened and there's not much in the way of a barrier between the outside and inside, it's not unusual to find little ants in your things if they're left on the floor. It's not unbearable, just annoying. If you plan to go out to dinner in Cruz bay, you might want something a little snappier, but I'd just bring one or two things and not go crazy packing.

I've never had a biting insect problem when I was there.

BRING FLASHLIGHTS. One for each of you and a spare is essential. It is incredibly dark there at night. You have electric light in the cabin, but the paths aren't lit and it's nice to be able to keep an eye on the sand crabs that skitter around outside.

Cinnamon Bay is really special. You'll have a great time.

Destination Expert
for Seven Mile Beach, East End
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5. Re: cinnamon bay in january

LED headlamps work even better than flashlights. If you search the net you can get some pretty bright LED ones for little $$. We found a deal buy 1 get 1 free so we got 2 for $25.


new england
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6. Re: cinnamon bay in january


thanks for your advice! the sunshower is a great idea! we leave in a week and will make sure that we track one of those down before departure. i cant wait to hit the beach and i appreciate everyone's comments on this forum. i feel so much well prepared for the trip!

Virgin Islands
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7. Re: cinnamon bay in january

Mosquitoes should not be a big factor this year. We had huge amounts of rain between August and October, but almost nothing in the past 6 weeks...our dry season usually starts about now, but the island is already turning a little brown!

Montana City...
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8. Re: cinnamon bay in january

Cabelas sells little LED lights that clip on the brim of your cap. They are awesome, cheap, hands free and really light up well.

New Jersey
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9. Re: cinnamon bay in january

I suggest one sun shower per showerer, as you end up using the whole thing each shower (unless you're a guy with little/no hair)

Dayton Ohio
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10. Re: cinnamon bay in january

We just got back and were not troubled by any bugs.

Just a few bites from some sand flies. We had very little rain and only at night

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