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Are flip flops enough?

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Cleveland, Ohio
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Are flip flops enough?

I so appreciate all the wonderful tips I have gotten from this board. I am try to keep with packing light but not sure what to do about shoes.

This is our first trip and I have kids 13, 11, 7 and 5. My older daughters and I usually wear only flip flops in warm weather, will we need something more substantial to hike to beaches? We won't do any tough hikes since I have little kids too. But I just want to safely be able to walk to beaches etc. I am hesitating because a teva type sandal is something we just wouldnt wear, so I am not super thrilled with buying them to wear only a week.

My little kids have Tevas/Keens and so does my husband.

Would love any advice!

western NY
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11. Re: Are flip flops enough?

My husband wears flip flops on the plane and all over St. John. He's used to them and he's comfortable in them. Not me. I wear these: www.llbean.com/llb/shop/73517…

I love them and have about 10 pair, now. I even wear them in the winter, if there isn't alot of snow to walk through.

I took my daughter to St. John last month. She's fashion-conscious and was only bringing fancy flip flops, but I bought her a pair of those shoes in her size, and she wore them everywhere and loves them. Sometimes you have to be practical. The reason I insisted that she have something better than flip flops was because we were planning to do quite a bit of longer hikes, not just walking from parking to the beach. She also used them to enter the water where it was rocky.

But I know that my hubby will be wearing only flip flops for every trip we ever take to St. John. Oh well, maybe when he gets a little older and starts sporting that "white socks with brown sandals" look.... LOL

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12. Re: Are flip flops enough?

We've been there several times and the kids (young adults) wear flip flops when going to the beach. One word of caution our teen aged daughter stepped off the path on the way to the beach and a thorn went through the sole of her "cheap" flip flop. Fortunately we were able to extract it on the spot but she wasn't a happy camper!!!

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13. Re: Are flip flops enough?

Flip-flop lovers - do you actually fly in those things? Don't your feet get cold?


My husband does. His favorites are the Island Pro brand made in Hawaii. The soles are quite substantial and are molded like a sneaker but they are still flip flops.

I insist the little guy wear shoes that cover his toes and heels for travel. I don't want to deal with any wheels-over-toes issues or stumbles. Or complaints about being cold.

I wear sandals, not flip flops on the plane.

Cleveland, Ohio
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14. Re: Are flip flops enough?

Thanks everyone, I think I am just going to go with the Teva flip flop, they appear to have good traction on the bottom and will get worn again and the price is right. The LL bean shoes make perfect sense but really they will just never be worn after vacation. Heck I can barely get my kids to wear coats in the winter!

Dreamshark, I hate wearing shoes on plane ( no my feet arent cold:)) and I pretty much wear flip flops April until October and instead of slippers-LOL.

I like well made flip flops, Sanuk, reef, havianas to name a few :)

North Carolina
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15. Re: Are flip flops enough?

I can never get enough pairs of Sanuk flip flops. Not for hiking but they feel so good! Especially the yoga mat line. These have replaced Reefs and Rainbows for me. Not as cute as Havaianas but much more comfortable!

We arrive tomorrow! And I'm wearing nicer flips on the plane, bringing flat sandals for dinners out and tennis shoes for hiking.

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16. Re: Are flip flops enough?

We don't hike except from jeep to beach, but we love the waterproof Olu'Kai brand. Very sturdy and they look good if you care.

For the plane we stick a low pair of socks in the pocket of our carryon bag.

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17. Re: Are flip flops enough?

I hiked in some standard flip flops on the Lind Point trail to solomon and honeymoon beach from Cruz Bay and I was fine. I mean more sturdy shoes might have been better, but....I love wearing flip flops so I dunno. Im fine going anywhere in them haha.

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18. Re: Are flip flops enough?

Count me among the flip floppers. My pre-trip deluxe pedicure is a highlight of my vacation prep and after that I don't care if I see another pair of closed toed shoes until the dreaded re-entry.

I especially like the Reefs brand because they last. Unless the trail is wet from a recent rain I find thick soled flip flops super comfy for the 8-10 minute trail to Honeymoon and even the 20+ minute trail to Waterlemon. I would never wear flip flops on any up or downhill like Reef Bay or even the hike down to Soloman but with your little ones in tow it does not seem that you'll be doing those.

If you like to take the occasional fitness walk then something more substantial makes sense and could double by keeping your feet warm until you get there. Face it--it is really tough to pack lightly with little ones in tow. What's one more pair of shoes and sneakers come in really handy if you have to sprint to make a connection. Don't stress!

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19. Re: Are flip flops enough?

I've been packing lighter and lighter each time I visit - but I'd recommend bringing more than flip flops unless you won't be hiking or shopping ; )

And I agree with some others - flip flops get slippery when wet and can be dangerous for exploring rocky shoreline.

New York City, New...
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20. Re: Are flip flops enough?

I bring flip-flops, sneakers and flat sandals with a strap. No high heels! If you have low-arches, I would recommend you bring crocks or something that is open but with a slight arch. Most, if not all the villas are concrete or tile and your feet start hurting if you have low arches.