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Are there Iguanas everywhere?

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Are there Iguanas everywhere?

St Thomas looks so beautiful and we have plans to visit in May...I have seen a few iguanas in Mexico and I don't like them at all!!! It seems that they are everywhere in St Thomas. And they seem bigger!! Are they on the beach and by the pool and outside your patio door?

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1. Re: Are there Iguanas everywhere?

Some places put food out to attract them, but though they're plentiful, they're not everywhere. If you don't like them, stay away from Sapphire beach. I think I see one everytime I go there.

Burnt Hills, New...
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2. Re: Are there Iguanas everywhere?

Also stay away from the Marriott timeshare and the Marriott hotel property. There are there also...Although I kinda like them....

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3. Re: Are there Iguanas everywhere?

They are languid unless threatened and run for cover which is pretty hysterical to watch; like a Tonka truck with numerous swinging elbows. Lindquist beach has a fair sized colony. There are always a number on the lawn near the edge of the marina by building F at Sapphire and occasionally around the sea grape trees.

They were rarely seen 30 and 40 years ago but loss of habitat and a reduction in the feral cat population (I am told) forced them to adapt.

They are harmless and will move away with a simple boo and a wave of the hands.

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4. Re: Are there Iguanas everywhere?

Here is a 2 year old thread on the subject.


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5. Re: Are there Iguanas everywhere?

Mich, I don't like them either. I just try to ignore them and never feed them. Don't interact with them.

I had one that got so nasty that I had to give him away. I also saw someone feed one a cherry and got a nasty cut on his finger.

Just stay away and you should be fine.

Burnt Hills, New...
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6. Re: Are there Iguanas everywhere?

I agree with all the posts, but feel that maybe they can be a bit...I wouldn't say 'agressive,' but I would say maybe 'bold.'

Last summer, while at the Marriott on STT, while in the Morningstar pool, my family and I watched these three elderly women come in to the pool area with lunch they had apparently just purchased at Coco Joe's. The one woman sat down at the table, and placed her lunch in front of her. The other two women were chatting and facing the opposite direction. We watched as a large iguana climbed up the back of her chair, and went to reach across shoulder, to get to the table for her lunch. When she saw this iguana, about 2 inches from her face now, the woman let out an extremely loud scream of "Get Him Off of Me!!!!" The other two women then turned around, and one of the whacked the iguana extremely hard sending it flying to the ground. The woman was not hurt; the iguana, however, I am sure, was never quite the same after that.

It was one of those situations you want to react to help, to warn her that this iguana was very quietly and sneakily climbing up the back of her chair, but we didn't have time. I must admit we did all laugh and quite loudly at the scene, which then caused the three elderly women to turn around and start yelling very loudly at us. My brother (65 years old) tried to apologize and explain that it we didn't mean any harm...we simply couldn't help but laugh.

Anyway the three women then left, and we did not see them again at the pool for the remainder of the week. To be honest, we laugh about that to this day. Insensitive, I know. My husband is totally spider-phobic...I laugh at him also, as he does at me for those things I fear, mostly without much reason....

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7. Re: Are there Iguanas everywhere?

Funny you should mention the feral cats Tom. In days of old the mongoose ate the iguana eggs as well as the chicken eggs. Between the feral cats and maybe a virus that wipe out some of the mongoose, we now have an abundance of iguanas and chickens roaming the streets,


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8. Re: Are there Iguanas everywhere?

Do you know where we can go in the caribbean that the iguanas are not as bold or prevalent? I think we will have to cancel our St Thomas trip because I don't think I can handle this, although it looks like a beautiful place.

Thank you for your comment.

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9. Re: Are there Iguanas everywhere?

I think canceling your trip would be an overreaction, it's not as if its raining iguanas on the island. I saw none at our studio, mostly at beach locations . I actually had a few show up as guests at my beach wedding in St. Thomas and they didnt bother anyone. I've seen a few at a time at Sapphire. Some people were engaging them with food and they would move towards to people to get it. Most of the time, I just see them sun themselves. Sure they are ugly and may appear nasty at first sight. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but they are vegetarians, they aren't looking for something to attack. You're going to have a difficult time finding somewhere in the Caribbean that doesn't have them. Been to Virgin Islands, Grand Cayman, Mexico, Jamacia, and Bonaire and none were iguana free.

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10. Re: Are there Iguanas everywhere?

If you are in the Caribbean there will be a variety of animals, and insects. You may or may not see any of them in a short stay but they are there.

Actually it is there home; we are the visitors. So if seeing a creature that is in its home island will be a deal breaker then the Caribbean is out of the mix for a vacation location.