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Why can't you trust the locals?

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atlanta, georgia
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Why can't you trust the locals?

I am a crucian, and I am disappointed by someones post that you can't trust the locals. Why would you visit an island, then state you can't trust the locals. Maybe if you trust them, you may have a surprising experience. Crucians are generally friendly people, if you treat them as if you don't trust them, they may reciprocate. If you just enjoy the experience and all that the island has to offer, you would find that in most cases the locals will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and welcome. My advice is to just be careful on any vacation, but being careful does not necessarily mean you can't trust the locals.

Frederiksted, St...
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1. Re: Why can't you trust the locals?

I have lived on St. Croix a number of years and just don't understand why someone would say you can't truct the locals. Can't trust them to do what? Control the air traffic when you arrive and leave, unload you bags from the plane, drive you to your hotel, check you in, rent you a car, sell you gas, prepare your food, wait on you at the stores, captian the excursion boats and ferries, give up the right of way to let you into traffic at a shopping center, give you directions when you are lost, reset you broken arm at the hospital, fill your perscriptions, man the local rescue units when your rental sailboat over turns at sea; I could just keep going on and on. The people of St. Croix are as friendly and helpful as any island in the Caribbean. Just remember what your moma told you years ago about the golden rule. That simple.

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2. Re: Why can't you trust the locals?

Hi Guys I agree.. My wife is from F'std.. I worked for Isle 95 Radio. !!!

thru out the 80's and loved the island and the local s. (qwe will move back eventually... down the road !

Just have to be careful at night.. just like here in the states !

greenville, south...
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3. Re: Why can't you trust the locals?

We returned from our honeymoon last month from St. Croix; I don't understand this type of talk either...All of the Crucians were very nice and helpful. We walked downtown Christensted at night and never felt unsafe. I think its just that some folks put poverty and crime together. Yes, there is poverty just like all other islands.

Very silly in my opinion that St. Croix is sometimes centered out as the "unsafe island" = thats B.S. Its a wonderful place, I would choose it over any other virgin island (US or BVI). It still has culture and natural beauty, which is what I want when I go on vacation.

Cape Cod, MA
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4. Re: Why can't you trust the locals?

I was astonished to read that some people find Cruzians unfriendly and untrustworthy. I am from MA, and I was a teacher at C.H.E.S., King's Hill, St. Croix. I lived both in C'sted and F'sted. I taught in the center of the island, so I feel that I have met and inter-acted with a good representative of Cruzians.

I found the locals to be some of the most wonderful people in the world........cheerful, friendly, helpful, kind, respectful and out-going. No one every walked past without a fiendly "Hello". Friends and strangers alike, took the time to help me with a culture which was new to me.

Perhaps some tourists travel with the attitude that " their way" is the "best way." They are living in their own little sad boxes. In fact, to have the most rewarding and fun experience while travelling, it is best to adjust to the culture which you are visiting. Remember the saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans do"? That means, RELAX and enjoy your new environment and it's people!

Let the local people take the lead. In that way you will have the most fulfilling experience. You'll learn new ideas, broaden your thought processes and understand your planet better. We all live here and can learn much from each other. Once you relax and go with the flow, you will find your life gets a bit easier. And you will have lots of fun in the process. I can't wait for my next trip back !!!!! Soon ! ;-)

New Britain...
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5. Re: Why can't you trust the locals?

I must agree with all of the above. I've been to STX 3 times and one of the main attactions to the island are the wonderful friendly people.

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6. Re: Why can't you trust the locals?

I've been travelling to St Croix since 1978; have had

wonderful experiences with the local people; I remember

one day trying to pull out of Ville la Reine Shopping

Center and all the traffic in one lane stopping to

let me out. They knew I was adjusting to making a

right turn in a place where you drive on the left.

Encinitas, CA
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7. Re: Why can't you trust the locals?

Can't trust the locals? A pet peeve of mine! I lived and worked in the Tourist Industry in Hawaii for 14 years. I would never think that someone could not have trusted me!

There is crime everywhere that there is opportunity for it to happen. There are opportunities for crime when people leave valuables locked in a car in a tourist destination, or in suburbia USA.

Why would you leave your valuables on the beach and take off and snorkel for an hour, when you would not leave the same items on your front lawn alone for an hour. Take care of your items as you would at home.

And... attitude is everything. How hard is it to be nice to a waitress or say "good morning" to a person on his or her busy day before making a request?

The person at the airline counter, the teenager behind the snack bar counter, or the housekeeper who cleans up your wet sandy room are not on vacation. They are holding down jobs to take care of themselves and their families. It doesn't take a lot on a vacationer's part to make them feel apprecitated for making your trip special.

Think about it this way... how would you feel if someone came into your neighborhood, or your place of work, and started saying that they couldn't trust the locals? We all are "locals" somewhere!

Washington DC...
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8. Re: Why can't you trust the locals?

I wholly agree with everyone unless you happen to visit the fish market in F'sted. I have been to St Croix 8 times in the last 6 years most recently in May when I purchased property in Northside B, Prosperity. Cannot wait to retire there. The locals from both off and on the island are great. being from Massachusetts though it's hard to find people that are less freindly than from here.

New Britain...
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9. Re: Why can't you trust the locals?

What's wrong with the people at the F'sted fish market? I'll be staying on the west end this fall and was planning on buying some fish there for atleast one meal. What happened?

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10. Re: Why can't you trust the locals?


Where exactly is your property in Prosperity?


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